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1827.] Major Fuller.-Mr. J. Goglar.-Clergy Deceased. 375 Like a tired traveller, with sleep opprest,

MR. WM. Jones. Within her children's arms she dropped Dec. 8. At Holkham, Norfolk, of a deto rest.

cay of nature, in his 90th year, Mr. Wm. Parewell!-Thy cherished image ever dear Jones, who for upwards of fifty years filled Shall many a heart with pious love revere. the situation of buntsman and principal

Her remains were interred in the chan- stable-servant in the establishment of cel of the church of Sproughton; and on Thomas William Coke, esq., with credit to a fat stone has been sculptured ibe fol. himself, and much to the satisfaction of his lowing inscription to her memory :

employer, by whom he was greatly reHic jacet quicquid mortale est spected, and who consoled him on bis apElizabethæ, charissimæ uxoris proaching departure from this life, by re. et nunquam satis deflendze

peatedly visiting him on his death-bed, Viri Reverendi Georgii Rogers, A.M. and administering to his

comfort. On one bujusce Ecclesiæ Rectoris,

of tbese occasions, Mr. Coke took with bim quae ex hâc vitâ migravit

the young heir of Holkham, to shake his 8 id. Mepsis Martii

old servant by the hand. Lady And Coke, Anno Christi M.DCCC.XXVII.

Lady Anson, and all the family at Holket ætatis suæ LXXXII.

ham, shewed every possible kindness and lu memoriam tam cari capitis attention to the venerable and much-rehoc posuit marmor

spected old man. His bed was surrounded mærens et orbatus Maritus.

by different branches of his family in three Ipswich, Mar. 14, 1827.

J. P. generations, to all of whom he had ever

been kiud, and who revered and honoured

bim as a father and a patriarch. He reMAJOR-FULLER.

tained bis mental faculties to the last, and April 9. At Windsor Castle, aged 95, died perfectly composed and resigned. Major Edward Puller, one of his Majesty's Poor Knights of Windsor. This worthy Veteran served as an En

CLERGY DECEASED. sign in the 51st Regiment at the battle of June 9. At Newhaven, in Connecticut, Minden, and in every memorable action in aged 65, the Rev. Jedidiah Morse, D.D. for Germany in which the British troops were many years Pastor of the first Church in engaged during the seren years war. He Charlestown, and author of the American was a man of the strictest honour and in. Geography, and many other valuable works tegrity, possessed of a gentlemanly deport- in that science. ment, and honoured by the intimate friend- Feb. 13. The Rev. John Till, for 50 years ship and confidence of many of the highest Rector of Hayes, and of Orpington in Kent. raok both at home and abroad,

He was of Caius Coll. Camb. LL.B. 1768,

was presented to Hayes in 1777 by the then MR. JOHN GOGLAR.

Rector of Orpington; to Orpington (a sine

cure) in 1821 by the Abp. of Canterbury. Jan. 21. Mr. John Goglar, grocer and

Fel. 18. At his lodgings in Worcester, draper, of Whaplade Drove, Lincolnshire.

aged 72, the Rev. Matthew Surtees, Rector He had long been celebrated for an ec

of Kirkby Underdale, Yorkshire, and Precentricity of character, which continued to bendary of Canterbury. He was son of Aupredomiuate to the last moments of his ex. bone Surtees, esq. of Newcastle upon Tyne, istence. More than twenty years back he named a stone, called old Kate's Stone, recently deceased (see p. 286), and to the

and brother to the gentleman of that name as the one he wished to place over bis

Countess of Eldon. He was formerly Fellow grave; his coffin he purchased about of University College, Oxford, where he took three months before his death. Some of his bequests are in unison with the eccentrici Society he was presented in 1793 to the Rec

the degree of M.A. in 1780, and by which ties of his life; for, after bequeathing an tory of North Cerney, Glouc. He was apunusual annual sum to the Peterborough pointed a Prebendary of Canterbury in 1803 ; Dispensary and to ibe School of Whaplade Drove, he gives the further sum of thirty

was presented to the Vicarage of Swindon,

Wilts, in 1809 by the King ; and to the recsbillings to be spent in plum cakes, to be marked, “J. G. W. D.” aod (wenty shil

tory of Kirkby Underdale on the death of Dr. lings for ale to be given to the poor of Ridley in 1825 also by the Crown. Whaplade Drove on Christmas eve for

Feb. 19. At Yarmouth, the Rev. J. T.

