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Anecdotes of the Duke of York.

[Febi afflict the Nation and his Majesty—a cala- ship existed between the Duke of York and mity which has deprived the Crown of one Lady Bathurst from that time to the period of its most valuable and distinguished Ser- of his Royal Highness's death. At the in vánts, and his MAJESTY of a beloved and terview which took place between his Maaffectionate Brother.

jesty and his Royal Brother, a few days The King does not think it necessary to before the Duke of York's death, bis Royal dwell upon the pre-eminent merits of the Highness requested that his Majesty would, late Duke of York; His MAJESTY knows in the event of his disorder proving fatal, that these are impressed on the minds and send a lock of his Royal Highness's hair to engraven on the hearts of His Majesty's her Ladyship in token of his friendship and Soldiers. His Majesty desires it may affection. His Majesty has forwarded the merely be observed that the able administra- hair to Lady Bathurst at the Albion Hotel, tion of the command held by his late Royal at Brighton. Highness for a long course of years, his Feb. 5. The whole of the stud, &c. of his assiduous attention to the welfare of the late Royal Highness, were brought to the Soldier, his unremitting exertions to incul- hammer by Messrs. Tattersall. Amongst cate the two principles of order and disci- the numerous bidders, were the followpline, his discerument in bringing merit to ing noblemen and gentlemen :- Duke of the notice of the Crown, and the just im- Richmond, Marquis of Graham, Earl of partiality with which he upheld the honour Mountcharles (who attended for the King), of the service, have combined to produce Lord Bruce, Earl of Chesterfield ; Lords results that identify the Army as a profession Southampton, Fitzroy, Orford, Harborough, with the glory and prosperity of this great Pembroke ; Gen. Grosvenor ; Colonels Ruscountry, and which will cause his virtues sell, Leigh, Udny; Messrs. Greville, Charland services to live in the grateful reinem- ton, Payne, &c. The sale consisted of brance of the latest posterity:

thirty-three thorough-bred horses, seven The King feels that, under the present hacks, ten lots of carriages, gigs, and harness, afflicting circumstances, His MAJESTY can- &c. and twelve dogs. The following is a not more effectually supply the loss which recapitulation of the whole amount of the the Nation and the Army have sustained, lots : than by appointing to the Chief Com- Racing Stock

7,230gs mand of His MAJESTY's Forces, Field Hacks

787gs Marshal his Grace the DUKE OF WELLING- Carriages

£274 6 TON, the great and distinguished General Dogs

£111 17 who has so often led the armies of the Na. tion to victory and glory; and whose high

Grand Total £8,804 0 6 military renown is blended with the history of Europe.

The wines, china, linen, and furniture of By His Majesty's Command,

the Duke of York were sold by Mr. Christie, Henry TORRENS, Adj.-Gen." on Feb. 21, and three following days. The The Will of his late Royal Highness, were crowded by fashionable comdated Dec. 26, 1825, was proved on the 3d pany, and great competition was evinced. of February, when the personal estate was The Plate is announced for sale by Mr. Chrissworn under 180,0001. The document com- tie, March 19, and three following days. mences with a declaration, written in the The Baton which was carried at the fineral Duke's own hand, that he most sincerely of the Commander-in-Chief, was his real and confidently hoped that the produce of official one, not one formed, like the Corohis real and personal property would supply pet, for the occasion. As the Baton should a fund more than amply sufficient to pay his have been left, with the Coronet, on the debts. He gives all his real and personal coffin, this circumstance occasioned a little property to Sir Herbert Taylor and Co- difficulty at the solemnity, which the newsLONEL STEPHENSON (his executors) iu trust, papers upwarrantably magnified into a disto pay all his just debts, and the interest of pute between the Clergy and the Executors. such debts as carry interest, and pay over The symbol in question is thus described : the residue to the Princess Sophia.

