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O multiply thy sower's seed,
And fruit they every hour shall bear:
Throughout the world thy Gospel spread,
Thine everlasting truth declare!
We then in perfect love renew’d,
Shall know the greatness of thy power,
Stand in the temple of our God
As pillars, and go out no more.

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RAW near, O Son of God, draw near, Us with thy flaming eye behold; Still in thy church vouchsafe to appear, And let our candlestick be gold.

Still hold the stars in thy right-hand,
And let them in thy lustre glow,
The lights of a benighted land,
The angels of thy church below.
Make good their apostolic boast,
Their high commission let them prove,
Be temples of the Holy Ghost,
And fill'd with faith, and hope, and love.
Their hearts from things of earth remove,
Sprinkle them, Lord, from sin and fear;
Fix their affections all above, -
And lay up all their treasures there.
Give them an ear to hearthy word;
Thou speakest to the churches now :
And let all tongues confess their Lord,
Let every knee to Jesus bow.

Berlin.] HYMN 462. L. M.
HALL I, for fear of feeble man, ,
The Spirit's course in me restrain?
Or, undismay’d in deed and word,

Be a true witness of my Lord,

2 Aw'd by a mortal's frown, shall I
Conceal the word of God Most High!
How then before thee shall I dare
To stand, or how thine anger bear?

3 Shall I to sooth th' unholy throng,
Soften thy truth, or smooth my tongue,
To gain earth's gilded toys, or flee
The cross endur'd, my Lord, by thee ?

4 What then is he whose scorn I dread 2
Whose wrath or hate makes me afraid 2
A man an heir of death ! a slave
To sin! a bubble on the wave'

5 Yea, let men rage; since thou wilt spread
Thy shadowing wings around my head:
Since in all pain thy tender love
Will still my sure refreshment prove.

Warrington.] HYMN 463. L. M.

1 AVIOUR of men, thy searching eye
Doth all mine inmost thoughts descry:
Doth aught on earth my wishes raise,
Or the world’s pleasures, or its praise 7

2 The love of Christ doth me constrain
To seek the wand'ring souls of men;
With cries, entreaties, tears, to save,
To snatch them from the gaping grave.

3 For this let men revile my name,
No cross I shun, I fear no shame;
All hail reproach, and welcome pain;
Only thy terrors, Lord, restrain.

4 My life, my blood I here present,
If for thy truth they may be spent,
Fulfil thy sovereign counsel, Lord!
Thy will be done, thy name ador'd :

5 Give me thy strength, O God of pow'r:
Then let winds blow, or thunders roar,
Thy faithful witness will I be:
'Tis fixt; I can do all through thee.

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1 Th; Lord is King, and earth submits,
Howe'er impatient, to his sway;
Between the cherubim he sits,
And makes his restless foes obey.

2 All power is to our Jesus given;
O'er earth's rebellious sons he reigns;
He mildly rules the hosts of heaven;
And holds the powers of hell in chains.

3 In vain doth Satan rage his hour,
Beyond his chain he cannot go;
Our Jesus shall stir up his power,
And soon avenge us of our foe.

4 Jesus shall his great arm reveal;
Jesus, the Woman's conquering seed;
(Though now the serpent bruise his HEEL.)
Jesus shall bruise the serpent's HEAD.

The enemy his tares hath sown,
But Christ shall shortly root them up,

Shall cast the dire accuser down,
And disappoint his children's hope:

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6 Shall still the proud Philistine's noise;
Baffle the sons of unbelief:
Nor long permit them to rejoice,
But turn their triumph into grief.

7 Come, glorious Lord, the rebels spurn;
Scatter thy foes, victorious King;
And Gath and Askelon shall mourn,
And all the sons of God shall sing:

8 Shall magnify the sovereign grace
Of Him that sits upon the throne;

And earth and heaven conspire to praise
Jehovah, and his conquering Son.

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1 RE there not in the lab’rer's day,
Twelve hours in which he safely may
His calling's work pursue !
Though sin and Satan still are near,
Nor sin, nor Satan can I fear,
With Jesus in my view.
2 Light of the world, thy beams I bless;
On thee, bright Sun of Righteousness,
My faith hath fixt its eye;
Guided by thee through all I go,
Nor fear the ruin spread below,
For thou art always nigh.
3 Ten thousand snares my paths beset,
Yet will I, Lord, the work complete, * :
Which thou to me hast giv'n;
Regardless of the pains I feel,
Close by the gates of death and hell,
I urge my way to heav'n.

4 Still will I strive, and labour still,
With humble zeal, to do thy will,
And trust in thy defence;
My soul into thy hands I give,
And if he can obtain thy leave,
Let Satan pluck me thence.

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H O preach my Gospel, saith the Lord
G Bid the whole world my grace receive :
He shall be sav'd that trusts my word; w

He shall be damn'd that won’t believe.

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2 I'll make your great commission known,
And ye shall prove my Gospel true,
By all the works that I have done,
By all the wonders ye shall do.

3 Teach all the nations my commands;
“I’m with you till the world shall end;
All pow'r is trusted in my hands,
I can destroy, and I defend.”

Winter.] HYMN 467. C. M.

1 Jo. the word of mercy give,
And let it swiftly run;
And let the priests themselves believe,
And put salvation on.

Cloth'd with the Spirit of Holiness,
May all thy people prove

The plenitude of Gospel-grace,
The joy of perfect love.

3 Jesus, let all thy lovers shine,
Illustrious as the Sun;
And bright with borrow'd rays divine,
Their glorious circuit run.

4 Beyond the reach of mortals, spread
Their light where'er they go;
And heavenly influences .#
On all the world below.

5 As giants may they run their race,
Exulting in their might;
As burning luminaries chase
The gloom of hellish night.

6 As the bright Sun of Righteousness,
Their healing wings display;
And let their lustre still increase
Unto the perfect day.

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