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1927.) OBITUARY.

377 lo Upper Brook-st. Theodosia, wife of DEATHS.

Chas. Tyndale, esq.

At the house of Mrs, Law, in Portland

place, Miss Eliza Law, niece of the late Mrs. Parker, widow of Capt. Robert Par- James Law, esq. ker, R. N. and sister of Sir W. Parker, April 3. In Gower-street, aged 84, Mary, bart.

relict of Edward Bunce, esq. March 16. In Brompton-crescent, aged At Pentonville, aged 79, Mr. John Ken67, Anne, widow of Thomas Baillie, esq. nion, senior.

March 19. Aged 34, Maria, the wife of James Pidding, esq. of Blackheath and Wm. Draper, esq. of Compton-terrace.

Cornhill. March 21. At Knightsbridge, aged 57,

At Twickenham, 82, Jos. Hickey, esq. the Hon. George Villiers, next lvrother and April 4. In Devonshire-place, aged 64, heir presumptive to the Earl of Clarendon. Wm. Walter, esq. He was the third son of Thomas the first Aged 72, Chas. Noble, esq. of Old BurEarl, by Lady Charlotte Capel, eldest dau. lington-street. of Wm. 3d Earl of Essex. He held the At the residence of Lord Rivers, Grosoffices of Registrar at Gibraltar, Clerk of venor-place, aged 65, Mr. Chas. Seal, his the Council and

Registrar of the Duchy of Lordship’s steward. Lancaster, and Ranger of Cranborne Chase. In Devonshire-place, aged 65, Wm. WalHe married, April 17, 1798, Lady Theresa ter, esq. Parker, only dau. of John 1st Lord Boring- April 6. At her mother's, in Mansfielddon, and brother to the present Earl of street, aged 16, the Lady Susan-HenriettaMorley. By that lady he had a numerous Beresford, second dau. of the late Marq. of family, one of whom is Chas. Pelham Vil- Waterford. liers, esq. candidate for Hull at the last Aged 72, Mrs. Emery, mother of the Election.

late John Emery, of Covent Garden Theatre. March 22. In the Westminster-road, aged April 7. Io Surrey-place, Old Kent-road, 97, Wm. Manners, esq. fifth son of the late aged 67, Mr. Lascelles. Lord Win. Manners, of Old Burlington-str. At Westmoreland House, Walworth-comand Grantham, Linc.; uncle to Sir Wm. mon, aged 70, Mr. John Littlewood, Manners, of Hanby-Hall, Linc. bart.; se- April 8. Aged 34, Francis Skelton, esq. cond cousio twice removed to the Duke of M. D. of Regeut-street. Rutland.

In Millank-scr. San. Hasell Newell, esq. March 22. At the Grange, Bermondsey, sou of late Dr. Newell, of Colchester. aged 76, Joshua Butterworth, esq.

Sybella, wife of John Daniel, esq. of ParMarch 24. Aged 75, Benj. Elias, esq. of son's-green. the Pier-head, London Docks,

Aged 78, Henry Child, esq. of RoodMarch 25. In Addington-pl. Camberwell, lane, wine-merchant. Sarah, relict of Joseph Hall, esq. of North- April 9. lo Hunter-street, aged 72, Rich. ampton.

Keys, esq. of the Chamberlain's-office, March 27. Aged 84, Noah Brocklesby, Guildhall. esq. of Newman-str. Oxford-str.

At Kennington-terrace, aged 89, the reİn Lark-hall-lane, Clapham, aged 80, M. lict of John M. Grafton, esq. of Romford.

In Wimpole-str. Emma, youngest dau, of March 28. At West End, Hampstead, Lady Bridget Bouverie ; piece to the Earl of aged 75, Joseph Lescher, esq.

Radnor, and cousin to the Earl of Morton. In Regevt-st. Laura Abbot, wife of the Aged 81, Mrs. Comport, of Sloaue-st. Rev. Dr. Brereton, of Bedford.

