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Of the Officers of the Church.
HE officers which Christ hath appointed for the edifica

tion of his church, and the perfecting of the saints, are, fome extraordinary, as apostles, evangelists, and prophets, which are ceased.

Others ordinary and perpetual, as pastors, teachers, and other church-governors, and deacons.

Paftors. HE pastor is an ordinary and perpetual officer in the church e, prophesying of the time of the gospel f.

First, and ours. Compared with 2 Cor. but when his disciples saw it, they ix. 13. Whiles by the experiment rebuked them. v. 16. But Jesus of this ministration they glorify called them unto him, and said, God for your professed subjection Suffer little children to come unto unto the gospel of Christ, and for me, and forbid them not : for of your liberal distribution unto them, such is the kingdom of God. and unto all men. Acis ii.


For e Jer. iii. 15. And I will give you, the promise is unto you, and to pastors according to mine heart, your children, and to all that are which shall feed you with knowledge afar off, even as many as the Lord and understanding. v. 16. And it our God shall call. i Cor. vii. 14. fhall come to pass when ye be mulFor the unbelieving husband is fanc- tiplied and increased in the land; tified by the wife, and the unbelie- in those days, faith the Lord, they ving wife is fanctified by the huf- shall say no more, The ark of the band, else were your children un covenant of the Lord: neither shall clean, but now are they holy Rom. it come to mind, neither shall they xi. 16. For if the first fruit be holy, remember it, neither shall they vi, the lump is also holy; and if the sit it, neither shall that be done any root be holy, so are the branches. more. v. 17. At that time they shall Mark x. 14. But when Jesus saw call Jerusalem the throne of the it, he was much displeased, and Lord, and all the nations shall be said unto them, Suffer little chil- gathered unto it, to the name of dren to come unto me, and forbid the Lord, to Jerusalem : neither them not: for of such is the king. shall they walk any more after the dom of God. Compared with Matth. imagination of their evil heart. xix. 13. Then were there brought f 1 Pet. v. 2. Feed the flock of unto him little children, that he God which is among you, taking should put his hand on them and the oversight thereof, not by conpray : and the disciples rebuked straint, but willingly; not for filthem. v. 14. But Jesus faid, Suffer thy lucre, but of a ready mind; little children, and forbid them not v. 3. Neither as being lords over to come unto me : for of such is the God's heritage, but being ensamkingdom of heaven. Luke xviii. 15. ples to the flock, V. 4.

nd when And they brought unto him also in the chief Shepherd shall appear, ye fants, that he would touch them ; fhall receive a crown of glory that


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First, it belongs to his office,

for and with his flock, as the mouth of the people unto God g, Acts vi. 2, 3, 4. and xx. 36. where preaching and prayer are joined as several parts of the fame office h. The office of the elder (that is, the pastor) is to pray for the fick, even in private, to which a blessing is especially promised; much more therefore ought he to perform this in the public execution of his office, as a part thereof i.

To read the scriptures publicly: for thc proof of which,

1. That the Priests and Levites, in the Jewilh church, were trusted with the public reading of the word, is proved k.

2. That


fadeth not away, Eph. iv. II. And į I Cor. xiv. 15. What is it then? he gave some apostles, and some I will pray with the spirit, and I prophets, and some evangelists, and will pray with the understanding some pastors and teachers ; v, 12. allo: I will sing with the spirit, and For the perfecting of the saints, for I will fing with the understanding the work of the ministry, for the edi- also : v. 16. Else when thou shalt fying of the body of Christ; v, 13. bless with the spirit, how shall he Till we all come in the unity of the that occupieth the room of the unfaith, and of the knowledge of the learned, lay Amen at thy giving of Son of God, unto a perfect man, thanks, seeing he understandeth not ụnto the measure of the stature of whai thou sayest ? the fulness of Christ.

k Deut. xxxi. 9. And Moses 8

Ads vi. 2. Then the twelve wrote this law, and delivered it uncalled the multitude of disciples to the priests the sons of Leri, which unto them, and said, It is not rea- bare the ark of the covenant of the son that we should leave the word Lord, and upto all the elders of Is. of God, and serve tables. v. 3. rael. v. 10. And Moses command. Wherefore, brethren, look ye out ed them, saying, At the end of every among you seven men of honest re: feven years, is the folemniry of the port, full of the Holy Ghost, and year of release, in the feart of ta. wisdom, whom we may appoint ó bernacles. v. 11. When all Ifrael ver this business. V. 4. But we will is come to appear before the Lord give ourselves continually to prayer, thy God in the place which he and to the ministry of the word. shall chufe; thou shalt read this Acts xx. 36. And when he had thus law before all Israel, in their hearing spoken, he kneeled down, and pray. Neh. viii. 1. And all the people ga. ed with them all.