Davies, M. A. of St. Mary's Hal}, Oxford. Upwards of 400 persons, after fol. lowing bim to the grave, assembled at the

Feb. 20. Aged 62, the Rev. Charles Fred. school-room, where about 800 cakes and a

Bond, Vicar of Margaretting, Essex. He

was of St. John's Coll. Camb. B.A. 1788, hogshead of ale were by his desire,

M.A. 1791, and was presented to his Church Dealtout in that old fashion'd measure in 1799 by R. M. Philips, esq. and others. Which once his cheerful heart called Mr. Bond lost his wife on Christmas-day,




Clergy Deceased.

(April, Feb. 20. At Cardiff, after a long and pain- cum Clopton. Mr. Gape was eppointed a ful illness, the Rev, Archer John Langley, King's Chaplain in 1794, and served the M.A. Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford. office of Mayor of St. Alban's in 1809.

Feb. 21. Ac Moreby, near York, advanced Feb. 27. At Aylesbury, aged 81, the Rev. in age, the Rev. Thos. Preston, Vicar of Scal- Wm. Slockins, for more than half a century by cum Cloughton, to which he was present- Master of the Latin School there, and for ed by the Dean and Chapter of York in 1773, some time Curate of the parish. He was of and formerly an active Magistrate for the Jesus Coll. Oxford, M.A. 1780. East Riding. He was of Trin. Coll. Camb. Lately. In Madeira, whither he had reB.A. 1771.

paired for his health, the Rev. Charles Feb, 22. The Rev. Rich. Hawkin Hit- Mein Deighton, Vicar of Longhope, Glouc. chins, Rector of Baverstock, Wilts. He was to which he was presented in 1825. formerly Fellow of Exeter College, where he At the residence attached to St. James's proceeded M.A. 1789, B.D. 1799, and by Chapel, Hampstead Road, aged 38, the Rer. which Society he was presented to his living. Wm. Gilbank. He was of Clare Hall,

Feb. 23. At Newton, near Wisbech, aged Cambridge, B. A. 1811. 51, the Rev. Wm. Mair, M.A.

At Liverpool, aged 78, the Rev. James Feb. 23. At his lodgings in York, aged Page, formerly Curate of St. Peter's and 83, the Rev. Jas. Rudd, D.D. Rector of St. Paul's, Bath. Full Sutton, and Minister of Walton, in At Great Torrington, Devon, aged 74, Yorkshire. He was educated at St. John's the Rev. John Palmer, Prebendary of LinColl. Camb. where he took the degree of colu, Rector of Claudborough, Devon, and B.A. in 1765. On the 5th of December, of South Benfeet, Essex. The first-men1772, being then Minister of St. Paul's tioned preferment he acquired in 1807, the Chapel, Edinburgh, he married Elizabeth, Rectory of South Benfleet in 1811, on the daughter of Eric, commonly called Lord presentation of the Dean and Chapter of Duffus, and sister of the late Lord Duffus Westminster, and Claudborough recently, (of whom we last month gave a short me- presented to it by the King. moir in page 271), then the widow of Mr. At Settle, Yorkshire, the Rev.Wm. Peart, Sinclair." By this lady he was father to the only surviving son of John Peart, esq. He Rev. Eric Rudd, Vicar of Appleby in Lin- was of Clare Hall, Cambridge, B. A. 1819, colnshire, and Perpetual Curate of Thorne M.A. 1821. in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