Io Chapel-st. Grosvenor-sq. aged 78, Aged 34, Maria, the wife of James Boy- Mary, widow of the Hon. and Rev. Richard ton, esq. of Augusta-place, Clapham-road. Byron, Rector of Haughton, Durham. She

March 29. At his son-in-law's, in Marl- was dau, of Richard Farmer, esq. of Leicesborough-place, Old Kent-road, aged 75, ter; and sister of the celebrated Master of W. Barnes, esq.

Emanuel. She was married in 1768, and March 30. At Upper Holloway, aged 25, lost her husband in 1811 (see vol. LXXXI. Sarah-Maria-Anne, wife of Mr. Joseph ii. 491). Rawlings.

April 10. Aged 78, Mr. Grasswell, of At Park cottage, Camberwell-grove, aged Craven-st. Strand, Secretary to the Society 73, Robert Chapman, esq. architect. for the Discharge and Relief of Persons im

March 31. Aged 40, Mary, wife of Henry prisoned for Small Debts-an office he had Corbould, esq. of Crescent-place.

filled for upwards of forty years. April 1. At Kennington, aged 81, John April 11. In Park-lane, Lady Hyacintha Austin, esq.

Vane, infant dau. of the Marq. and March. April 2. At Clapham, Surrey, at her son- of Londonderry. in-law's, aged 90, the relict of Wm. John- In Waterloo-place, aged 80, Esther, reson, esq. of Knebworth.

lict of John Binns, esq. Banker, of Leeds. Gent. Mag. April, 1827.

Foott, esq.


[April, April 12. In Charlotte-st. Fitzroy-sq. March 16. At Whitehaven, aged 98, Mrs. aged 41, John Robt. Longden, esq. Margaret Adamson. She was present at the

At Church-terrace, St. Pancras, aged 29, execution of the rebels at Carlisle in 1745. Mr. E. Jones, of Frith-st. Soho, Solicitor. Lately. In Whiterslack, aged 100, Mrs.

At Kensington Gore, aged 82, Mary, Raingill. In 1745 she lived with her father, widow of Wm. Morris, esq. of Bermondsey. Ralph Burton, at Forrest Hall, being the

April 14. Iu Jermyn-st. aged 27, Mary, about 18 years of age, and the rebels in only remaining dau. of Geo. Joad, esq. of moving southward paid them a visit, and Blackheath.

regaled themselves with what they found April 15. In Euston-pl. aged 72, Robert upon the premises. On their return after Woodifield, esq. late of Lyndhurst. being defeated at Preston, being closely

Aged 28, Mary-Anne, wife of G. J. Fa- pressed by the English troops, on this side bian, esq. R.N.

of Forrest Hall, at the bottom of a sharp At the house of the Rev. Dr. Owen, hill, they left a baggage-cart, which fell into Highgate, Elizabeth-Sarah, wife of his se- the havds of Ralph Burton and others. In cond son, the Rev. C. G. Owen, of Power- this was found a piece of stout ticking, stock Vicarage, Dorsetshire,

spun from the finest flax ; it was made into April 16. Amelia, wife of Ligonier Tho- a bed, on which Mrs. Raingill had slept mas, esq. of Mabledon-place.

ever since.
April 20. In Torrington-sq. aged 24, Mr. April 11. Aged 32, Wm. Richardson
Ralph-Henry Dunkin, surgeon, only son of Graham, esq. eldest son of late Jas. Graham,
J. W. Dunkin, esq. late of Demerara. esq. of Richardby, near Carlisle.

April 24. Letitia, ivfapt dau, of John DERBYSH.--Feb. 23. Mary, wife of Rich.
Davison, esq. of the East India House, and Arkwright, esq. of Willersley.
of Tavistock-place.

Feb. 25. In her 80th year, Margaretta,

wife of Thos. Lowe, esq. of Derby. Berks.- March 1. At Reading, R. W. Feb. 27. At Risley Hall, aged 31, MaryBampfield, esq. of Bedford-street, Covent- Roberts, eld. dau. of Rev. J. Hancock Hali. garden, Surgeon, R.N.

