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5 Already springing hope I feel,
God will destroy the power of hell;
God from a land of wars and pain,
Leads me where peace and safety reign.

6 One only care my soul shall know,
Father, all thy commands to do;
And feel what endless age shall prove,
That thou, my Lord, my God, art love.

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f W W WHEN rising from the bed of death.
O'erwhelm'd with guilt and fear,
I view my Maker face to face,
O how shall I appear!

2 If yet while pardon may be found,
And mercy may be sought,
My soul with inward horror shrinks,
And trembles at the thought,

3 When thou, O Lord, shalt stand disclos’d
In majesty severe,
And sit in *. on my soul,
O how shall I appear!

4 O may my broken, contrite heart,
Timely my sins lament,
And early, with repentant tears,
Eternal wo prevent!

5 Behold the sorrows of my heart,
Ere yet it be too late;
And hear my Saviour's dying groan,
To give those sorrows weight!

6 For never shall my soul despair
Her pardon to secure,
Who knows thine only Son hath died
To make that pardon sure.

Alfreton.] HYMN 76. L. M.

! O% for a glance of heavenly day, To take this stubborn heart away;

And thaw, with beams of love divine,

This heart, this frozen heart of mine!

2 The rocks can rend; the earth can quake:
The seas can roar; the mountains shake;
Of feeling, all things show some sign,
But this unfeeling heart of mine.
3 To hear the sorrows thou hast felt,
O Lord, an adamant would melt:
But I can read each moving line,
And nothing moves this heart of mine.
4 Thy judgments too, unmov’d I hear,
(Amazing thought!) which devils fear,
Goodness and wrath in vain combine
To stir this stupid heart of mine.
5 But something yet can do the deed;
And that blest something much I need :
Thy Spirit can from dross refine,
And melt and change this heart of mine.

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1 OME, O thou Traveller unknown, Whom still I hold, but cannot see' My company before is gone, And I am left alone with thee: With thee all night I mean to stay, And wrestle till the break of day. 2 I need not tell thee who I am; My misery and sin declare; Thyself hast call'd me by my name, Look on thy * and read it there : 2

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But who, I ask thee, who art thou ?
Tell me thy name, and tell me now-

In vain thou strugglest to get free,
I never will unloose my hold;
Art thou the man that died for me?
The secret of thy love unfold:
Wrestling, I will not let thee go,
Till I thy name, thy nature know.

Wilt thou not yet to me reveal
Thy new, unutterable name !
Tell me, I still beseech thee, tell;
To know it now resolv’d I am :
Wrestling, I will not let thee go,
Till I thy name, thy nature know.

What though my shrinking flesh complain.
And murmur to contend so long:
I rise superior to my pain:
When I am weak, then I am strong!
And when my all of strength shall fail,
I shall with the God-Man prevail.

YIELD to me now, for I am weak,
But confident in self-despair;
Speak to my heart, in blessings speak;
Be conquer’d by my instant prayer:
Speak, or thou never hence shalt move,
And tell me if thy name be love.

'Tis love! 'tis love! thou diedst for me;
I hearthy wisper in my heart;
The morning breaks, the shadows flee,
Pure, universal love thou art:
To me, to all, thy bowels move,
Thy nature and thy name is love.

3 My prayer hath power with God; the grace

Unspeakable I now receive;

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Through faith I see thee face to face; I see thee face to face, and live! In vain I have not wept and strove; Thy nature and thy name is Love. I know thee, Saviour, who thou art. Jesus, the feeble sinner's friend : Nor wilt thou with the night depart, But stay and love me to the end: Thy mercies never shall remove, Thy nature and thy name is Love. 5 The Sun of Righteousness on me Hath rose with healing in his wings; o Wither'd my nature's strength; from thee My soul its life and succour brings; My help is all laid up above; Thy nature and thy name is Love. 6 Contented now upon my thigh I halt, till life’s short journey end; All helplessness, all weakness, I " ' On thee alone for strength depend; Nor have I power from thee to move ; Thy nature and thy name is Love.

7 Lame as Jam, I take the prey;
Hell, earth, and sin, with ease o'ercome :
I leap for joy, pursue my way,
And, as a bounding hart, fly home;
Through all eternity to prove
Thy nature and thy name is Love.

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! THOU, whom fain my soul would love!
Whom I would gladly die to know ;
This veil of unbelief remove,
And show me all thy goodness, show:
Jesus thyself in me reveal,
Tell me thy name, thy nature tell.

2 Hast thou been with me, Lord, so long, * Yet thee, my Lord, have I not known! I claim thee with a faltering tongue; I pray thee in a feeble groan, Tell me, O tell me who thou art And speak thy Name into my heart.

3 If now thou talkest by the way
With such an abject worm as me.
The mystery of grace display;
Open mine eyes that I may see:
That I may understand thy word,
And now cry out, “It is the Lord.”

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1 ONG have I seem'd to serve Thee, Elord.
With unavailing pain:
Fasted, and pray'd, and read thy word,
And heard it preach'd in vain.

2 Oft did I with th' assembly join,
And near thy altar drew ;
A form of godliness was mine,
The power I never knew.

3 I rested in the outward law,
Nor knew its deep design:
The length and breadth I never saw,
And height of love divine.

4 To please thee thus at length I see,
Wainly I hop’d and strove;
For what are outward things to thee.
Unless they spring from love 2

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