Dr. At Horrock Hall, Lanc, aged 76, the Rer. Rudd was presented to Walton by the im- Riglye Rigbye. propriators of that chapelry in 1774, and to March 3. At Charlbury Vicarage, Oxf. Full Sutton in 1789 by Johu Simpson, aged 82, the Rev. John Cobb, D.D. Vicar esq.

of that Parish, and for many years a MaFeb. 25. At Middleton in Teesdale, aged gistrate for the county. He was formerly 76, the Rev. Wm. Mark, incumbent of Fellow of St. John's Coll. Oxford, which be Egglestone, and for nearly half a century entered as a scholar in 1764;

and proceeded Curate of Middleton, a character universally M.A. 1772, B.A. 1777, D.D. 1781. He esteemed.

published in 1788 in 8vo. Eight Sermoos Feb. 20. At St. Alban's, aged 72, the preached that year at Bampton's Lectures ; Rev. James Carpenter Gape, Vicar of St. and was presented to Charlbury by his ColMichael's in that town, Rector of Crowden lege in 1790. cum Clopton, Camb, and one of his Ma- March 4. At Middleton Rectory, near jesty's Chaplains ; cousin to Earl Verulam. Beverley, aged 67, the Rev.John Blanchard, Descended from a family of some antiquity for nineteen years Rector of that parish, of St. Alban's, he was the sixth but only a Magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant for the surviving son and heir of Thomas Gape, esq. East Riding of Yorkshire. From his unof that place, by the Hon. Jane Grimston, affected simplicity and urbanity of manders, eldest daughter of Wm. first Visc. Grimston. he drew around him a large circle of acHe was educated at Trinity College, Camb. quaintance, whom he soon converted into where he proceeded B. A. 1777, M.A. 1780; warm friends. He was humane, charitable, and was presented to his Church in St. benevolent, and hospitable ; and exemplary Alban's in 1778, by his cousin James, third as a clergyman, husband, father, and masand late Visc. Grimston, on the cession of ter. He had recently lost his youngest so, his uncle the Hon. and Rev. Harbottle the Rev. Abraham Blanchard, B. A. late of Grimston. He married Feb. 2, 1786, Eliz. Jesus Coll. Camb. who died at Sidmouth an Vernon, day. of Joho Fothergill, of Soho, the 10th of January. near Birningham, esq. by whom he had five sons and three daughters. In 1788 his Barnard, Rector of Withersfield, Suffolk,

March 1 1. Aged 64, the Rev. Robert Cary cousin Viscount Grimston presented hin to and a Magistrate of that county. He ww another living, the vicarage of Redburn, in formerly Fellow of St. John's Coll. Camb. the neighbourhood of St. Alban's ; this he where he proceeded B.A. 1779, M.A. 1782, resigned in 1896, on being instituted, on his B.D. 1791. He was presented to his Recown presentation, to the Rectory of Crowden tory in 1782 by the Countess of Aylesford.

OBITUARY.-Rev. John Evans, LL.D.

369 sentiments in the House on many sub- of Baptist ministers, from a Thomas jects ; but he gained great credit by his Evans, one of the ministers ejected by exertions in upholding the Militia sys- the Act of Uniformity. He acquired at tem. On the proposition brought forward Bristol the elementary parts of his eduin 1798, by Mr. Secretary Dundas (the cation, and in November, 1783, became late Viscount Melville) for increasing a student in the Bristol Baptist Academy, the number of field-officers in the Mi- over which his relative Dr. C. Evans litia, Mr. Mitford opposed the measure then presided a6 Tbeological Tutor. in its various stages, contending that Having remained there some time, he the Militia sbould be governed by the went to Scotland in 1787, and passed Militia Laws, and not by those of the three winters as a student at the College regular army'; and entered into a brief at Aberdeen, then adorned by the talents history of the Militia in this Country, of Drs. Campbell and Gerard. A fourth commenting on the salutary jealousy of winter was spent at the University of a military despotism with which it was Edinburgh ; and having attained the deestablished. On subsequent occasions, gree of A.M., be returned from Scotland Mr. Mitford always arrayed bimself in June, 1791. Entertaining serious against any innovation of those princi. doubts respecting the truth of several of ples on which the Militia was originally the Calvinistic doctrines, he in 1791 acfounded. He sat in three Parliaments cepted an invitation from the morning for Beeralston, from 1796 to 1806; and congregation of General Baptists at afterwards represented New Romney Worship Street in London, where, after from 1812 till 1818.