At Derby, aged 56, Mary-Catherine, March 3. At Reading, aged 77, the relict widow of late Thos. Cuxhead Stevens, esq. of Alex. Hume, esq. of Wimpole-street, and of Stamford-hill, Middlesex. Clay-hill, Enfield. This lady was run over Devon.—Lately at Exeter, aged 85, by a stage coach, and killed on the spot. Mrs. Burrow, aunt of the late Right Hon. She was very deaf, and a Coroner's inquest Lord Gifford. declared the catastrophe to be purely acci- March 4. At Sidmouth, in her 21st dental.

year, Lady Maria Caulfield, eldest daughter March 17. At Newbury, Mr.John Barnes, of the Earl of Charlemont, and piece of the upwards of 30 years Postmaster of that town. Countess of Leitrim.

March 30. Mary, wife of Wm. Warwick, March 11, At Creedy, Frances, youngest esq. of Friar-street, Reading.

sister of Sir Humphrey Phineas Davie, bart. April 14. In the Cloisters, Windsor Castle, of that place. aged 18, Marianne, dau. of the Rev. Rich. March 25. At Newton St. Petrock's Webh, Minor Canon of Windsor, St. Paul's, parsonage, Mrs. Foulkes of Dawlish, widow and Westminster Abbey.

of John Davy Foulkes, esq. of E. I. C.'s Bucks.- Nov. 26. În Wimpole-st. aged service, and of Medland; and on the 29th, 85, Matthew Raper, esq. of Wendover Dean, her grandson, Henry-Fortescue, eldest son Bucks, F.R.S. and V.P.S.A. This gentle of the Rev. Chas. Osmond, of Tiverton, and man succeeded the late Daniel Lysons, esq.

a scholar of Balliol College, Oxford. as Director of the Society of Antiquaries ;

March 31. At Stonehouse, aged 46, on relinquishing which office, he was elected Ann, wife of Capt. H. M. Ommanney, one of the Vice-Presidents of that learned R. N. body. Mr. Raper's library has been sold April 2. At Woodhayne, Hopiton, Amelia by Mr. Sotheby, March 12, and two follow- S. Petty. ing days.

April 7. At Exeter, aged 62, John BrutMarch 24. At the house of Philip Box, ton, esq. an eminent solicitor. esq. in Buckingham, Leigh Smith, esq, April 10. At Sidmouth, Mrs. Hannah

CAMBRIDGESHIRE.—March 20. At Wis- Boniface, late of Kennington, Surrey, and
bech, aged 77, the widow of Rev. Paul- relict of John Boniface, esq. of Climping,
Elers Scott, eldest dau. of late Edm. Elsden, Sussex.
esq. of Lynn.

Dorset. Feb. 27. At her son-in-law's,
CORNW.--Feb, 19. At the house of J. at Cerne-Abbas, aged 75, Mary, relict of
King Lethbridge, Launceston, Wm. Baron, Walter Swayne, esq. of Bristol.
of Tregear, esq.

Feb. 28. At Puncknowle Rectory, tue wife
CUMBERLAND.-Feb. 6. Jsabella, wife of of the Rev. George Frome.
Thomas Wyberghi, esq. of Isell Hall, and March 14. At Poole, aged 72, W. Young,
Clerk of the Peace for the West Riding of esq. one of the oldest members of the cor-



1827.] OBITUARY,

379 March 30. Mrs. Banger, of Wimborne, At Bristol, in his 17th year, John, son relict of Lieut. Banger.

of the Rev. Dr. Swete. DURHAM.—Feb. 23. At Lumley Thicks, April 6. At Tetbury, Ellen, youngest aged 52, Thomas Croudace, esq. colliery dau. of John Stone, esq. agent to John George Lambton, esq. M.P. April 8. At Southsea, aged 71, Eliz, elFew men have died more sincerely regretted dest dau. of Goodson Vines, esq. of Wotand respected; his remains were interred in ton-under-Edge. the church at Chester-le-street, on the 28th, April 16. At Cheltenham, aged 40, Mary attended by the greatest number of people Isabella, wife of Thos. Christie, esq. M.D. ever known there on a similar occasion.

HANTS.-At Basingstoke, the widow of March 15. At Sedgefield, advauced in J. Goodman, esq. of Barton, near Win, age, the widow of Ralph Ord, esq. of Sands. chester.

