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Published the 15th of each month (except July and August).

Post-free, 10s. per annum.

THE HE object of this Periodical is to assist Students in preparing for the Oxford Junior, Senior, and Women's Examinations; and it will consist of a series of papers containing progressive portions of their work-both necessary and optional.

The papers will be set by women only; either those holding University Honour Certificates, or those who are engaged in teaching on the Modern System, and who, from much practical experience in their work, have proved themselves both energetic and efficient Mistresses. The names of the Examiners will appear against their subjects (unless such Examiners be but temporarily engaged), accompanied by their full title; and in order that no misapprehension should arise as to those titles, it is to be clearly understood that the object of the present form of wording (see outside cover) is to mark the distinction, the very great distinction, between those who have obtained Honour Certificates in the Higher Local, and those who (though informally) have been permitted to take the examination papers of a Tripos. "Attained the standard of a 1st (2nd or 3rd) class in the Tripos," would probably be the correct formula; but this, as a title, is both lengthy and unsatisfactory.

The Examiners will be willing to correct and comment on the several papers, and in every way assist those Students who may require further guidance or direction in their work. The fee for such correction of one set of papers being £3 38. per annum, payable in advance. A reduction of 15 per cent. will be allowed to those engaged in tuition, or to pupils of schools from which at least six Candidates send papers.

Post Office Orders for the Oxford Examiner, also for the Correction of Papers, should be made payable to The Editor, M. W. I. SHILLeto, General Post Office, Warrington, and all communications should be addressed to

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IN bringing the first number of the Oxford Examiner before the public, I wish to say a few words by way of preface.

The Cambridge Examiner is already so well known, and has so extensive a circulation, that it is unnecessary for me to in any way sound its praises; suffice it to say that the want which it has supplied, and the manner in which it has been received, have alone prompted me to publish a companion periodical.

I lay claim to no originality in my work,-save in so far as the arrangement and style of the several papers are individually original. I admit frankly that I am a mere copyist;-that I have in fact but followed in the footsteps of an "elder sister." And whilst honestly acknowledging as much, I would take the opportunity of publicly expressing my grateful thanks to that "elder sister";-not only for the originality which prompted me to copy, but also for the kindly, friendly, sisterly assistance she has given me in my work.


162, Manchester Road, Warrington.


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