officiating a few months, he was chosen In 1802 Mr. Mitford acquired a large pastor, and ordained May 31, 1792. This addition to his property in the Revely his first proved bis only pastoral engageestates in Yorkshire, belonging to his ment, and, after thirty-five years of unmother's family. He continued, how- interrupted harmony, terminated but ever, to his death, to make Exbury in with his existence. Hampshire his country residence, having Dr. Evans's first publications were, only a year or two previously to the date " An Address, designed to promote a last-mentioned, rebuilt his paternal revival among the General Baptists ;” mansion there. It is situated on the and “Juvenile Pieces designed for Youth shorc between Lymington and South- of both Sexes;" both printed in 12mo, ampton, nearly opposice Yarmouth in 1793. the Isle of Wigbt. The beauties of the The Sketch of the Denominations of place bave been illustrated by the pen

the Christian World, by which the name and pencil of the picturesque Gilpin. of Dr. Evans, to adopt the words of the Mr. Mitford was appointed Verdurer of preacher of his - funeral discourse, “bas the New Forest in 1778.

become identified with the history of A few years since, Mr. Mitford pub- religious opinion," first appeared in the lished “ Observations on the History of beginning of 1795, in the form of a Christianity; and last year he adver- shilling pamphlet. The circumstances tised a work on the Religions of the that gave rise to this production are cuAntient World.

rious, and are narrated in the later ediMr. Mitford had six sons and a daugh- tions of the work. The rapid sale of ter: William, a Lieutenant in the Royal the first impression called for a second Fusileers, who died in 1790 unmarried; edition in July of the same year, and Bertram, who died young; Henry, a

during a period of about thirty years, Captain R. N., lost at sea in 1801, leav- fourteen successive editions, comprising ing a son, who died shortly alter, and in all 100,000 copies, have been circutwo daughters; Jobn, now a Commis- lated: and à fifteenth edition, now in sioner of Bankrupts ; Bertram, an frish the course of publication, bad been comCommissioner of Enquiry; Charles, who pleted by the author immediately before died young ; and Frances.

bis last illness. The book has been

translated into Welsh, and various conRev, John Evans, LL.D. tinental languages, and several editions Jan. 25. Ac Islington, in his 60th have appeared in the United States of year, the Rev. Jobn Evans, LL.D. author America. In his dedication of the fourof the “ Sketch of tbe Denominations teenth edition to his friend the late Lord of the Christian World," and numerous Erskine, the autbor, after noticing the other works.

extensive circulation of his work, thus This voluminous and highly useful adverts to the impartiality by which it is writer was born at Usk, in Monmouth- 80 singularly distinguished, and to the shire, Oct. 2, 1767, and traced his de- inconsiderable sum for wbich he parted scent, through an almost unbroken line with the copyright: "lis impartiality GENT. MAG. April, 1827.

has been the basis of its popularity.

inton, esq.


[April, March 31. At Linacre, near Liverpool, wife of J. Harding, esq. and youngest dau. of Mr. Sam. Lowe, solicitor, in his 54th year. G. Thornhill, esq. of Diddington, Hunts.

