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express it: “I have been guilty of every kind of sin. Since I came here and heard the word of God, I understand it was the devil that made me do it, but I didn't know it. And yet I can't say that I didn't know about God, for every time I sneeze, I say, A, Tata Nzam! (Oh, Father, God!) So now I want to leave my evil ways and follow God." How true it is that he left not himself without a witness

Another striking thing was that several declared that they had first heard the word, far up in the bush, from a man of whom I had never heard, and who makes no profession of accepting it himself, yet wherever he goes he tells others about it.

Thus scattered copies of the Bible often produce wonderful consequences in ways seen and unseen.



GAIN we give a rapid summary of the activities of our Auxiliaries.

The idea of Auxiliary Bible Societies, distinct from those which were not auxiliary, was a part of the original plan of the

American Bible Society. It was set forth in the third article of the Constitution framed by representatives of local Bible Societies in the Convention of May, 1816. The essential points of the auxiliary relationship were, first, the privilege of sharing by vote in the control of the Society's work ; and, second, an obligation, voluntarily assumed, to contribute all surplus funds to the support of the National Society. Auxililary Societies were covenanted helpers. In the very nature of the case the main distribution of Scriptures in their respective fields was in their hands. For the provision of Scriptures and for their distribution where Auxiliaries did not exist the National Society was responsible.

From that day to this the American Bible Society has relied upon its Auxiliaries for an important share of its support and, so far as their own fields were concerned, for a responsible and efficient distribution of the Scriptures by sale or gift. In the summary given below the frequency of the phrase which notes the absence from reports of details of “general operations” by the Auxiliaries is rather disappointing. Many of the societies are wide awake and efficient in seeing to it that destitute persons in their fields receive the Scriptures; many of the Auxiliary Societies make substantial donations to the funds of the National Society for its general work; but the number of those which report nothing of Bible distribution in their own fields is somewhat discouraging. We rejoice in all the earnestness, devotion, and self-sacrifice which a reading of the reports reveal.

The following details about Auxiliary Societies are taken from reports received during the year ending March 31, 1914 :

The sixty-second annual report of the Board of Direc-


tors of the Alabama Bible Society was received, stating that 39,897 Scriptures were distributed during the year, 2,691 Scriptures having been donated to the poor.

ALASKA There is no auxiliary Bible society in the Territory of Alaska. Grants of Scriptures for use at missionary stations have been given whenever requested, either directly from the Bible House in New York or from the depot of the Pacific Agency in San Francisco.

The distribution of Scriptures in Arizona is under the
direction of the Secretary of the Western Agency of the
American Bible Society at Denver, Colo.

We have no auxiliaries in this state.

CALIFORNIA The California Bible Society is one of the component parts of the Pacific Agency, of which its directors form the Advisory Committee and with which it is in valued cooperation.

COLORADO No report has been received from the Denver Bible Society. The State of Colorado is supplied with Scriptures by our Western Agency, of which the offices and the depot are at Denver.

CONNECTICUT Reports have been received from the Haddam, the Middletown, and the Rockville auxiliaries, but without any mention of general operations. Donations have been received from the Middletown Bible Society, $88, and from the Sharon Bible Society, $100. Total, $188.

DELAWARE The New Castle Female Bible Society has sent us its annual report, which shows that twenty-two Bibles were donated, mostly among Sunday-school children. The Wil. mington Female Bible Society has also sent us a report stating that they have no depository, but that seven churches are co-operating with their society. Donations have been received from the New Castle Female Bible Society, $120, and from the Wilmington Female Bible Society, $30. Total, $150.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA No report has been received from the Washington City Bible Society, but a donation has been received from this society of $125.

FLORIDA We have no auxiliaries in this state. Scriptures for its supply are furnished by the South Atlantic Agency at Richmond.

GEORGIA No report has been received from the Effingham County Bible Society, the only auxiliary listed in this state.

DAHO We have no auxiliaries in this state. Idaho is included in the field of the Western Agency, which supplies Scriptures from Denver, Colo.

ILLINOIS A report has been received from the Effingham County Bible Society, which states that no meetings have been held or distributing and collecting agents employed for several years. A report has been received from the Menard County Bible Society, but without details of any general operations. A report has been received from the Whiteside County Bible Society, Newton Branch, which shows that six distributing and collecting agents are employed, but no general operations are mentioned. Donations have been received as follows: From the Carroll County Bible Society, $50; Coles County Bible Society, $5; Kane County Bible Society, $6.70; Menard County Bible Society, $23; Ogle County Bible Society, $15.35; Radnor County Bible Society, $27.10; Sangamon County Bible Society, $17.46. Total, $144.61.

INDIANA A report has been received from the Cass County Bible Society, without information, however, as to any general operations.

IOWA A report has been received from the Cedar Rapids Bible Society, but no general operations are mentioned. Donations have been received from the following societies : Ackley and Vicinity Auxiliary Bible Society, $100; Cedar Rapids Bible Society, $100; Foreston Welsh Bible Society, $251.53 ; Gomer Welsh Bible Society, $18.32 ; Lee County Bible Society, $5; Long Creek Welsh Bible Society, $189 ; Sharon and Linn Grove Bible Society, $50. Total, $713.85.

KANSAS The United Bible Society of Eastern Allen County has sent to us its twenty-seventh annual report. This society has supplied Scriptures to some hotels. Donations have been received from the Cloud County Bible Society, $88.95, and from the Emporia and Vicinity Welsh Bible Society, $155. Total, $243.95.

KENTUCKY The La Rue County Bible Society has sent us its fiftyfourth annual report, without mention, however, of general operations. A donation was received from the Maysville and Mason County Bible Society of $100.

LOUISIANA We have no auxiliary in this state. Bible work in Louisiana is under the care of our Southwestern Agency.

MAINE The work of the Maine Bible Society continues to be a blessing to the poor and destitute of that state. Beyond the fact of the activity of the society we are unable to assure our friends, since the report for the year ending in March, 1914, has not come to hand at the time of this writing.

MARYLAND No report has been received from the Maryland Bible Society. A donation of $4,000 has been received from this society, whose good work continues to reach all parts of that state.

MASSACHUSETTS No report has been received from the Massachusetts Bible Society. A donation of $2,000 was received from this society, which distributes large numbers of Scriptures to

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