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On the Supposition that the Earth is hollow. [April, says, “The apostle interprets the planets move with an exact correspondPsalmist, and concludes that David, ence between their weight and bulk, when he foretold Christ's glorifica- and the weight of the ether they contion, or ascending up to Heaven, did stantly displace in their revolutions." likewise foresee his humiliation and This is not very coincident with Newdescent to the earth; 9. d. when Da- ton's own language, Princip. Prop. vid speaks of God in the flesh ascend- 29, Lib. 2, where he informs us, ing up on high, he doth thereby im- “ that at 200 miles above the earth the ply that he should first descend to the air is more rare than it is at the superearth. Either simply the earth as the ficies of the earth, in the ratio of lowest part of the visible world, and so 30 to 0:0000000000003998, or opposed to heaven from whence he 75000000000000 to I nearly, and came down." I do not pretend to hence the planet Jupiter revolving in know what species of argument can a medium of the same density with be hence adopted to render the expres- that superior air, would not lose by sion, or the commentaries on it, a very the resistance of the medium the rational scriptural proof that the earth 1000000th part of his motion in is hollow. Perhaps 10 chap. 1 Cor. 1000000 years." Again (page 261, verse 26, might be quoted,' quite as vol. 11.), “ hence also it is evident reasonably, to prove that the earth is that the celestial spaces are void of full or solid, but I refrain from draw. resistance, for though the comets are ing plausible inferences of this kind carried in oblique paths, and somefrom scriplural expressions. I per- times contrary to the course of the fectly agree with the ingenious Vica- planets, yet they move every way with rius Humilis (vide Mag. Aug. 1826), ihe greatest freedom, and preserve their “that these Scriptures were not de- motions for an exceedingly long course signed to instruct us in human science, of time, even when contrary to the or in any information attainable by course of the planets." Playfair, in our natural powers, but were given us his Outlines, vol. 11. page 198, reexclusively in those all - important marks "that the phenomena of the truths will relate to our immortality.” tails of comets show the celestial spaces The amiable Cowper says,

to be void of resistance." « The critic on the sacred book should be In conclusion, it may be remarked, Candid and learned, dispassionate and free, I have taken for granted, that whenFree from the bias wayward bigots feel, ever an opinion is advanced, a consisFrom fancy's influence, and intemperate tent objection to it is always allowable, zeal."

and that the conclusion deduced from At all events, in my opinion, we experimental evidence or sound reashould undoubtedly be very cautious soning is the only criterion of the proof advancing an hypothesis, and sup- bability of fact. Admitting this asporting it on a forced interpretation of sumption then, Mr. Urban, Col. Macà scriptural passage, especially when donald's supposition, and my reasons such an explanation is directly repug- for being of a different opinion, are nant to the writings of the best bibli- both before the public. We have cal commentators, and even' to com- each submitted our opinion to the mon sense. By doing this, we not same in partial tribunal, the readers of only rest our theory on the most slip- your interesting Publication, who are pery basis, but often indiscreetly con. fully competent to draw an inference vert the wisely-intended foundaiion of for themselves. our bopes into a pons asinorum, to Yours, &c. JAMES JERWOOD. connect our imaginary suppositions with direct absurdity.

T. S. K. remarks, that in our MeHaving adverted to Col. Macdonald's moir of Dr. Good (p. 276), his last pub

cation is omitted; it is in 3 vols. 8vo, eapaper on the Magnetic Poles (the primary object of which appears to prove

titled “ The Book of Nature," the sub

stance of a course of lectures delivered some that the earth is hollow), 1


further observe on the Colonel's assertion,

years back at the Surrey Institution. It is a “ that Newton, after much study and

very useful and interesting work, and fully doubt, at last arrived at the great and also composed in 1825 an Essay " On the

maintains his high reputation. Dr. Good important truth, that all space is filled

Origin, Connexion, and Character of the with ether, a subtle spirit or fluid, or Passions," read at the Royal Society of Liair, of vast elastic force: in this the terature. (See our vol. xcvi. i. 625).

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Pontesbury Church, Salop.

[April, “ MORS PUIS LUCRVM. Hunc prope locum to his friends, affable and courteous to all; jacet

corpus Oeni Davis, Colleg'Qanium Ani- geuerally beloved whilst he lived, and much marum Oxon. socii senioris, ac hvius ecc'lice lamented at his death." per spaciam xvil'annor' univs pastoru', qui

On a tablet against the north wall :' senio confectus xilo dic Maii Anno Salvtis Nostræ 1614, et peregrinationis suæ 72,

“ Near this place are deposited the reab hac vita Deo et hominibvs cbarvs ad

mains of John Oliver, of Shrewsbury, esq.

who died Nov. 24, 1789, aged 48. evm in quo coufisvs est pacifice migravit; in cujvs piam memoriam Maria vxor eivs filia

“ Also, of Bold Oliver, of the same Richardi Fosteri Evang. Divini dispensatoris place, esq. who died May 8, 1791, aged 44 fidelis ab antiqua Evelensi familia orti, viri years.". doctrina, pietate, et moribvs approbat. Coll.