April 4. At Wynyard Park, William At Portsmouth, Eliz. wife of Lieut. FosHawkes, esq. agent to the Marquis of Lon- ter, of the Victory, and youngest dau. of donderry, and eldest son of John Hawkes, James Kane, esq. esq. of Norton Hall, Stafford.

Feb. 14. At Southampton, Harriet, seEssex.–Aged 78, the widow of Hum- cond dau. of the late R. H. Young, esq. of phrey Repton, esq. of Hare-street.

Polamiotto. April 4. At Walthamstow, aged 78, Mrs. Feb. 15. At Southampton, aged 74, Mrs. Bignell.

E. Sotheby. GLOUCESTER.-Feb. 27. At Bristol, aged Feb. 16. At Lymington, aged 51, Mary 84, Mr. Tho. Milton, the celebrated en- Frances, widow of the late Major De la graver. His grandfather was brother to John Moussaye, and niece of Lord Harris. Milton, the author of " Paradise Lost." Feb. 16. Caroline Mary, wife of Wm.

March 3. At Ibberton, aged 103, David Geo. Jennings, esq. of Braishfield House. Plumb. In the early part of his life he was Feb. 21. At Cowes, the wife of Isham a farmer, but not being successful, he had Chapman, esq. Comptroller of the Customs. for the last forty years supported himself Feb. 22. At Romsey, the wife of Thomas as a shepherd, by tending Aocks in the Titterton, esq. R. N. neighbourhood of the Malvern-hills. About March 18. At Christchurch, in his 84th two years ago he walked to London and year, John Fidge, esq. formerly a surgeou back again. He enjoyed an uninterrupted of the Royal Navy, and afterwards in the state of good health till about three weeks Dock-yard at Portsmouth. He was cousin before his

death. He had an elder brother, to the Hon. Mr. Justice Gaselee. Alexander, who died in 1813, aged 105. March 23. At Lymington, John Vassall,

Lately, Robert Pleydell Wilton, esq. esq. town-clerk of Gloucester. He is succeeded Apr. 8. At Adbury House, aged 90, Wm. by his nephew, Henry Hooper Wilton, esq. Fellows, M.D.

March 7. Sophia, sister of the late Rev. HEREFORDSHIRE. - Jan. 13. Aged 63, Dr. Estlin, of Bristol.

Mallett, wife of Rev. Jas. Colt, of LeominMarch 12. At Kingsdown, Mary, relict ster, and dau. of late James Bowman Clark, of George Gay, esq. of Bristol.

esq. of Wharton. March 13. At the Hotwells, Bristol, the Herts.-Aged 68, the wife of Colonel wife of Lieut. Gawen, R. N. widow of James Brown, of Amwell Bury, only dau. and heir

ess of Bibye Lake, esq. of that place. March 14. At Clifton, Ellen, wife of Lately. At Ware Side, aged 70, Mr. John Gilbert Royds, esq. of Clementstown, Cambridge Oakman. He (as reported), Glamorgan.

was found, when an infant, under an oak tree, March 18. At Ham Green, Bristol, the in the parish of Wood Ditton, and from wife of Rich. Bright, esq.

that circumstance received his name. Mr. March 20. Aged 50, Mrs. E. Harford, Oakmaa began life without a farthing, but, relict of Edw. Lloyd Harford, esq. of Clifton. by industry and frugality, amassed a fortune

Lately, at Vine-cottage, Thornbury, aged of more than 20,000l. 82, the relict of John Bally, esq. of Ken- Kent.–March 5. At Dover, aged 65, sington-place, Brislington.

the wife of Sam. Latham, esq. At Clifton, Miss E. E. Smith Barry, dau. March 10. At Emmotts, near Sevenoaks, of J. S. Barry, esq. of Marbury-hall, Chesh. aged 77, Mary, relict of Duncan Campbell,

April 1. At Ebrington, in her 70th year, esq. of Mount Pleasant, Wilmington, and of Sarab, eldest and only surviving dau. of the Robert-st. Adelphi. late Rev. Jacob Mould, Rector.

March 24. Aged 55, Eliz. wife of Col. April 4. At Clifton, aged 24, Chas. Wm. M'Cleverty, Commandant of the Royal MaHenry, youngest son of the late Chas. Ran- rines at Woolwich. ken, esq. E. 1. C.