- The staff is covered with crimson velvet His Majesty has presented to Sir Herbert studded with golden lions; the lower end Taylor the Collar of the Guelphic Order, has a large ferrule, or termination, of chased worn by the Duke of York.

gold, bearing an inscription of its being a Lady Bathurst, the sister of the late gift of his Majesty's ; and the upper end has Duke of Richmond, was not forgotten by a like termination of chased gold, surmountthe Duke of York in his last moments... ed by an equestrian figure of St. George, The conduct of the Duke of York in refusing also of gold. to fire when he inet the Duke of Richmond, The Caledonian United Service Club (as then Colonel Lennox, on the occasion of well as that in London, as before noticed in their dispute, excited the highest admiration p. 81), have resolved to place a marble of his Royal Highness's magnanimity in the bust of the Duke in one of their rooms at, mind of her Ladyship.. A strong friend- Edinburgh.


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Circuits.-Sheriffs.Theatrical Register.

171 SPRING CIRCUITS, 1897, Oxfordsh.-J. Wilson, Nether Worton, esq. HOME~Lord Chief Baron and Justice Lit- Rutlandsh.-T. J. Bryan, Stoke Dry, esq.

tledale : Hertford, March 7. Chelmsford, Shropshire-W.Tayleure, Buntingsdale, esg. March 12. Maidstone, March 19. Hors- Somersetshire-H. P. Collins, of Hatch ham, March 26. Kingston, April 2.

Beauchamp, esq; NORTHERN—Justice Bayley and Baron Hul- StaffordshH. C. Meynell,

Hoar Cross, esq. lock: Durham, Feb. 28. Appleby, March County of SouthamptonG. C. Poore, of 2. Carlisle, March 5. Newcastle, March

Wickham, esg. 6. Northumberland, March 7. Lancas- SuffolkJ. F. Leathes, Herringfleet, esq. ter, March 10. York and City, March 24. Surrey-Wm. Crawford, of Dorking, esq. WESTERN-Justice Park and Justice Bur- Sussex-Sir C. F. Goring, Highden, bart.

rough: Winchester, March 5. New Sa- Warwicksh.-W.Dilke, Maxtock Castle,esq. rum, March 10. Dorchester, March 16. Wiltshire-T. B. M. Baskerville, of RockExeter and City, March 21. Launceston,

ley house, esq. March 30. Taunton, April 5.

Worcestershire-G. Farley, Henwick, esq. OXFORD-Barons Garrow and Vaughan: Yorkshire-H. Darley, of Aldby Park, esq. Reading, March 2. Oxford, March 6.

SOUTH WALES. Worcester and City, March 10. Stafford,

Carmarthensh.-J. Gulstone, Derwydd, esq. March 15. Shrewsbury, March 22. Hereford, March 31. Monmouth, April 5. Pembrokesh.—A. I. Stokes, Scoveston, esq. Gloucester and City, April 9.

Cardiganshire-A. Jones, Cardigan, esq. MIDLAND-Lord Chief Justice Best and

Glamorgansh.-J. H. Vivian, Marino, esq.

Breconshire-C. H. Leigh, Llanelly, esq. Justice Holroyd: Northampton, March 3. Oakham, March 9. Lincoln and City, Radnorshire-S. Beavan, Glascombe, esg. March 10. Nottingham and Town,

North Wales. March 15. Derby, March 19. Leices- Anglesey—R.B.W.Bulkeley, Baronhill, esq. ter and Borough, March 22. Coventry Carnarvonshire-W. G. Griffith, of Bodeand Warwick, March 26.

groes, esq. NORFOLK-Lord Chief Justice Abbott and

Merionethshire-Thos. Hartley, Llwyn, esq. Justice Gaselee : Aylesbury, March 6.

Montgomerysh.-J. Jones, Maesmawr, esq. Bedford, March 13. Huntingdon, March

Denbighshire-John Price,of PlascochLlany, 17. Cambridge, March 20. Thetford, March 24, Bury St. Edmunds, Mar. 31.

Flintshire-Joués Panton, of Coleshill, esq.

chan, esq.



