Memory Disorders in Clinical Practice

Psychology Press, 1994 - 289 páginas
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The diagnosis and treatment of memory disorders pose considerable problems for the clinician. Many different organic conditions produce disturbances of memory, but the relationship between cerebral pathology and memory disturbance can often be difficult to establish. Furthermore, assessment and treatment require specialized skills and merit an inter'disciplinary approach towards patient management. Despite the many books which have been written on various aspects of memory disorders, none so far has been specially designed to give practical help to those who have to deal with diagnosis and subsequent management of patients with memory disturbance resulting from specific types of cerebral pathology. The author achieves this aim by organizing his book on the basis of clinical aetiology. Anatomical and psychological perspectives are also introduced, but the emphasis is on approaches which will help clinicians in the management of patients with specific neurological diseases. For example, the essential topic ofdifferential diagnosis is given prominence throughout: the principles of diagnostic assessment are discussed in a separate chapter, and specific diagnostic features are also outlined in each of the chapters dealing with individual cerebral pathologies. For the discussion of assessment, the author draws on his own extensive experience as a practising clinical neuropsychologist to describe and evaluate the range of existing memory test procedures, and to suggest additional procedures as appropriate. Where evidence exists on the treatment of memory disorders in specific neurological conditions, this is also discussed and critically reviewed. Full references are also given for those wishing to develop their own assessment of therapeutic procedures. The text is extensively illustrated, with much previously unpublished material on individual neurological conditions giving some remarkable insights into the links between cerebral pathology and memory dysfunction. Mainly intended for practising neurologists andclinical neuropsychologists, anyone whose work brings them into contact with patients suffering from memory disturbance will find this book invaluable.

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Assessment of memory functioning in clinical practice
Cerebrovascular disease
Cerebral tumours
Blunt head injury
Infectious metabolic and related diseases
Toxic and deficiency states
Ablationdisconnection of cerebral tissue
Sources for materials which may be of use in designing memory tests
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Página 265 - Weiskrantz,L. (1985). On issues and theories of the human amnesic syndrome. In Memory Systems of the Brain, (ed.

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