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With considerable and interesting Additions




‘Palm-an ron AND ruausnzn ‘BY nmsiaAn Am: BRANKAN,
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District of BE IT REMEMBERED, That on the thirteenth New-York, ‘M’ day of February, in the thirty-first year of the lndependence of the United States of America, BRI§BAN & BRANNAN, of the said District, have deposited in this Oflice, the Title of a Book, the right whereof they claim as proprietors, in the words and figures fol,lowing, to wit : v

"The Secret History of the Court and Cabinet of St. Cloud; in " a series of Letters from a Resident in Paris to a Nobleman in Lon“‘ don, written during- the months of August, September and Octo" her, 1805. Fourth American Editiomwith considerable and interest" ing Additions.”


In corzronm-rv to the Act of the Congress of the United States, entitled, “ An Act for the encouragement of Learning, by securing the “ Copies of Maps, Charts, and Books, to the Authors and Proprietors “ of such Copies, during the tipres therein mentioned ;” and also to an Act, entitled, " 2m Act'snpplerpeiitary to an Act, entitled, An Act for “ the ehoohta'gement of'j/earnjng; by securing- the copies of Maps, “ Charts, and Books, to the Authors and Proprietors of such Copies, " during the tithes thefieitrmenéoned, and extending the benefits there“ of, to the Arts of flesigniog; Engraving, and Etching historical and

“other prints?” , ,, , e " ‘ a,’ Z EDWARD DUNSCOMB, . r’ I z ' , f , , ; Clerk ofthe District of New-York.

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Buonaparte’s political charaet'ercontrasted with his military education and life : governed by courtiers and favourites: General Duroc : his character : the causes of his advancement : his military exploits in Italy and Egypt, and political missions to Berlin, and St, Peters

- burgh : visits to Madame Bonoeil, a female intriguer ; his blunder in

' consequence :-the Polish Count : his character : dupes Duroc : Duroc’s marriage. - '

’ _ - LETTER IL' _ _Y Ioseph Buonaparte : his character as :1 negotiator : the puppet ‘of Talleyrand : Talleyrand’s intrigues, and motives for employing the brothers of Buonaparte : Lucien’s embassy to Spain : Joscph’s rapacity, connection with an army contractor, and stock-jobbing : sccr‘et articles of the treaty of Luneville : Buonapartc’s ofi'ence at them: reproaches Talleyrand : departure of Lord Whitworth‘ in

1803 :‘ Buonaparte's rage and speech to Talleyrand on the occasion,

and violent conduct towards his mother, wife, tic. ‘


Debates 0n the religious concordat : opposed by different factions: Buonaparte’s mother, how far instrumental in procurin the restoration of religious worship. Cardinal Gonsalvi and Bis op Bernier: their intrigues and characters. Madame Buonaparte’s astonishment on bein ordered to attend mass, 8:0. : her hypocrisy: watched by spies : er mode of passing her time at chapel discovered : regulations in conse uence : conversation at Viscount de Segur’s, on the religious principles of the French : imprudent remark of a young‘ ofiicer the cause of his transportation to Cayenne. *


The assumption of the Imperial dignity, long determined on by Buonaparte : delayed by the rupture with England : his good fortune mistaken for political foresight: the disgrace of Moreau, the murder of the Duke d’Enghien, Pichegru, and Georges, and the treacherytowards Mr, Drake, not necessary steps to his elevation: Moreau not dangerous as a rival to Buonaparte : why not assassinated : honorable conduct of Pichegru, the day beforehis death : Murat the executioner ofthe Duke d’Enghien.


The characters of the principal emigrants well known to the French government: Mehee de la Touche : his perfidy and ingratitude : his mission and intrigues in England: refused the wages of his infamy by Talleyrand : Real, a forgery committed by him in 1788 : strange


mixture of‘ society at his house : Madame de Soubray : her severe» reproofof Mehee de la Touche. LETTER VI; unhappiness of Madame Napoleone on the day of her coronation .— dis

cipline of the Court of St. Cloud entirely military : formation of'

the household entrusted to. Madame Napoleone : consequent em

barrassment :_ extricated by an expedient proposed by De Seg-ur 2.

Madame Napoleone confined: released at the intercession of her daughter. ' LETTER V'lI.

Religious discussion tolerated: why: remonstrance of Cardinal Caprara on the subject : two authors transported'to Cayenne : Pig-ault Le Brun owes his escape to Madame Murat: Cardinal Caprara’s influence over Buonaparte : defeats a cabal formed against him, and turns it to his advantage : employed by the Pope in his secret negotiations at Paris: teazes Buonaparte, and is confined by him, but‘ obtains his object :trick attempted to be played upon him, ends unfortunately for the contrivers.


Grave dressand puritanical demeanour of the company at Madame Napoleone’s lastlevee previous torneeting~ the Pope: Buonaparte surrounded by Cardinals and Priests : remark of General Kellerman, occasions his disgrace :conduct of the company on quittingthe levee : Princess Borghese’s idea. respecting a parrot and an almoner, monkeys and chaplains.


The reception of Buonaparte as Emperor by the army of Engiand>,.not flattering : ascribed by him to the adherents of Picheg'rn and Moreau :- his conduct in consequence : orders a grenadier to be‘ shot, and disbands aregiment. Efl'ect produced on the military by the distribution of the ribnnds, &c. of the Legion of Honour : the French ports declared to be in a state of blockade by the English : Buonaparte’s rage and agitation: fires at some British cruizers: breaks six officers of artillery, and assaults another: quits the camp indisgust.


Count Cobentzeladvises his sovereign to assume the title of Emperor '

of’ Austria : his political em-plioyments and character : his passion for women : Ta-lle "rand’s opinion of him : invited by Buonaparte to visit the camps o the army of England : Talleyrand’s note, proscribing' all British agents and ambassadors : Buonaparte’s arrival at Aixla-Chapelle : is met there by the foreign ambassadors : presented with the relics of Charlemagne, and punishes a German professor for proving them forgeries. ' LETTER XI.

Buonaparte finds his wife involved in gambling debts, and surrounded by Jews and. other creditors rT'allcyrand’s mode of settling their demands : Count de Segur completes Buonaparte’s household establishment : his character, and public employments : his domestic misfortunes : character of the members of Buonnparte’s civil list : methods adopted to augment it with Prussian and German nobles g.’

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