thered themselves together as one h James v. 14. Is any man fick man, into the street that was before among you ? let him call for the the water-gate, and they spake unelders of the church, and let them to Ezra the scribe, to bring the pray over him, anointing him with book of the law of Moses, which oil in the name of the Lord : v. 15., the Lord had commanded to Ifrael. And the prayer of faith fhall save v. 2. And Ezra the priest brought the sick, and the Lord shall raise the law before the congregation, him up; and if he have committed both of men and women, and all fins, they shall be forgiven him. that would hear with underftanding,


2. That the ministers of the gospel have as ample a charge and commission to dispense the word, as well as other ordinances, as the priests and Levites had under the law, proved, Ifa. lxvi. 21. Matth. xxiii. 34. where our Saviour intitleth the officers of the New Testament, whom he will send forth by the same names of the teachers of the Old I.

Which propofitions prove, that therefore (the duty being of a moral nature) it followeth by just consequence, that the public reading of the scriptures belongeth to the pastor's office.

To feed the flock, by preaching of the word, according to which he is to teach, convince, reprove, exhort,and comfort m.

To catechise, which is a plain laying down the first princi. ples of the oracles of God n, or of the doctrine of Christ, and is a part of preaching.

To dispense other divine mysteries o.
To administer the facraments po

Το upon the first day of the seventh sound doctrine, both to exhort and month. v.3. And he read therein- to convince the gainsayers. v. 13. And on the second day were m Heb. v. 12. For when for the gathered together the chief of the time ye ought to be teachers, ye fathers of all the people, the priests have need that one teach you agaia and the Levites, unto Ezra the which be the first principles of the fçribe, even to understand the words oracles of God; and are become of the law.

such as have need of milk, and not 7 If. lxvi. 21. And I will also take of strong meat. of them for priests, and for Levites,

ei Cor. iv. 1. Let a man fo acfaith the Lord. Matth. xxiii. 34. count of us, as of the ministers of Wherefore behold, I send unto you Christ, and stewards of the prophets, and wise men, and scribes; steries of God. v. 2. Moreover, it and some of them ye shall kill and is required in stewards, that a maa crucify, and some of tlaem fhall ye be found faithful. scourge in your fynagogues, and Matth. xxviii. 19. Go ye therepersecute them from city to city.

fore and teach all nations, baptim 1 Tim. iii. 2. A bishop then zing them in the name of the famust be blameless, the husband of ther, and of the Son, and of the one wife, vigilant, sober, of good Holy Ghost: v. 20. Teaching them behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to observe all things whatsoever to teach. 2 Tim. iii. 16. All fcrip. I have commanded you: and lo, I ture is given by inspiration of God, with you alway even and is profitable for do&trine, for the end of the world. Amen. reproof, for correction, for instruc. Mark. xvi. 15. And he said unto tion in righteousness: v. 17. That them, Go ye into all the world, and the man of God may be perfect, preach the gospel to every creaįhroughly furnished unto all good ture. v. 16. He that believeth and works. Tit. i. 9. Holding fast the is baptized, thall be saved; but be faithful word, as he hath been that believeth not, shall be damned. taught, that he may be able by Cor. xi. 23. For I have received







To bless the people from God, Numb. vi. 23, 24, 25, 26. compared with Rev. xiv. 5. (where the same blessings, and perfons from whom they come, are expressly mentioned 9), If. lxvi. 21. where, under the names of priests and Levites to be continued under the gospel, are meant evangelical paftors, who therefore are by office to bless the people r. To take care of the poor s.

And of the Lord, that which also I de g Deut. x. 8. At that time the livered uoto you, That the Lord Lord separated the tribe of Levi, Jesus, the fame night in which he to bear the ark of the covenant of was betrayed, took bread. v. 24. the Lord, to stand before the Lord And when he had given thanks, he to minister unto him, and to bless brake it, and said, 'Take, eat; this in his name, unto this day. 2 Cor. is my body, which is broken for you; xiii. 14:


of the Lord Je. this do in remembrance of me. sus Christ, and the love of God, v. 25. After the same manner also and the communion of the Holy he took the cup, when he had sup- Ghost, be with you all. Amen. ped, saying, This cup is the new Eph. i. 2. Grace be to you, testament in my blood; this do ye, peace from God our Father, and as oft as ye drink it, in remem- from the Lord Jesus Christ. brance of Compared with

s Acts xi. 30. Which also they 1 Cor. x. 26. The cup of blessing did, and sent it to the elders by which we bless, is it not the com- the hands of Barnabas and Saul. munion of the blood of Chrilt? Acts iv. 34. Neither was there any the bread which we break, is it not among them that lacked : for as mathe communion of the body of Christ. ny as were poffeffors of lands or