LEICESTERSHIRE.—March 25. At Melton At Castle Cary, aged 87, Anne, widow Mowbray, Edward Maior Stokes, esq. of George Beal, esq. of Shepton Mallet.

March 28. At Somerby, aged 75, the Feb. 21. At Bath, aged 54, Amelia, wife wife of Isaac Taylor, gent.

of Major Chas. Stewart, late Professor of LINCOLNSHIRE.—March 5. Sarah, wife Oriental Literature in the East India Colof the Rev. Wm. Bolland, Vicar of Swines- lege, and sister of Sir Orford Gordon, Bart. head.

of Embo, N. B. March 24. At Lincoln, aged 65, Mr. H. Feb. 25. At Bath, the relict of Alexander G. Beard, merchant, in Newland.

Cuthbert, esq. of Chandos-st. Cavendish-sq. March 25. Aged 50, Mrs. Raper, second At Crewkerne, in her 80th year, Mrs. Cox, dau. of the late Benj. Wetherall, esq. of relict of John Cox, esq. and mother of the Lincoln.

Rev. John Cox, of Stockland, Dorset. April 2. At Kermington House, near March 2. At Bath, aged 22, Emily WilBrockelsby, aged 72, Franc. Hudson, esq. helmina, eldest dau. of Major-gen. Baynes.

MIDDLESEX.-- Feb. 16. At Hillingdon, March 19. At Ilminster, aged 76, the aged 78, Henrietta, surviving dau. of Capel widow of the late Rev. Samuel Alford, Dean Hanbury, esq. of Pontypool Park, Monm. of St. Burian, Corowall, and Vicar of Curry

March 25. At Enfield, aged 79, Sir Nat. Rivell, Somerset. Dance, Knt. formerly a Commander in the March 29. At Bath, in his 75th year, W. East India Company's service.

Clark, esq. many years a Deputy Lieut. and April 6.- Henry Hare Townshend, esq. of Magistrate for the county. Downhills, and Walpole, Norfolk.

At Henford, Yeovil, Martha, wife of the April 11. At her son-in-law's, C.F.John- Rev. Ja. Hooper, Rector of Stowell, Som. son, esq. of Kenerton, near Henley, aged 70, April 5. At Bath, aged 18, Laura MaMrs. Ann Roberts.

tilda, dau. of late Philip Fred. Muntz, esq. NORFOLK.-Jan. 30. Aged 65, Ann, relict of Selly Wick, Worcestersbire. of Randall Burroughes, esq. of Barfield-ball. April 8. At Bath, aged 65, Thos. Wil

NORTHUMBERLAND.—March 22. At New- kinson, esq. castle, William, second son of John Beck- Staff.March 2. At Lichfield, aged 81,

Mary, widow of the Right Rev. Spencer March 26.-At Clifford's Fort, North Madan, Bp. of Peterborough. She was the Shields, aged 97, Mr. Jobn Sipple, who, for second dau. of the Rev. Wm. Vyse, Archd.

held the situation of master-gun- of Salop, by Catharine, dau. of the Right ner of Tynemouth Castle and Clifford's Fort. Rev. Richard Smallbroke, Bp. of Lincola; This veteran had nearly completed 72 years, and was consequently sister to the late Dr. in the service, having entered the royal ar- Wm. Vyse, Archd. of Coventry, and Rector tillery as a Matross, May 1, 1755.

of Lambeth, and to the late Gen. Vyse (of April 3. At Wallsend, aged 80, the widow whom we gave a memoir in vol. xcv. ii. 180); of John Buddle, esq.

and aunt to R. W. Howard Vyse, esq. the April 4. Aged 41, the wife of Nicholas late M.P. for Beverley. The deceased beBird, esq. of Dockwray-sq. North Shields. came the wife of Bp. Madan, July 15, 1796,

OXFORD.Feb. 21. At Laupton, aged 91, and they were married at Lambeth Palace, by John Ashby, esq. many years a respected the Archbp. of Canterbury, Dr. Moore. The inhabitant of Newgate-street, London. Bishop died in 1813, having had no children