Bedfordshire-G.N.Edwards, of Henlow, esq.
Berkshire–T. Duffield, Marcham Park, esq.

DRURY LANE. Buckinghamshire-T. Saunders, of Aston Jan. 27. An Opera, entitled Englishmen Abbotts, esq.

in India, was performed with the completest Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire---John

The plot is laid in Hindostan. Margett, of St. Ives, esq.

The hero of the piece is a gallant young Cheshire-Peter Leigh, of Booth's, esq. officer, Col. Oswald, and the heroine a native Cumberl.-W. James, Barrock Lodge, esq. princess named Gulnare, who, when a child, Cornwall-Sir Chas. Lemon, Carclew, bart. was saved from destruction by the former, Derbysh.-E. S. C. Pole, Radbourne, esq. then only a young ensign, at the taking of a Devonshire-R. W. Newman, Sandridge, esq. town. She had been committed to Oswald's Dorsclshire-J. B. Garland, of Stone Cot- care on the field of battle, by an uncle, who tage, Wimborne, esq.

declared her to be last of a royal race. Esser-Sir J. Tyrell, Boreham House, bart. When she was fourteen, Oswald visited EngGloucestershire-G. B. P. Prinn, of Charlton land to arrange some family affairs, and in Kings, esq.

four years returns, and finds Gulnare a Herefordsh.-J. Griffiths, of the Weir, esq. handsome and prepossessing woman. The Ilertfordshire-J. Latour, of Hexton, esq. plot opens just before his return, and the Keni—Isaac Minet, of Baldwins, esq. love which Oswald and Gulnare cherish for Lancash.-C. Gibson, Quernmore Park, esq. each other, opposed by many incidental cirLeicestersh.—0. Manners, of Goadby Mar- cumstances, constitute the interest of the

piece. It was announced for repetition Lincolnsh.-J.Reeve,Leadenham-house, esq. amidst universal applause. Monmouthshire-Wm. A.Williams, of Llangibby, esq.

COVENT GARDEN. Norfolk-Chas. Tompson, of Great Witch- Feb. 20. An Opera, entitled The Oracle,

was produced. The music was pleasing, and Northamptonihire—John Jackson Blencowe, well executed. The scenery, dresses, and Marston St. Lawrence, esq.

decorations, were all extremely splendid ; Northumb.-D. Dixon, Long Benton, esq. but the plot contained little interest. The Nouinghamshire-F. Robinson, of Widmer- Opera was, upon the whole, well received.

wood, esq.

ingham, esq:

pool, esq.


( 178 )


Ilchester.—Hon. Lionel Talmash, and Hon. Whitehall, Jan. 27. The Rev. Maurice Felix I. Talmash, duly elected. Fitzgerald Townsend, Clerk, Vicar of Thorn- Ipswich.-C. Mackinnon and Rob. Adam bury, co. Glouc. and Alice-Eliz. bis wife, Dundas, duly elected. and their issue, to take and use the surname of Stephens, and bear the arms of Stephens ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. quarterly with those of Townsend; and the Right Rev. Dr. John Kaye, Bp. of Bristol, said Alice-Elizabeth to bear the arms of to be Bp. of Lincoln. Stephens quarterly with those of Shute. Rev. Dr. Chas. Lloyd, Regius Professor of

War-Office, Feb. 1. 67th Reg. of Foot Divinity in Oxford University, to be Bp. to bear on its colours and appointments the of Oxford. figure of a royal tiger, with the word "India" Rev. J. Headlam to be Archd. of Richmond. superscribed, in commemoration of its ser- Rev. J. B. Atkinson, West Cowes P. C. vices in that part of the world from the year Hants. 1805 to 1826.-83d Reg. of Foot to bear Rev. L. A. Cliffe, Sampford Arundell V. the word “ Toulouse," in commemoration Somerset. of the distinguished services of the Regi- Rev. W. E. Coldwell, Sandon V. Herts. ment in the attack of the position covering Rev. T. Coventry, Croome Montis R. co. Toulouse, on the 10th April, 1814.-65th Worc. Reg. Foot, Major Thos. Perronet Thomp Rev. Mr. Croft, Hutton Bushel York. son to be Major.-Unattached; upon half- Rev. Dr. French, Moor Monkton pay: To be Majors of Inf.—Brevet Major Rev. L. M. Halton, Woolhampton R. Berks. Octavius Temple. - Brevet - Major John Rev. C. A. St. John Mildmay, Chelmsford Longden, 38d Foot; Brevet Lieut.-col. R. Essex. Chas. Mackenzie, 60th Foot.