April 4. Aged 72, Geo. Austen, esq. of At Cheltenham, aged 40, Henry Osborne, Fairfield Cottage, St. Peter's, Thanet. esq. of the Temple, London,' barrister, LANCASHIRE. Feb. 21. At Liverpool, youngest son of the late Mr. Jeremiah Os- aged 72, Mary, relict of Sam. Marsden, esq. borne, of Bristol, solicitor.

formerly of Clapham, Surrey.

Down, esq.

inton, esq.


[April, March 31. At Linacre, near Liverpool, wife of J. Harding, esq. and youngest dau. of Mr. Sam. Lowe, solicitor, in his 54th year. G. Thornhill, esq. of Diddington, Hunts.

LeicesteRSHIRE.—March 25. At Melton At Castle Cary, aged 87, Anne, widow Mowbray, Edward Maior Stokes, esq. of George Beal, esq. of Shepton Mallet.

March 28. _At Somerby, aged 75, the Feb. 21. At Bath, aged 54, Amelia, wife wife of Isaac Taylor, gent.

of Major Chas. Stewart, late Professor of LINCOLNSHIRE.—March 5. Sarah, wife Oriental Literature in the East India Colof the Rev. Wm. Bolland, Vicar of Swines- lege, and sister of Sir Orford Gordon, Bart. head.

of Embo, N. B. March 24. At Lincoln, aged 65, Mr. H. Feb. 25. At Bath, the relict of Alexander G. Beard, merchant, in Newland.

Cuthbert, esq. of Chandos-st. Cavendish-sq. March 25. Aged 50, Mrs. Raper, second At Crewkerne, in her 80th year, Mrs. Cox, dau. of the late Benj. Wetherall, esq. of relict of John Cox, esq. and mother of the Lincoln.

Rev. John Cox, of Stockland, Dorset. April 2. At Kermington House, near March 2. At Bath, aged 22, Emily WilBrockelsby, aged 72, Franc. Hudson, esq. helmina, eldest dau. of Major-gen. Baynes.

MIDDLESEX.- Feb. 16. At Hillingdon, -March 19. At Ilminster, aged 76, the aged 78, Henrietta, surviving dau. of Capel widow of the late Rev. Samuel Alford, Dean Hanbury, esq. of Pontypool Park, Monm. of St. Burian, Corowall, and Vicar of Curry

March 25. At Enfield, aged 79, Sir Nat. Rivell, Somerset. Dance, Knt. formerly a Commander in the March 29. At Bath, in his 75th year, W. East India Company's service.

Clark, esq. many years a Deputy Lieut. and April 6. Henry Hare Townshend, esq. of Magistrate for the county. Downhills, and Walpole, Norfolk.

At Henford, Yeovil, Martha, wife of the April 11. At her son-iu-law's, C.F. John- Rev. Ja. Hooper, Rector of Stowell, Som. son, esq. of Henerton, near Henley, aged 70, April 5. At Bath, aged 18, Laura MaMrs. Ann Roberts.

tilda, dau. of late Philip Fred. Muntz, esq. NORFOLK.-Jan. 30. Aged 65, Ann, relict of Selly Wick, Worcestershire. of Randall Burroughes, esq. of Barfield-hall. April 8. At Bath, aged 65, Thos. Wil

NORTHUMBERLAND.-March 22. At New- kinson, esq. castle, William, second son of John Beck- STAFF.March 2. At Lichfield, aged 81,

Mary, widow of the Right Rev. Spencer March 26.-At Clifford's Fort, North Madan, Bp. of Peterborough. She was the Shields, aged 97, Mr. John Sipple, who, for second dau. of the Rev. Wm. Vyse, Archd. 85 years, held the situation of master-gun- of Salop, by Catharine, dau. of the Right ner of Tynemouth Castle and Clifford's Fort. Rev. Richard Smallbroke, Bp. of Lincola; This veteran had nearly completed 72 years, and was consequently sister to the late Dr. in the service, having entered the royal ar- Wm. Vyse, Archd. of Coventry, and Rector tillery as a Matross, May 1, 1755.

