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Clergy Deceased.

[Maj, April 5.

Aged 73, the Rev. Thomas Oxf. M.A. 1791. He filled the Chaplaincy Rocke, for nearly fifty years Vicar of Ten- of the Ramallies, Capt. Montague Harvey, bury, Worc. and Rector of Silvington, at the time of Lord Howe's signal victory Salop. He was presented to both those over the French fleet, June 1, 1794, and livings in 1785 by Mrs. Hill.

afterwards sailed with the forces under Gen. April 11. At East-Barnet Rectory, aged Vaughan, to the Windward Islands, and was 45, the Rev. David Wm. Garrow, D.D. appointed Chaplain to a West India regiRector of that place. He was of Christ-' ment and to the Garrison of St. Pierre, church Coll. Oxf. M.A. 1807, B.D. 1814, Martinique. He officiated there during the D.D. 18..; and was presented to his Rec- command of Sir Wm. Keppel, who presenttory in 1815 by the King.

ed him to a benefice in Antigua. Upon his April 12. At Sulgrave vicarage, Nor- return to England, the kindness of Sir thamptonsh. aged 64, the Rev. Wm. Hard- William procured for him, during the vaing, incumbent of that parish. He was of cancy of the see of St. Asaph, occasioned by Wadham Coll. Oxf. ; and was formerly the death of Dr. Horsley in 1806, the RecVicar of Freeston cum Butterworth in Lin- tory of Llysfaen in Denbighshire, which he colnshire ; which having resigned, he was resigned in 1809, on being presented by instituted to Sulgrave ou his own petition in the succeeding Bishop, Dr. Cleaver, to the

Rectory of Penegoes, where his memory April 13. Aged 66, the Rev. Wm. will be long cherished. Moody, of Bathampton House, Somersetsh. Rector of Little Langford, Wilts. He was of St. John's Coll. Camb. B.A. 1783, M.A.

DEATHS. 1787, and was presented to Little Langford

LONDON AND ITS Vicinity. in 1798, by the Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery

March 19. At the Hon. Thos. WindApril 18. At Much Hadham, Herts, aged sor's, Gore-House, aged 75, Jane, relict 90, the Rev. Francis Slanley, for 63 years of the Hon. and Rev. Wm. Bromley CadoVicar of North Weald, Essex, and late for gan, Vicar of Chelsea, and brother of Earl more than forty years Rector of Eastwick, Cadogan. She was a widɔw lady, named Herts. He was descended from the Very Bradshaw, before ber marriage to Mr. CaRev. Dr. Wm. Stanley, Dean of St. Asaph, dogan in 1782 ; Mr. C. died in 1797. See Master of Corpus Christi Coll. Camb, and a short memoir of him in vol. LXVII. 167. Rector of Much Hadham, who died in 1731, March 23. In Sloane-street, aged 73, having left by his wife Mary, dau. of Lord Elizabeth dowager Lady Blake. She was Chief Justice Pemberton, a sou Francis, the only dau. of Alex. Douglas, esq. of the who succeeded him in his Rectory of Had- British settlement at Bussorah, in Persia, ham. The gentleman now deceased was and widow of Sir Francis Blake, the late presented to North Weald in 1764, by Wm. and second Baronet of Twisel Castle, in Plumer, esq. of Gilston, and to Eastwick in Northumberland. By that gentleman, who 1781, by the son of the same patron. The died in 1818, she was mother to Sir Francis, latter he resigned about three years before the present Baronet, and M.P. for Berwick; bis death. He was very regular and strict to Lt.-Gen. Robert Dudley Blake, one other in his habits, dividing his time between his son, and four daughters the youngest, of rectory-house at Eastwick and his family re- whoin was married in 1805 to Bethell sidence at Hadham.

Earnshaw Stag, of Holmforth in YorkMay 5. Aged 74, the Rev. Richard shire, esq. Only ten days after this lady's Wallis, Vicar of Seaham, and Perpetual death, April 3, her daughter-in-law, the Curate of South Shields and of Blanchland, wife of the present Baronet, died in Sloanein the Diocese of Durham. To the first street. Their remains were conveyed togechurch he was presented in 1783 by Mrs. ther to be interred in the family vault in Robinson, to South Shields by the Dean Northumberland. aud Chapter of Durham, and to Blanch- April 3. At Windsor, aged 18, Richard, land in 1804 by Bishop Crewe's trustees. second son of late Edw. Bullock, esq. of The last had been the subject of a poem Upper Bedford-street, and formerly of Jawhich Mr. Wallis published in 1802, entitled “ The Happy Village.” (see vol. lxxii. April 10. Mr. J. S. Hughes, printer, 536.) Mr. Wallis lost his only son, the Paternoster-row, son of the Rev. J. Hughes, Rev. John Robinson Wallis, just a year pre- Battersea, Surrey. viously to his own decease, May 4, 1826 April 15. Aged 70, Charles Hundley, (see vol. xcvi. ii 282); he has left daugh- esq. of Clayton-place, Newington. ters, the youngest of whom is recently April 16. At Garlick-hill, aged 79, Mrs. married to Thos. Surtees Raine, esq. of S. Downes. Croft in Yorkshire.