Numb. vi. 23. Speak unto Aaron houses, fold them, and brought the and unto his fons, faying, On this prices of the things that were sold, wise

ye shall bless the children of v. 35. And laid them dowo at the Ifrael, saying unto them, v. 24. apostles feet; and distribution was The Lord bless thee, and keep thee. made unto every man according as v. 25. The Lord make his face to he had need. v. 36. And Joses, shine upon thee-v. 26. The Lord who by the apostles was firnamed lift

up his countenance upon thee, Barnabas (which is, being interand give thee peace. Compared preted, The fon of confolation) with Rev. i. 4. John to the seven à Levite, and of the country of churches which are in Afia: Grace Cyprus. v.37. Having land, fold be unto you, and peace from him it, and brought the money, and laid which is, and which was, and which it at the apostles feet. Acts vi. 2. is to come, and from the seven spi- Then the twelve called the multirits which are before his throne; tude of the disciples unto then, and v. 5. And from Jesus Christ, who said, It is not reason that we should is the faithful witness, and the leave the word of God, and serve first begotten of the dead, and tables. v. 3. Wherefore, brethren, the prince of the kings of the earth. look you out among you seven men Ir. Ixvi. 21. And I will also take of of honest report, full of the Holy them for priests, and for Levites, Ghost and wisdom, whom we may Saith the Lord.

appoint over this business. V. 4.


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And he hath also a ruling power over the flock as a pala tor t.

Teacher or Doctor.
HE scripture doth hold out the name and title of teach-

er, as well as of the pastor v. Who is also a minister of the word, as well as the pastor, and hath power of administration of the facraments.

The Lord having given different gifts, and divers exercifes according to these gifts, in the ministry of the word w; tho’these different gifts may meet in, and accordingly be exer

cised we will give ourselves continually seers, to feed the church of God, to prayer, and to the ministry of which he hath purchased with his the word. I Cor. xvi. I. Now own blood. i Thess. v. 12. And we concerning the collection for the beseech you, brethren, to know saints, as I have given order to the them which labour among you, and churches of Galatia, even so do ye. are over you in the Lord, and adv. 2. Upon the first day of the week, monish you ; Heb. xiii . 7. Rememlet every one of you lay by him in ber them which have the rule over store, as God hath prospered him, you, who have spoken unto you the that there be no gatherings when I word of God: whose faith follow,


And when I come, considering the end of their converwhomsoever


shall approve by fation. v. 17. Obey them that have your letters, them will I send to the rule over you, and submit

yourbring your liberality unto Jerusalem. selves : for they watch for your V. 4. And if it be meet that I go fouls, as they that must give acalso, they shall go with me. Gal. ii. count: that they may do it with 9. And when James, Cephas, and joy, and not with grief; for that is John, who seemed to be pillars, unprofitable for you. perceived the grace that was given v. I Cor. xii. 28. And God hath unto me, they gave to me and Bar- set some in the church, first apoltles, nabas the right hands of fellowship; fecondarily prophets, thirdly teachthat we should go unto the Heathen, ers, after that miracles, then gifts and they unto the circumcision, of healing, helps, governments, div. 10. Only they would that we versities of tongues. Eph. iv. 11. should remember the poor; the And he gave some apostles, and fame which I also was forward to some prophets, and some evangedo.

lists, and some pastors and teachers. ti Tim. v. 17. Let the elders w Rom. xii. 6. Having then gifts, that rule well be counted worthy of differing according to the grace that double honour, especially they who is given unto us, whether prophesy, labour in the word and doctrine. let us prophesy according to the A&s xx. 17. And from Miletus he proportion of faith : v. 7. Or minisent to Ephesus, and called the stry, let us wait on our ministring'; elders of the church. v. 28. Take or he that teacheth, on teaching'; heed therefore unto yourselves, and v. 8. Or he that exhorteth, on ex! to all the flock, over the which the hortation : he that giveth,.let him do Holy Ghost hath made you over- it with fimplicity; he that ruleth,



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