of Lambeth, and to the late Gen. Vyse (of April 3. At Wallsend, aged 80, the widow whom we gave a memoir in vol. xcv. ii. 180); of John Buddle, esq.

and aunt to R. W. Howard Vyse, esq. the April 4. Aged 41, the wife of Nicholas late M.P. for Beverley. The deceased beBird, esq. of Dockwray-sq. North Shields. came the wife of Bp. Madan, July 15, 1796,

OXFORD.— Feb. 21. At Launton, aged 91, and they were married at Lambeth Palace, by John Ashby, esq. many years a respected the Archbp. of Canterbury, Dr. Moore. The inhabitant of Newgate-street, London. Bishop died in 1813, having had no children

March 26. At Oxford, Christian W. wife by the lady now deceased. (See Memoirs of of Stephen Peter Rigand, esq. M. A. Rad- him in vol. lxxxiii

. pp. 509, 703.) cliffe Observer, and Professor of Astronomy SUFFOLK.—March 5. At Bury St. Edin the University, dau. of the late Mr.Jordan, mund's, aged 80, Joseph Maulkin, gent. one of Portland-place, and of Barbadoes." of the capital Burgesses. He had just re

Lately. Aged 50, T. Roberts, esq. of Crab- turned from an evening party, and had seated hall, Mollington. He was originally butler himself while supper was preparing, when he to Miss Leche, of Chester, (of the ancient was seized with a fit, fell from his chair, and family of the Leches, of Carden,) who married immediately expired. He was a man highly him, and he immediately came into posses- esteemed in every station of life, and was sion of an ample fortune, which he did not Alderman of the Borough in 1795. abuse, but proved himself worthy of such an At Sheberton Hall, Harriet, wife of P. V. unexpected elevation.

April 14. Eliz. Pope, wife of the Rev. Ed. Surrey.-Feb. 16. At Richmond, aged Turner, Rector of Noke, Oxford.

76, Mrs. Rebecca Allcock. At Worton, aged 8, Frederick-William, Feb. 24. At Bedford-hill, Rosa, dau. of eldest son of Jos. Wilson, esq. High Sheriff Henry J. Rucker, esq. of Oxford.

March 17. At Fairfield Lodge, Croydon, SALOP.—March 28. Aged 70, Mrs. Evans, aged 85, Eliz. relict of Sam. Robinson, esq. of Llwynygroes, near Oswestry.

March 20. At East Moulsey Park, aged SOMERSET.-Lately. At Bath, Frances, 61, the Dowager Lady Crewe. Her maiden

Onslow, esq.


1827.] OBITUARY.

381 name was Hawkins, and she was married to Port Eynon, Glamorganshire. She was the Sir Henry Harper, the seventh and late Ba- dau. of Cradock Nowell, esq. niece of Dr. ronet (who in 1808 assumed the name of Nowell, Principal of St. Mary Hall, Oxford, Crewe) June 4, 1792. She was mother to and sister of the present Admiral Nowell. Sir George the present and eighth Baronet, Lately. At Cerundell Farm, Grittleton, four other sons, and three daughters. Sir near Chippenham, aged 46, Mr. J. Sealy, Henry died in 1819.

second son of Mr. Thos. Sealy, of Seagry. March 23. At Beddington House, aged YORKSHIRE.- Feb. 13. At Thirsk, aged 75, Mary, relict of Alex. Bridges, esq. of 88, Mrs. Ann Ainsley; and on the followEwell.

ing day, aged 81, Mrs. Eliz. Ainsley, two March 25. Aged 17, Ann, eldest dau. of maiden ladies, and sisters, who have always the Rev. P. Aubertin, of Chipstead. lived in the same house, and are buried in

April 3. At Guildford, Surrey, aged 71, one grave. They had two brothers who lived Mr. White.

with them several years, and died in a simiApril 4. At Richmond, aged 78, Elinor, lar manner. widow of Simon Kendall, Esq.

Feb. 15. At Harden Grange, Kath. MaApril 5. At Chobham, Eliz. wife of Tho. ria, wife of Walker Ferrand, esq. and only Bainbridge, esq. of Guildford-st.

child of Gen. Twiss, of Myrtle Grove; whose April 7. At East Moulsey, aged 58, W. own deach is recorded in this Magazine, p. G. Martin, esq.