Rev. G. Pellew, St. George R. with St. Rear-Admiral Charles Adam is appointed Mary Magdalen, Canterbury. to succeed Lord Amelius Beauclerk as Com- Rev. T. Morgan, Lansadara V. with Lapumander-in Chief at Lisbon, and on the coast

rada Chapel, co. Carnarvon. of Portugal.

Rev. C. Musgrave, Halifax V. co.

York. Adm. Earl Northesk to succeed Sir Geo. Rev. F. Swanton, St. John's P.C. Winch. Martin as Comm. in Chief at Portsmouth. Rev. T. Tweddell, Liddington V. with Calde

cot, co. Rutland.
Members returned to serve in Parliament. Rev. W. Vaughan, Astley P.C. Salop.
Horsham.-N. W. R. Colford, esq. of West Rev. J. Vernon, Shrawley R. co. Worc.

Harling-hall, Norfolk, vice the Hon.
H. E.Fox, who has accepted the Chiltern


Rev. C. Hall, Chaplain to Lord Macdonald. Leominster.—Rowland Stephenson, esq. de- Rev. N. R. Dennis, and Rev. H. Parker, tu clared duly elected.

be Chaplains to the Forces.

BIRTHS. Jan. 20. The wife of the Rev. F. Dyson, Lewis, esq. of Wedhampton Cottage, a dau. of Merton-college, a son.-22. At Pen- -30. Åt Sway House, near Lymington, nington House, near Lymington, the wife the wife of H. C. Lys, esq. a dau.—31. of the Rev. Chas. Heath, a son. — -A At Chacoinbe Priory, the wife of Hen. John Aldbury, the wife of the Hon. and Rev. Pye, esq. a son. Fred. Bertie, a dau.—24. The wife of Phi- Feb. i. In the Island of Guernsey, the lip Saltmarshe, esq. of Saltmarshe, Yorksh. wife of the Principal of Elizabeth College, a dau.__27. At the Vicarage, Southwell, a son.— 10. At York-terrace, Regent'sNotts, the wife of the Rev. R. H. Fowler, park, the wife of P. Grant, esq. of twin and dau. of Mr. Bish, of London, a dau.

12. In Nottingham-place, the 28. 'At the Down House, Dorset, the seat wife of Chas. Rich. Pole, esq. a dau.of her Father, Sir J. W. Smith, bart., the 13. At Long Ichington, Warwickshire, the wife of the Rev J. Digby Wingfield, a dau. wife of the Rev. Edw. Philip Cooper, Vicar,

-At the Vicarage, Affpuddle, the wife of a dau.-8. At Brockenhurst House, the Rev. Mr. Waldy, a son. 29. At Hants, the Lady Caroline Morant, a dau. Melksham, Wilts., the wife of Thos. Noyes


MARRIAGES. Oct. 2. At Rio Grande St. Pedro de Gaul, Eliza, only day. of the late T. Vores, esq. of Brazils, Mr. Thos. Messiter, Merchant, to Orchard-street, Portman-sq.- At ChelEliza, dau, of Capt. J. More, of New York. tenham, Tho. Thistlethwayte, esq. of South

Jan. 16. At Tidenham, Gloucestershire, wick Park, to Typhena Bathurst, second day. the Rev. James Davis, M.A. to Henrietta of Bishop of Norwich.- -17. At Abbots

Smith, esy.


