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Regius PROFESSOR of Divinity in the University of





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Printed for T. Evans in the Strand, and in the Great Market, Bury St. .
Edmund's; J. and"). MERRILL, Cambridge ; J. Fletcher, and Prince and

Cooke, Oxford ; P. Hill, Edinburgh; and W. M'Kenzie, Dublin.


A Differtation on the Ancient Versions of the Bible; thewa

ing why our English Translation differs so much from

them, and the excellent Use that may be made of them to-

wards attaining the true Readings of the Holy Scriptures

in doubtful Places. In a Letter to a friend. "The

second Edition, prepared for the Press by the Author

before his Death, and now printed from his own

Manuscript. By the late Rev. Dr. Thomas Brett.

Lond. 1760.

p. 1.

In the Year 1929, Doctor Brett published a Chronological Elay in

Defence of the Computation of the Septuagint. In that Tract he ob-

serves, that if the Reader “compares the xivth Pfalm in his Bible, which

is translated from the Hebrew, with the same Psalm in his Common-

Prayer-Book, translated from the Septuagint, he will find that in his

Common-Prayer-Book, there are four whole Verses more than are in

his Bible, viz. ver. 4, 5, 6, 7. Yet these Verses are every one of them

cited by St. Paul in the same Words, Rom. jii. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18.” For

the clearing up of this and similar Difficulties, he wrote, in the same

Year, the Essay which is here republished; the first Edition of it came

out in 1742, several Years after it had been composed. It is an excel.

lent Dissertation, and cannot fail of being very useful to such as have

not Leisure or Opportunity to consult Dr. Hody's Book de Bibliorum

Textibus ; Bishop Walton's Prolegomena to his Polyglot; Du Pin's

Canon of Scripture; Dean Prideaux's Account of the Hebrew Scrip.

tures in the 2d Vol. 8vo. of the Old and New Testament connected;

the 2d Book of Lamy's Apparatus Biblicus; Lewis' Origines Hebræx;

and other Works of a like Nature. Dr. Owen's Inquiry into the

present State of the Septuagint Version, Lond. 1769, is very deserving

of the Reader's Attention.

An Historical Account of the several English Translations of

the Bible, and the Opposition they met with from the Church

of Rome. By ANTHONY JOHNSON, A. M. Lond.


. p. 6o.

In the Preface to Polle's Annotations on the Bible, there is a short
Account of the English Translations of it; and a Tract was printed in
London, 1778, intitled, A List of various Editions of the Bible, and
Parts thereof, in English, from the Year 1526 to 1776. If the Reader
wishes to make a deeper Inquiry into this Subject, he will find full
Information, not only with respect to various Translations of the Bible
into English, but into a great many other Languages, in Mr. Lx Long's
Bibliotheca Sacra.
Vol. HI.

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