“ Also, of ELIZABETH OLIVER, widow of s'c'tæ Trinitat', Cantabr. socii, hic etiam the above Bold Oliver, esq. who died May Anno Christi 1596 sepult. næroris plena 17, 1801, aged 54 years." hoc monumentvm posvit."

On a monument against the north · Against the north wall of the chan- wall of the chancel : cel, a handsome monument of marble; Beneath are interred the remains of on the right side a figure of Hope, on RICHARD WARD OFFLEY, of Hinton, esq. the left Charity; under the tablet, in who died 29th May, 1762, aged 46 years. bas-relief, a ship in full sail; on the He was a gentleman of an ancient family, table the following inscription :

acted in the Coinmission of the Peace for

this county, and was not only assiduous of “M.S. THOMÆ Davies, Mercatoris Lond. blii natu minimi ......... hujus Ec- doing good in general, but particularly atclesiæ unius olim e Rectoribus, cujus lo- neighbourhood. He married Sarail, daugh

tended the true interests of this parish and dustriam spe tantum fulcitam, cujus inte

ter of George Penbury of Wothertou, esq. gritatem, probitatemq' negotiis obeundis, cujus postea indigentibus charitatem pariterq' and one son, WARD Offley, who, whilst in

by whom he left-issue a daughter Sarah, in gentem propriam (nec pumero nec in- the service of his country, fell a sacrifice to opia minimam) munificentiam, divitiarum, the malignant influence of the climate at amicorum, precii gratitudinis, affluentia

Antigua, on the 24th of November, 1793, Divini Numinis providentia (in cujus tu

in the 33d year of his age." telam ab ipsis incunabilis com'issus fuit utpote patre orbatus), abinde compensavit. Azure a lion passant gardant Or, between

“ Arms: Argent, on a cross patée flory Quod reliquum est, his virtutibus non solum exemplar se voluit esse, sed patronum, Penbury."

four Cornish choughs Proper; impaliog qui ut industriam promoveret centum lib. pueris egenis apud Hospitale Christi Lond. On a plain stone in the chancel : hujusce autem natalis soli emeritis seni

“ Here lieth the body of John HARRIS bus ducentas largitus est.

Obiit xiii. Cal.

of Cruckton, esq. who departed this life Sept. A.D. c13.10.Lxxiv. Æt. LXI. R.D. NE

Oct. 21, 1746, aged 55. As likewise of POS POSUIT."

SARAH his wife, daughter of Robert Hill, “Arms.-Sable, a chevron Gules, be

esq. who died 3d Dec. 1772, aged 80. tween three swans' heads Or; on a chief Alicu Harris, died 19th Nov. 1798, aged of the Third a fleur-de-lis Sable.”

79. On a monument against the south Arms : Barry of eight, Ermine and Azure, wall of the chance! :

over all three annulets; impaling Ermine,

on a fesse Sable a castle triple-towered “ Revdus Henricus BALDWYN, A.M. Rector primæ et tertiæ portionis hujus Ec- Argent - Crest, a hawk Argent, beaked and

belled Or, preying on a pheasant Argent." clesiæ, obijt 170 Julij 1757. Ætat. 56. Multis ille bonis flebilis occidit."

On a tablet against the north wall of “ Arms.-Argent, a saltier Sable. Crest, the nave: on a mount Vert a cockatrice Argent; wat

“ Near this stone lie the remains of Rotled, combed, and beaked Or, ducally gorged

DERT Phillips of Cruck-Meole, esq. and and lined of the Last."

CATHARINE bis wife, daughter of Sir EdOn a monument at the east end of ward Acton of Aldenham, bart. He died the south aile :

18th of April, A.D. 1772, æt. 96;

and she “In memory of William Boycott, of the 14th of Oct. 1743, æt. 58. They had

issue Edward and Mary; Edward died young. Boycott, esq. who died the 2d day of Au

MARY married Thomas Harris of Cruckton, gust 1707, aged 46, this monument was erected by his affectionate and mournful

esq.; she died 23d Jan. A.D. 1767, æt. 48. widdow. He was steady to the priuciples A. D. 1798, aged 82.'

Thomas Harris, esq. died Sept. 27th, of the Church of England, of great probity, justice, and integrity, charitable and On a plain stone in the chancel liberal to the poor, hospitable and generous floor :

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