April 18. In


of falling May 15. At Penegoes Rectory, Mont- accidentally from Lord Harborough's yacht, gom. aged 62, the Rev. Hugh Thomas, Rec- lying off Deptford Creek, aged 37, Henry tor of that parish. He was of Jesus Coll. H. Bray, esq. of Bryanston-st.


1827.] OBITUARY.

475 April 18. la Soho-square, aged 86, dau, of Wm. Horne, esq. one of his Ma• W. Yarnold, esq.

jesty's Counsel. April 18. At Kensington-gore, Anne, May 9. In Brompton-sq. aged 64, the wife of Edmund Mason, esq.

relict of John Mills, esq. April 19. In Park-st. aged 81, Edward May 9. In Hertford-str. Georgiana, inBaber, esq.

fant dau. of Col. and Lady Susan Lygon. April 20. In Goswell-st. road, aged 67, May 9. In Gower-st. Sarah, eldest dau. Wm. Thornburgh Brown, esq. late of Cheap- of late Wm. Walton, esq. of Girdlers' Hall. side.

May 10. At Barosbury Park, Islington, April 20. Aged 40, Wm. Norris, esq. aged 44, Ann, wife of Rev. Dan. Wilson, of John-st. Bedford-row.

Vicar of that parish. April 20. Aged 65, Edmund Antrobus, May 12. In Somerset-st. aged 84, the esq. of No. 480, Strand, and King's Pa. relict of Harlinge Stracey, esq. of Donnerade, Chelsea.

Hill, Kent. April 21. In Great Coram-st. William May 13. At Stoke Newington, Sarah, Smith, esq. Deputy Receiver-gen. of the relict of Rev. Rob. Welton, late Vicar of Excise.

Sandridge, near St. Alban's. April 21. In Charlotte-st. Fitzroy-sq. May 14. Aged 81, Eleanor, wife of Wni. Saunders, esq. solicitor.

John Lane, esq. of Peckham. She was April 21. Aged 87, Jas. Hamilton, polished in her manners, and blessed with M.D. of Artillery-pl.

great strength and energy of mind. April 22. Cath. Eling, eldest dau. of the May 14. In Grafton-st. East, aged 77, late Rev. John Venn, Rector of Clapham. Benj. Hardy, esq.

April 22. In Edw.-st. Portman-sq. Ame- May 14. Julia, second dau. of John lia Frances, dau. of Peter Moore, esq. 25 Leach, esq. of George-street, Eustonyears M.P. for Coventry.

square. April 22. In Giltspur-st. aged 72, John May 16. In Old-street road, aged 66, Stracey, esq. formerly of Smithfield Bars.

Thos. Taylor, esq. April 22. Of apoplexy, aged 25, Cbas. May 16. Aged 81, Wm. Keene, esq. Anth. Brown, esq. eldest son of the Right of Vale-place, Hammersmith. Hon. the Lord Mayor.

May 17. At Blackheath, aged 15, CaApril 24. At Hammersmith, aged 88, roline, youngest dau. of Capt. Alex. Greig. Mary, wife of J. Crunden, esq. surveyor, of Hereford-st.

April 27. In Park-place, Regent's Park, Berks.--March 11. At Windsor, Isabella, Hans, second son of Wm. Sotheby, esq. of widow of Sir David Dundas, bart. Sir Sewardstone, Essex,

David died Jan. 10, last year, and we April 28. Aged 51, Jane, wife of Jas.

gave a

short memoir of him in vol. xcvi, Lonsdale, esq. of Berners-st.

i. 177. April 29. At Manor-place, Chelsea, April 30. At Reading, aged 57, Dr. aged 77, Robert Marris, esq.