March 26. At Oxford, Christian W. wife by the lady now deceased. (See Memoirs of of Stephen Peter Rigaud, esq. M. A. Rad- him in vol. lxxxiii

. pp. 509, 703.) cliffe Observer, and Professor of Astronomy SUFFOLK.-March 5. At Bury St. Edin the University, dau. of the late Mr.Jordan, mund's, aged 80, Joseph Maulkin, gent. one of Portland-place, and of Barbadoes." of the capital Burgesses. He had just reLately. Aged 50,

T. Roberts, esq. of Crab- turned from an evening party, and had seated hall, Mollington. He was originally butler himself while supper was preparing, when he - to Miss Leche, of Chester, (of the ancient was seized with a fit, fell from his chair, and family of the Leches, of Carden,) who married immediately expired. He was a man highly him, and he immediately came into posses- esteemed in every station of life, and was sion of an ample fortune, which he did not Alderman of the Borough in 1795. abuse, but proved himself worthy of such an At Sheberton Hall, Harriet, wife of P. V. unexpected elevation.

April 14. Eliz. Pope, wife of the Rev. Ed. Surrey.-Feb. 16. At Richmond, aged Turner, Rector of Noke, Oxford.

76, Mrs. Rebecca Allcock. At Worton, aged 8, Frederick-William, Feb. 24. At Bedford-hill, Rosa, dau. of eldest son of Jos. Wilson, esq. High Sheriff Henry J. Rucker, esq. of Oxford.

March 17. At Fairfield Lodge, Croydon, Salop.- March 28. Aged 70, Mrs. Evans, aged 85, Eliz. relict of Sam. Robinson, esq. of Llwynygroes, near Oswestry.

March 20. At East Moulsey Park, aged SOMERSET.-Lately. At Bath, Frances, 61, the Dowager Lady Crewe. Her maidea

35 years,

Onslow, esq.




381 name was Hawkins, and she was married to Port Eynon, Glamorganshire. She was the Sir Henry Harper, the seventh and late Ba- dau. of Cradock Nowell, esq. niece of Dr. ronet (who in 1808 assumed the name of Nowell, Principal of St. Mary Hall, Oxford, Crewe) June 4, 1792. She was mother to and sister of the present Admiral Nowell. Sir George the present and eighth Baronet, Lalely. At Cerundell Farm, Grittleton, four other sons, and three daughters. Sir near Chippenham, aged 46, Mr. J. Sealy, Henry died in 1819.

second son of Mr.

Thos. Sealy, of Seagry. March 23. At Beddington House, aged YORKSHIRE.–Feb. 13. At Thirsk, aged 75, Mary, relict of Alex. Bridges, esq. of 83, Mrs. Ann Ainsley; and on the followEwell.

ing day, aged 81, Mrs. Eliz.. Ainsley, two March 25. Aged 17, Ann, eldest dau. of maiden ladies, and sisters, who have always the Rev. P. Aubertin, of Chipstead. lived in the same house, and are buried in

April 3. At Guildford, Surrey, aged 71, one grave. They had two brothers who lived Mr. White.

with them several years, and died in a simiApril 4. At Richmond, aged 78, Elinor, lar manner. widow of Simon Kendall, Esq.

Feb. 15. At Harden Grange, Kath. MaApril 5. At Chobham, Eliz. wife of Tho. ria, wife of Walker Ferrand, esq. and only Bainbridge, esq. of Guildford-st.

child of Gen. Twiss, of Myrtle Grove; whose April 7. At East Moulsey, aged 58, W. owo death is recorded in this Magazine, p. G. Martin, esq.

Sussex.—March 12. At Brighton, aged Feb. 16. Aged 24, Frances, youngest dau. 13 months, Fred. son of Hon. J. Stewart. of Henry Tennant, esq. of Kirk Hammerton.

