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keeps you from concluding in the affirmative, yet, if you fee your need of promised grace, in order to your being exercised in the manner represented; fee there is nothing in yourselves that can be effectually conducive toward your seeing, fearing and trusting; -see, that if the Lord, in a way of mercy, work it not in you, you must continue blind, dead, and unbelieving; that means and ordinances are ineffectual in themselves; and that, unless the Promiser, by the grace of the promise, apprehend you, you can have no hope:—if you are well pleased with the device of iafinite wisdom and love; and pleased particularly, that God work all your works in you, wd for you, and bear the glory of the whole, in time and through eternity: if this plan appears with such beauty and lustre in your- eye, that it, not only breeds'admiration, commands your attention, and captivates your affections, but, makes you, with chcarfulncft, desire to be laid under obligations, and become everlasting debitors to grace, for all your salvation: if you find, that such views of the divine promises are so sar from stackening your diligence, tbat they make you more anxiously concerned, to study the performance of duty,—persuaded, that grace does not abound, to encourage your continuance in sin: if such views of the promise have more influence on your practice, than all the arguments arising from the danger and con^ destination of a natural state: if you are suspicious of yourselves, lest, after having a promise of entering into God's rest, you should come short of it; aud if you are deeply concerned, that the Lord would keep you from deceiving yourselves, and lying down in sorrow: if these things are so, it looks asifyou were heirs of promise; and, there is, thence, reason to hope, that, following on to know the

x Lord, Lord, you shall find his. goings forth for your salvation prepared a3 tha mbrning.

'Those, on the other hand, who are strangers to the exercises mentioned, have no present, no icriptural pretensions to trqe religion. If ye were never sensible of spiritual »blindness and deadness; never saw your need of this, promise, with the grace contained in it; never prized these ble<fiings for their own worth, as well as their suitableness to you, in your present situation; if yon were never concerned to seek them in the way, aud by the means of the Lord's appointment;.never found a willingness, through grace, to ly under obligations to him, for accomplishing his words of grace in your experience j never felt so much of your natural darkness, as to recommend gospel-light; so much legal fear, as to recommend gospel-liberty; nor so much of an evil heart of unbelief, as to recommend the precious saith of God's elect: and, if you were never dissatisfied with yourselves, for the want of these things; then, without all perad

.vsnture, your hearts are unrenewed, your frames disevangetical, your state perishing, and your danger peculiar: however easy, you have no spiritual ground for it; whatever peace you enjoy, it is not the peace of God, that passeth all understanding; and your hopes for eternity are all spurious and delusive. If others may have many hopeful and promising-like symptoms, while at bottom they are naught, in a saving view; your pretensions, in the want of these things, to saving acquaintance with the gospel, must be still more unwarrantable and

'vain. Though nothing can excuse your former neglect ofso great a salvation; or justify your conduct in deceiving yourselves; yet the cafe admits of a cure, the danger of reprieve, and your state

of ef a blessed and saying change. This promise would lose much of its ftefcuty and emphasis, if that was not the cafe; for it respects sinners in general, and you, of consequence, among the lest. '» •*•

Let, therefore, the lore and grace of God, Tn the exhibition of such words'of grace, have a constraining influence upon you, especially, since it is certain, that flighted mercy, provoked goodness, and despised patience, will, in the end, break out, into the more inexorable wrath. Behold, sinners, Jehovah-Redeemer, in the gospel, brings, offers, and exhibites his salvation to you. The sheet of covenant blessings is -thereby let down from heaven; and you are called to arise, take and eat. But, continuing to despise the vision, the sheet will be taken up, to be let down no more; one or another call, will be our Lord's sarewel knock at the door of your hearts: in which event, we woul# not bear your reproof, at the bar of Jesus Christ, for thousands, nay, for myriads of worlds. Up, then* shake off these guilty, those unhallowed slumbers; hearken, regard, obey, the heavenly call. Awake, awake, there is no time, no room, no reason for delay; the present moment flies from you, and the next may introduce the seal of your condemnation. Your duty, interest and safety, jointly urge your believing the promise, that God the Saviour will make you see, cause you fear, and enable you to trust in the Lord.

You should aim at believing it, because it is addressed for that very purpose; because it is the only way in which you can put honour upon. Gad, after all the dishonour you have done him; because it is not left, as what you may, or may not do; "For this is God's commandment, (as well as his

*• promise "promise) that we should believe on the Name of "his Son Jesus Christ;" 1 John iii. 23. because the Lord, in the free tender of mercy, declares his willingness to fulfil the promise, in your experience; because all other methods for acquiring the exercises represented, than by virtue of tha free promise, will be vain; and, because your not believing will issue in your ruin, and leave ypur blood upon your own heads. . & THE




**' Kings;


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/ wc&srf therefore, that first of dfl, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men ; For kings and all that are in authority.- that iue may lean a quiet and peaceable life, in all godliness and honesty,

TH E accession of George III. to the British throne, is the reason why we have pitched on these words, as a proper subject of your present attention. The relation between kings and subjects being mutual, the duties of that relation must be no. less so. Those incumbent on the sovereign^ will possibly be recommended by such public teachers as are more immediately intrusted with the care of his soul. These binding upon the subjects, should,


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