173 Langley, Lieut. Wm. Sherwood, R.N. to of Thos. Pemberton, esg. of the Island of Sophia Ann, eldest dau. of the late Thomas

St. Christopher. -At Bath, J. R. Bram-At Pinnacle Hill, near Kelso, 'ble, esq. of Prior Park, Cottage, Widcombe, James Elliott, esq. of Woollie, Roxburghsh. to Elizabeth Curnick, relict of the late John to Margaret, dau. of the late R. Davison, Curnick, esq. of Lacock, Wilts.- -At of Pinnacle Hill.-18. At St. James's Ch. Batbwick, Somerset, Rev. George Taun, the Rev. Edmund John Siukler, of Docking, ton, B. D. rector of Stratford Topy, Wilts, Norfolk, to Eleanor Eliz. Stevens, of St. to Sarah, fourth dau. of James Bradford, James's-place, London, eldest dau. of the esq. of Laura-place, Bath, and of Swindon, late Rev. W. Stevens, of Sedbergh, Yorksh.

Wilts. At Kirkheaton, the Rev. Henry -At Brompton, co. York, Sarah Phila- Torre, Rector of Thorphill, to Sarah delphia, fourth dau. of Sir Geo. Cayley, bart. Coroline, eldest daughter of Sir John Listo W. Worsley, esq. of Hovingham. 19. ter Kaye, bart. of Denby Grange, near Wm. Gray, esq. barrister at law, to Eleanor, Wakefield.—At St. Mary-le-bone New eldest dau. of Lieut-gen. Ker, of East Bol- Church, Mr. Rich. Craddock, of Islington, con, Northumberland. -22. At St. Ann's, to Eliz. eldest dau. of the late Capt. MassenBlackfriars, John Frost, esq. F. A. S. of gale, of Lynn.- 3. At St. George's, HaBridge-street, Blackfriars, to Harriot, only nover-square, Joseph Whatley, esq. of Hilla dau. of the late J. P. Yosy, esq. of Berne, street, Berkeley-square, to Char. Augusta, and piece to Col. Brooke.- -At Walcot, widow of Thus. Crespigoy, esq. formerly Bath, Lord Wm. Paget, R. N. second son

M.P. for Sudbury -Ac Droxford Church, of the Marq. of Anglesea, to Fanny, only Hants, J. D. Berrington, esq. barrister at dau, of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Francis de Rotten- law, to Charlotte, only dau. of the late B. burg. —23. At Dorking, Surrey, the Rev. Hall, esq. M.P. of Abercarne, MonmouthW. Winthrop, to Frances Mary, eldest dau.shire.- -5. At York, Robert Bland, esq. of the Rev. Geo. Feachem, Vicar of Dorking. brother to Deputy Assistant Commissary

-25. At Streatham, the Rev. F. Swan- General Bland, Trinidad, West Indies, to ton, of Winchester, to Mary, only dau. of Miss Charlotte Harrison, of Market Weighthe late Rev. John Brereton, Rector of ton.-6. At Clifton, co. Gloucester, W. Alton Barnes, Wilts.At Petersham, Morris Reade, esq. of Rossenarra, co. KilJas. Bradshaw Tyrwhitt, esq. to Ann, only kenny, and of Marchington, Staffordshire, dau. of the late J. Barrett, esq. of Busby, to Eliza, only dau. of the late Patrick MaitHerts.--26. At Streatham, Chas. Nota land, esq. of Calcutta, abid of Kilmarone tidge, esq. of the Exchequer, to Sarah, Castle, Fifeshire. -At St. George's, Hayoungest dau. of B. Drew, esq. of the Kent. dover-square, the Rev. Joseph Wolff, Misroad.-27. At Kensington, Herbert John sionary to the Jews, to the Lady Georgiana Jones, esq. to Mary-Green, dau. of the late Mary Walpole, fourth dau. of the late, and Arch. Armstrong, esq.

