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— By manifestation of the truth, commending ourselves to every man's
conscience in the sight of God.—2 Cor. iv. 2.

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Through the goodness of God, which we desire most thankfully to acknowledge, the Christian Advocate, and its original Editor, have both survived to the close of a seventh year. That either would live to the present time, was, at the commencement of this Miscellany, very problematical. But both have been spared; and this work now receives a patronage which, if continued, will ensure its permanence. Still, it is not such a patronage as we think ought to be afforded, to the only periodical publication in the United States, which, while invariably catholick in its tone toward all evangelical protestant denominations, has been, for a series of years, the steady, open, and unequivocal advocate of Presbyterian institutions, doctrines, and measures—in opposition to much that has been, and still is, either calculated or intended to discredit, undermine and subvert them. The Editor feels how difficult it is to speak properly of himself and of his work, and will therefore say but little—That little, however, he will say very plainly, and let it stand for what it is worth. He says then, that he has no wish to interfere with other evangelical publications of any kind; and that he has recommended, and earnestly endeavoured to promote, the circulation of some, the reception of which he was sensible might cause the relinquishment of his own—Against this ef. fect of what he has done, he wishes to protest; and to say that he shall think it hard, if his zeal to help others shall be found to have injured himself. He has no objection that his patrons should cherish new friends, provided they do not abandon an old one; for he will risk the vanity of saying, that he verily believes they will not find the new, better than the old. It is his determination to endeavour still to improve this Maga. zine, and he thinks he has the prospect of adding something to its value —He has been favoured with a larger number of subscribers in the last, than in any previous year; and he hopes there will not be a diminution, but a liberal increase, of the number (still short of twelve hundred) in the year to come—May the remnant of his days be more earnestly and unreservedly than ever, consecrated to the service and glory of that divine Master, to whom he is soon to render up his account; and may the Master's blessing rest on his well meant humble labours.

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