March 19. At Brighton, Marianne, wife Feb. 21. In her 41st year, Maria, wife of of Edw. Archer Wilde, esq. of College-hill. Mr. J. P. Pritchett, of York, architect.

March 25. At Petworth, Sarah, relict of March 1. At East Cottingwith, aged 64, Wm. Johnson, esq.

Sarah, wife of Mr. W. Martin, and dau. of April 2. At Brighton, in her 50th year, the late Thos. Weddall, esq. of Selby. Lætitia, wife of James Pycroft, esq. late of March 6. At Beverley, in her 70th year, Oak Hall, East Ham.

Frances widow of Tho. Grimston, of April 11. At Hastings, Levison, youngest Grimston and Kilnwick, and sister of Sir son of Robert Smith, esq. of Cheam. Thomas Legard, Bart. of Ganton. She was

Warwick.Lately. At Rugby, Louisa second dau. of Sir Digby, the fifth Bart. by Purefoy Jaques, wife of R. T. Scarborough, Jane, dau. of Geo. Cartwright, esy. of Notesq.

tinghamshire; and was married Feb. 1780. Feb. 20. At Prior's Hardwicke, aged 16, March 6. At Hull, aged 88, John BrecHenrietta Maria, youngest dau. of Rev. Wm. ken, esq. late of Prince Edward's Island. Corbett Wilson.

March 8. Aged nearly 101, Mr. Joshua Feb. 25. At Dunchurch, advanced in age, Whitehead, of Addlecrofé, near Huddersfield. Mary, relict of Rev. Hen. Bromfield, Vicar He had never had a day's serious illness; and of Dunchurch, and Grandborough, and Pre- retained his health and faculties till within a bendary of Lincoln. Her hand and heart were short time of his death. ever open to the calls of charity, and she was March 11. At Scarborough, aged 70, never more happy than when she could con- John Travis, esq. solicitor, one of the senior tribute to the happiness of others. She was memibers of the Corporation. In Oct. 1789, descended from the branch of the family of he was elected one of that body, and in Aug. Downing, of Gamlingay Park, in Cambridgsh. 1791, was appointed town-clerk, which situwhose estates, after many years' litigation of ation he has holden ever since, except in the the validity of Sir George Downing's will, three different years during which he served were, in 1800, appropriated to the founda- in the capacity of Magistrate. He also held tion of Downing College, Cambridge. the office of Deputy Recorder, under the

March 12. Aged 72, Wm. Russel, esq. of successive nominations of the Dukes of Beauthe firm of Tomes, Russel, & Co. bankers, fort and Rutland, Recorders. Warwick.

March 13. Aged 79, Aon, fourth dau. of WESTMORELAND.-At the Gill, in Hul- the Rev. Christ. Atkinson, formerly vicar of ton-o'-the-Hay, near Kendal, aged 100, Thorpe Arch. Jane Braithwaite.

March 14. Suddeuly, Mr. Joseph Stoney, Wilts.March 5. At Salisbury, Miss of Huddersfield, merchant. Kerrich, dau. of the late Rev.Walter Kerrich, March 18. At Hull, aged 85, Wm. Wray, Canon Residentiary:

esq. March 13. At Salisbury, Mrs. Robinson, At Riccall Hall, in his 720 year, Toft dau. of the late Dr. Hancock.

Richardson, esq. March 24. In his 71st year, John Hayter, March 19. At Hull, Joseph Denton, esq. esq. of Winterborn Stoke.

March 22. Suddenly, at Bradford, the Lately. Aged 52, Francis Giffard, esq. of Rev. W. Hill, Wesleyan Minister, York. Uphaven.

March 28. At Wakefield, Charles, eldest April 6. At Salisbury, aged 77, the widow son of Geo. North, esq. of the late Rev. Wm. Watkins, Rector of Lately. At Thorne, Capt. J. Maples, R.N.

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