-At Northwood, sister to the present Earl of Orford. Isle of Wight, Lieut. Thos. Williams, R. N. Fred. Toulmin, esq. of Hackney, to Maryto Juliana, only child of J.Drinkwater,esq. Ann, third dau, of W. Flower, esq. of Upof Q. Anne Cottage, Plymouth.-29. At per Bedford-place, and of Harefield-grove. Garendon, the Rev. J. H. Hamilton to the -8. At St. Giles's Church, the Rev. Hon. Mrs. Cowper.-30. At Bury, Edm. Bertie Johnson, Rector of Lymme, co. Geo. Hornby, esq. of Dalton Hall, co. Lan- Chester, to Isabel, second dau. of the late caster, to Sarah, eldest dau. of the late John Legh, esq. of Booth’s Hall. 'Thos. Yates, esq. of Irwell House, Dear

At Salisbury, James Barry, esq. formerly of Bury.-31. At Coleorton, co. Leicester, Teneriffe, to Penelope Anne, widow of the Edw. Fisher, esq. solicitor, of Ashby de la late Captain Lambe, R. N.-At KidleZouch, to Mary, only dau. of Wm. Sherwin, stone Church, Wm. Drury Holden, esq. to esq. of Coleorton.

Caroline Esther, youngest dau. of Lord Lately. At St. John's, Suuthwark, the Scarsdale.- -Chas. Clarke, esq. of Gray's Rev. Hen. Vallance, to Charlotte Channing, Ion, to Cath. Spence, eldest dau. of T. dau. of the late Rev. Wm. Jarvis Abdy, Rec. Davison, esq. of Bedford-row.-W. H. tor of St. John's.- -Robert Stone, esq. of Tinney, esq. of Lincoln's-inn, to Anna Gate-house, Sussex, to Louisa, second dau. Maria, eldest dau. of Rev. T. H. Hume, of Alex. Donovan, esq. of Framfield Park. Canon of Salisbury.-T. W. Chevalier,

-At St. Mary's, Bryanstone-square, Hen. esq. of South Audley-st. to Albertiva Mary, Burn, esq. of Great Quebec-street, to Eliza eldest dau. of the late G. A. Ravizzutte, esq. Maria, widow of the late Henry Belling- of Paris.—15. At Bath, C. Penruddocke, ham, esq. of Kingston, Surrey.- In esq. barrister-at-law, to Juliana Letitia, eld. Guernsey, John Gimingham, esq. of His dau. of Capt. Peuruddocke, 3d Foot Guards. Majesty's

Exchequer, to Čarteret, eldest dau. -At St. Andrew's Church, Capt. Dewse, of Rich. Saumarez, esq. Circus, Bath, niece R. A. to Louisa, youngest dau. of the late of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Thos. Saumarez, and of T.Atkins, esq. of Aylsham, Norfolk. 20. Sir James Saumarez, bart. K.C. B. Vice- Adam Maxwell, esq. of Mayerhouse, BanffAdm. of England.

shire, to Miss N. Vandenburgh, of Owen's Feb. I. At Chelsea, Alfred Perkins, esq. Row, Islington. of Cadogan-place, to Charlotte, daughter

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Sır BOURCHIER WREY, BART. ceived a Lieut-colonelcy of that regiNov. 20. At bis seat, Holne Chase, ment, Jan. 16, 1788. He obtained the Devonshire, Sir Bourcbier Wrey, seventh rank of Colonel in the army, Feb. 26, Baronet of Trebitch, in Cornwall, and 1795 ; of Major-general, Jan. 1, 1798 ; D. C. L.

