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. Toronto, 1913 Missionary Monthly, 1913. Vol. 17,

Woman's Missionary Association U. B. in Christ, Huntington, 1913 China's Millions. Vol. 21.

China Inland Mission, Toronto, 1913


FOR 1913

The following list aims to include the names of all the Bible So. cieties which publish Scriptures. An idea is thus gained of the number of volumes of Scripture annually published by Bible Societies through out the world.

United States

American Bible Society (1816)...
Baptist Publication Society, Bible Department (1883).



Great Britain

British and Foreign Bible Society (1804)..
National Bible Society of Scotland (1861).
Trinitarian Bible Society (1831).

8,958,233 2,697,886 *J40,682


Bible Society of France (1864)........
Protestant Bible Society of Paris (1818)..

60,908 *6,879

*12,374 117,437



Bavarian (or Central) Bible Society of Nuremberg (1823).
Bergische Bible Society, Elberfeld (1814).......
Berlin Bible Society (1806; now Prussian Bible Society, wb
Canstein Bible Institution of Halle (1712)..
Hannover Bible Society (1814).....
Mecklenburg-Schwerin Bible Society
Mulhausen Bible Society (1818).
Prussian Bible Society (1814; as Berlin Bible Society, 1806)
Saxony Bible Society (1814)....
Schleswig-Holstein Bible Society (1815)..
Wurtemberg Bible Institution (1812)...

*30,(63 *6,634 *2,681

*4,473 *202,218 *59,848

*4,168 *571,967


No statistics

*22,219 *2,422


Netherlands Bible Society (1815)........

Russian Bible Society, by Imperial Sanction (1869).
Russian Evangelical (Lutheran) Bible Society (1835).

Finnish Bible Society (1812)....

Danish Bible Society (1814).
Norwegian Bible Society (1815).

Swedish Bible Society (1809).

Basel Bible Society (1804). Belgium

Bible Society of Belgium (1909). * No report received for 1913.

*57,000 *83,643 *12,255



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