Sussex.—March 12. At Brighton, aged Feb. 16. Aged 24, Frances, youngest dau. 13 months, Fred. son of Hon. J. Stewart. of Henry Tennant, esq. of Kirk Hammerton.

March 19. At Brighton, Marianne, wife Feb. 21. In her 41st year, Maria, wife of of Edw. Archer Wilde, esq. of College-hill. Mr. J. P. Pritchett, of York, architect.

March 25. At Petworth, Saralı, relict of March 1. At East Cotting with, aged 64, Wm. Johnson, esq.

Sarah, wife of Mr. W. Martin, aud dau. of April 2. At Brighton, in her 50th year, the late Thos. Weddall, esq. of Selby: Lætitia, wife of James Pycroft, esq. late of March 6. At Beverley, in her 70th year, Oak Hall, East Ham.

Frances widow of Tho. Grimston, esq. of April 11. At Hastings, Levison, youngest Grimston and Kilnwick, and sister of Sir son of Robert Smith, esq. of Cheam. Thomas Legard, Bart. of Ganton. She was

Warwick.—Lately. At Rugby, Louisa second dau. of Sir Digby, the fifth Bart. by Purefoy Jaques, wife of R. T. Scarborough, Jane, dau. of Geo. Cartwright, es4. of Notesq.

tinghamshire; and was married Feb. 1780. Fel. 20. At Prior's Hardwicke, aged 16, March 6. Ac Hull, aged 88, John BrecHenrietta Maria, youngest dau. of Rev. Win. ken, esq. late of Prince Edward's Island. Corbett Wilson.

March 8. Aged nearly 104, Mr. Joshua Feb. 25. At Dunchurch, advanced in age, Whitehead, of Addlecroft, near Huddersfield. Mary, relict of Rev. Hen. Bromfield, Vicar He had never had a day's serious illness; and of Dunchurch, aud Grandborough, and Pre- retained his health and faculties sill within a bendary of Lincoln. Her band and heart were short time of his death. ever open to the calls of charity, and she was March 11. At Scarborough, aged 70, never inore happy than when she could con- John Travis, esq. solicitor, one of the senior tribute to the happiness of others. She was members of the Corporation. In Oct. 1789, descended from the branch of the family of he was elected one of that body, and in Aug. Downing, of Gamlingay Park, in Cambridgsh. 1791, was appointed town-clerk, which situwhose estates, after many years' litigation of ation he has holden ever since, except in the the validity of Sir George Downing's will, three different years during which he served were, in 1800, appropriated to the founda- in the capacity of Magistrate. He also held tion of Downing College, Cambridge. the office of Deputy Recorder, under the

March 12. Aged 72, Wm. Russel, esq. of successive nominations of the Dukes of Beauthe firm of Tomes, Russel, & Co. bankers, fort and Rutland, Recorders. Warwick.

March 13. Aged 79, Aon, fourth dau. of WESTMORELAND.—At the Gill, in Hui- the Rev. Christ. Atkinson, formerly vicar of ton-o'-the-Hay, near Kendal, aged 100, Thorpe Arch. Jane Braithwaite.

March 14. Suddeuly, Mr. Joseph Stoney, Wilts.—March 5. At Salisbury, Miss of Huddersfield, merchant. Kerrich, dau. of the late Rev.Walter Kerrich, March 19. At Hull, aged 85, Wm. Wray, Canon Residentiary:

esq. March 13. At Salisbury, Mrs. Robinson, At Riccall Hall, in his 720 year, Toft dau. of the late Dr. Hancock.

Richardson, esq. March 24. In his 71st year, John Hayter, March 19. At Hull, Joseph Denton, esq. esq. of Winterborn Stoke.

March 22. Suddenly, at Bradford, the Lately. Aged 52, Francis Giffard, esq. of Rev. W. Hill, Wesleyan Minister, York. Uphaven.

March 28. At Wakefield, Charles, eldest April 6. At Salisbury, aged 77, the widow son of Geo. North, esq. of the late Rev. Wm. Watkins, Rector of Lately. At Thorne, Capt. J. Maples, R.N.

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