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NOTICE TO AUXILIARIES The officers of Auxiliary Societies are requested to forward their annual reports to the Parent Society promptly. Blank forms will be furnished for this purpose on application.

Whenever a new society is organized, notice of the event should be given immedi. ately to the Parent Society, so that it may be recognized. The names of its officers and their post-office addresses should also be given.

No Society can be considered as having become auxiliary until it shall have offcially communicated to the Parent Society that its sole object is to promote the circulation of the Holy Scriptures without note or comment; and that it will place its surplus revenue, after supplying its own district with the Scriptures, at the disposal of the American Bible Society, as long as it shall remain thus connected with it.

CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. Lotters relating to the general work of the Society in the United States or foreign lands, and requests for grants of books and communications for the Bible Society Record, should be addressed to “The Secretaries of the American Bible Society, Bible House, Astor Place, New York."

Lettors transmitting funds, and those relating to accounts, fiscal reports, Life Memberships, and Logacies, also orders for Bibles and Testaments, the Bible Society Record, etc., and letters in reference to the transmission of the same, should be addressed to “The Treasurer of the American Bible Society, Bible House, Astor Placo, New York."

The Board of Managers beg leave to state that it is necessary that orders for books should be accompanied WITH PAYMENT, it being understood that the moneys are usually collected by societies previous to their purchasing books.

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FORM OF A BEQUEST TO THE SOCIETY I GIVE and bequeath to the American Bible Society, formed in New York in the year eighteen hundred and sixteen, and incorporated in the year eighteen hundred and forty-one, the sum of

to be applied to the charitable uses and purposes of said Society.

In case it is desired to give real estate, the above form can be made to read :

I direct my executors to sell (here describe the land), and I give and bequeath to the American Bible Society, formed in New York in the year eighteen hundred and sixteen, and incorporated in the year eighteen hundred and forty-one, out of the proceeds thereof, the sum of

to be applied to the charitable uses and purposes of said Society.

MEETINGS OF THE BOARD AND OF THE SOCIETY The BOARD OF MANAGERS meet regularly at the Bible Society's House, Astor Place, in the city of New York, on the first Thursday of every month, and oftener, as business may require, on adjournment, or in special meeting.

The Annual Meeting of the Society is held on the second Thursday in May, at the society's House, in New York.

ARTICLE 1. This Society shall be called the Bible Society of
Auxiliary to the American Bible Society.

ART. 2. The object of the Society shall be to promote the circulation of the Holy Scriptures "without note or comment,” and, in English, those of the version set forth in 1811 and commonly known as the King James Version, whether in its original form as published in the aforesaid year or as revised, the New Testament in 1881 and the Old Testament in 1885, and published in these years under the supervision of the Committee of Revision, or as further revised and edited by the American Committee of Revision and printed under its supervision in 1901.

ART. 3. All persons contributing any sum to its funds shall be members for one year; those contributing one dollar or more shall receive (if called for within twelve months) a common Bible in return; those contributing fifteen dollars at one time, or twenty dollars at two payments, shall be members for life.

ART. 4. All funds, not wanted for circulating the Scriptures within the Society's own limits, shall be paid over annually to the Parent Society, to aid distributions among the destitute in other parts of the country and in foreign lands.

ART. 5. The officers of the Society shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, whose duties shall be such as their respective titles import.

ART. 6. The management of the Society shall be intrusted to an Executive Committee of five (or seven, including the Secretary and Treasurer), which shall appoint its own Chairman, and make its own By-Laws.

ART. 7. It shall be the duty of this Committee to meet frequently on adjournment, or on call of the Chairman; to keep a good supply of books on hand; to appoint local distributers; to see that collections, in some way, are made annually in every congregation; and that all funds are forwarded early to the Parent Society, with a statement as to the portion designed for the payment of books, and that as a free donation. ART. 8. There shall be a general meeting of the Society on

of each year, when a full report of their doings shall be presented by the Committee (a copy of which shall be furnished to the Parent Society), and when a new election of Oficere and Committee shall take place. Should the Society fail of an annual meeting, the game Officers and Committee shall be continued until an election does occur.

ART. 9. Any Branch Society, or Bible Committee, formed within the bounds of this Auxiliary, by paying over its funds annually, shall receive Bibles and Testaments at cost prices.

ART. 10. No alteration shall be made in this constitution, except at an annual meeting, and by consent of two thirds of the members present.

BRANCH SOCIETY In many parts of the country, counties are divided into separate townships, each of which, should it be deemed advisable, can form a small Branch Bible Society, in connection with the County Auxiliary. It can adopt a Constitution like the one above, with such alterations as the difference of circumstances will suggest. The Branch should collect its moneys annually, and pay them over to the County Auxiliary some weeks previous to its anniversary. All needed books can be procured through the Auxiliary, and kept in a convenient depository. Sometimes a single congregation can resolve itself into a Branch Bible Society, or appoint a Bible Committee of three, who shall collect and forward money, and receive books through the County Society.