Lieut.-general, Jan. 1, 1805 ; General, Sir Bourchier was the eldest son of June 4, 1814. Sir Bourchier the sixth Baronet, by his second wife Ellen, daughter of John LT.-Gen. The Hon. Sır WM. Stewart. Thresber, esq. He succeeded his father, Jan. 7. At Cumloden, bear Newtown April 23, 1784, and married, first, in Stewart, in Wigtonshire, aged 53, Lieut. 1786, Anne, eldest daughter of Sir Ro- General the Hon. Sir William Stewart, bert Palk, first Baronet of Haldon House, G. C. B. K. T.S. Colonel of the Rifle co. Devon. By this lady he had issue, Brigade, and next brother of tbe Earl of one daughter, Anne-Eleanora, married Galloway, K. T. in 1808 to Edward Hartorp, of Little This eminent officer was one of the Dalby, in Leicestershire, esq. (who died sixteen children, and the fourth, but Feb. 5, 1813); and two sons, Bouschier, second surviving son of Jobn, eighth wbo bas succeeded to the title ; and and lare Earl of Galloway, K. T. hy his Robert-Bourchier. Having lost his first second wise, Anne, daughter of Sir James lady in 1791, the late Baronet married, Dashwood, bart. He was appointed to secondly, in 1793, Anne, daughter of an Ensigncy in the 420 foot, in 1786 ; John Osborne, esq. and by her had one to a Lieutenancy in the 67th, in 1787 ; daughter, Eleanora-Elizabeth, married and Captain in an independent company in 1815, to Albany Saville, esq. of Sweet- in 1790. In that year he was employed lands, co. Devon, M. P. for Oakhampton; on a diplomatic mission at Vienna, and and one son, Henry-Bourchier.

in 1792, he was removed to a company

in the 22d foot. In 1793 he commanded SIR SAM. YOUNG, BART.

the grenadier company under Lieut.Dec.... At bis seat, Formosa-place, general Sir Charles Grey, in the West Berkshire, aged 61, Sir Samuel Young, Indies ; and in 1794 served in the WindBart. F.R.S. and F.S.A.

ward Islands under that officer; in the Sir Samuel was born Feb. 23, 1764, latter year he received the Majority of the eldest son of Adm. Sir George Young, the 31st foot, and returned from the Knt. by his second wise Elizaheth, West Indies in November. In 1795 be daughter of Sam. Bradshaw, esq. of Mar- was appointed Lieut.-colonel, and Assistlow, Bucks; and was created a Baronet, ant Adjutant-general to the Earl of Nov. 24, 1813.

Moira's army in England, and subseHe married Emily, daughter of quently Adjutant-general to Major-geneCharles Baring, of Exmouth, esq. and ral Doyle's army, employed on the coast had issue, George R. N. born in 1797, of France. In 1796 he was appointed wbo bas succeeded to the title; Charles- Lieut. colonel of the 67cb, which corps Baring, Henry, Horatio - Beg iman, he commanded in St. Domingo with the William-Jackson, Emily, Lucia, and local rank of Colonel ; in 1797 he was apanother son born in 1818.

pointed commandant at Mole St. Nicho

las ; in 1799 be attended the Prussian and GENERAL J. A. HARRIS.

Hessian reviews, and served with the AlJan. 21. At Hoddesdon, Herts, aged lied Armies under i be Archduke Charles, 82, General Jobn Adolphus Harris. Marsbal Suwarrow, and General Korsa

This officer entered the service as En- 'cow, in Suabia, Switzerland, and Italy. sign in the 34th foot, Jan, 11, 1760, and In 1800, Lieut.-colonel Stewart formed obrained a Lieutenancy in that regiment, the Rifle corps (now the 95th regiment,) Jan. 28, 1762. He served in the West under Colonel Manningham's orders, Indies a year and a vals, and was present and was employed on the expedition to at the siege of the Havannah. On the Perrol and the coast of Franee, where he 28th Nov. 1771, be obtained a company commanded a detachment of that corps. in bis regiment ; he served in America In 1801 he was appointed Lieut.-colonel from 1775 till 1784, and was severely in the Rifle corps, and commanded the wounded at Hubarton. He was appoint troops on board the British Aleet in the ed Major in the lare 84.b fuot, Oct. 22, Baltic, for which service be obtained the 1779 ; was on ball-pay from June 1784, thanks of Parliament. He received the to Sept. 24, 1787, when he was appointed rank of Colonel, April 2d, that year, to the 60th foot in America, and he re- after the action of Copenbagen. In

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