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ORGANIZATION The Society, since its organization, has had fourteen Presidents, as follows: Hon. Elias Boudinot, LL.D.,

from 1816 to 1821 Hon. John Jay, LL.D.,

1821 “ 1827 Hon. Richard Varick,

1828 “ 1831 Hon. John Cotton Smith, LL.D.,

1831 " 1845 Hon. Theodore Frelinghuysen, LL.D.,

1846“ 1862 Hon. Luther Bradish, LL.D.,

1862 " 1863 James Lenox, Esq.,

1864 • 1871 William H. Allen, LL.D.,

1872 “ 1880 8. Wells Williams, LL.D.,

1881 1884 Hon. Frederick T. Frelinghuysen,

1884 “ 1885 Hon. Enoch L. Fancher, LL.D.,

1885 “ 1900 Daniel Coit Gilman, LL.D.,

1903 · 1908 Theophilus A. Brouwer

1909 “ 1911 James Wood, Esq., The following have been, at different periods, the Corresponding Secretaries of the Society: Rev. John M. Mason, D.D.,

from 1816 to 1820 Rev. John B. Romeyn, D.D.,

1816 “ 1819 Rev. James Milnor, D.D.,

1819 " 1840 Rev. Selah 8. Woodhull, D.D.,

1820 “ 1825 Rev. Thos. McAuley, D.D., LL.D.,

1825 “ 1839 Rev. Charles G. Sommers, D.D.,

1825 “ 1833 Rev. Nathan Bangs, D.D.,

1827 “ 1829 Rev. John C. Brigham, D.D.,

1828 " 1862 Rev. Spencer H. Cone, D.D.,

1833 “ 1836 Rev. Edmund 8. Janes, D.D.,

1840 “ 1844 Rev. Noah Levings, D.D.,

1844 “ 1849 Rev. 8. Irenæus Prime, D.D.,

1849 “ 1850 Rev. Joseph Holdich, D.D.,

1849" 1878 Rev. Joseph C. Stiles, D.D.,

1850 “ 1852 Rev. James H. M'Neill,

1853 “ 1861 Rev. William J. R. Taylor, D.D.,

1862“ 1870 Rev. T. Ralston Smith, D.D.,

1866 “ 1871 Rev. Edward W. Gilman, D.D.,

1871 “ 1900 Rev. Alexander M'Lean, D.D.,

1874 · 1898
Rev. Albert S. Hunt, D.D.,

1878 " 1898
Rev. John Fox, D.D.,
Rev. William I. Haven, D.D.,
Rev. Edward P. Ingersoll, D.D.,

1901 " 1906 The Treasurers of the Society, in their order, have been as follows: Hon. Richard Varick,

from 1816 to 1820 William W. Woolsey, Esq.,

1820 “ 1827 John Adams, Esq.,

1828 • 1832 Garrett N. Bleecker, Esq.,

1832 “ 1832 Hubert Van Wagenen, Esq.,

1832 “ 1836 John Nitchie, Esq.,

1836 “ 1838 Abraham Keyser, Esq.,

1838 “ 1840 William Whitlock, Jr., Esq.,

1840 1875 William Foulke, Esq.,

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1898 1898


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In the earlier history of the Society the office of Recording Secretary and Accountant was held by John Pintard, LL.D.,

from 1816 to 1832 Robert F. Winslow, Esq.,

1832 “ 1836

In 1907 the office of Recording Secretary was restored. The Recording Secretary of the Society is : Rev. Henry 0. Dwight, LL.D.,

from 1907 to In 1914 the Rev. Henry J. Scudder, B.D., was elected Assistant Recording Secretary, Dr. Dwight being assigned to write the history of the Society

In 1818 Mr. Caldwell was appointed the Society's Agent.
In 1819 John Nitchie, Esg., was appointed Agent and Accountant.

The office of General Agent and Assistant Treasurer has been
held by
John Nitchie, Esq.,

from 1832 to 1836 Joseph Hyde, Esq.,

1836 “ 1854


In 1853 the office of General Agent and Assistant Treasurer was
divided, and the following gentlemen have since acted as Assistant
Treasurers :
Henry Fisher, Esq.,

from 1853 to 1869
Andrew L. Taylor, Esq.,

1869 “ 1886

In 1854 Caleb T. Rowe, Esq., was elected General Agent, and continued in that office until his decease in the year 1898. Since that time the office of General Agent has been discontinued by a change in the By-Laws, and its duties now devolve mainly upon the Treasurer. Those not assigned to the Treasurer come under the supervision of the Secretaries.

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AI rated Price-List, with specimens of type, etc., of the American Bible Society's Publications may be had on application to the Bible House, Astor Place, New York


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