Salmon. April 29. At Walworth, aged 70, Mary, Bucks.—April 28. At Buckingham, relict of Mr. John Browne, senior Associate aged 77, Thos. Herne, esq. solicitor. Engraver, R.A.

CHESHIRE. - May 13. At Edge-hill, May 1.

At Lambeth, aged 27, Han- aged 72, Thos. Crewe Dod, esq. a true old nah, wife of G. W. Dyson, esq. of the House English patriot, and representative of one of of Commons.

the most ancient and respectable families in May 2. In Bedford-sq. aged 20, Eleanor, Cheshire. He married Anne, fourth dau. only dau. of John Bell, one of his Majesty's of Ralph Sneyd, of Keel, in Staffordshire, Counsel.

esq. by whom he had a son and five daus. May 3. In Great George-st. aged 12, CORNWALL.— April 16. Aged eight years, Georgiana, fourth dau. of John Fane, esq. Caroline Mary, eldest dau. of William RashM.P.

leigh, esq of Menabilly. May 3. Aged 67, Anne, wife of Thos. CUMBERLAND.—May 7. In Caldewgate, Barnard, esq. of Sloane-st.

Carlisle, Mr. Joseph Thompson, aged 100. May 4.

At Clapton, Henrietta Bridget, Lately. At Bossenthwaite, in her soth wife of John Bradock, esq.

year, Mrs. Jane Thompson. It is worthy May 4. In Jermyn-st. Philip Denniss, of remark, that this is the first death that esq. late Capt. 41st Foot,

had occurred in that parish, consisting of May 6. At his son's, on Camberwell- 550 inhabitants, for 14 months. green, aged 83, Fred. Thos. Walsh, Esq. Devon.—April 24. At Sidmouth, aged late Comptroller of the Customs in the Port 17, Wm. Matthews, son of William Ffarof London.

ington, esq. of Shaw Hall, Lancashire. May 7. Aged 64, Robert Steven, esq. Lately. At Torquay, Miss Worrall, dau. of Upper Thames-st.

of Samuel Worrall, esq. formerly of Clifton. May 7, Aged 22, Frances Maria, eldest May 4. At Torquay, aged 10, the Hon.

He was,


(May, Augusta Emily Flower, dau. of Visc. Ash- widow of James Hare, esq. M.P. and sister brook.

to Sir Abraham Hume, bart. She was the Dorset.-April 13. Miss Bryer, eldest only dau. of the late Sir Abraham, the first sister of Rev Edmond Bryer, of Dorchester. and late Baronet, by Hannah, youngest dau.

Lately. At Poole, Elizabeth Good- of Sir Thos. Frederick, kist. Mr. Hare died win, aged 102 ; she retained her faculties in 1804, leaving one daughter, Susanna. until within a few days of her death, and May 8. At Rickmansworth, aged 28, could see to read without glasses till within John, fourth son of the late Ald. Magnay. the last two years.

May 11. At Pollen’s-spit, RickmansApril 29. At Lyme Regis, aged 87, worth, Hen. Timberlake, esq. Mary, wife of Rev. Michael Babbs.


-April 6. At Huntingdon, aged April 30. At his seat, Heffleton, Dr. 22, Eliz. Sarah, youngest dau. of the late Bain, M.D.

Lieut.-Colonel Farquhar. May 12. At Weymouth, aged 90, Rich. Kent.-- April 18. At Bromley, aged 77, Prior, esq. late of Clapham, Surrey.

Mr. Daniel Taylor, formerly of High-street, DURHAM.—May 12. At Durham, Peter Southwark. Bowlby Marsden, esq. senior Proctor of the April 22. At Kevington, aged 78, Eliz. Diocese.

relict of Joseph Berens, esq., who died Essex.-April 19. At Waltham Abbey, Dec. 19, 1825. aged 68, Theodosia, widow of the Rev. Wm. May 4. At Deal, aged 49, Mary Ann, Jones, late of Broxbourn, Herts.

wife of Edward Spencer Curling, esq. May 13. Aged 77, Jane, relict of John May 8. At Sundridge, aged 24, Heary Halfhide, esq. of Waltham Abbey.

Dyson, esq. GLOUCESTERSHIRE.- April 13. Aged 43, LEICESTERSHIRE.-April 20. Ann, aged Mr. John Emdin, of Bristol.

85, widow of Mr. Hall, Leicester. perhaps, the most successful amateur com- May 14. At Appleby, aged 31, Alice, poser of the day, and the author of a long wife of Mr. John Mayon, surgeon, and only catalogue of elegant and attractive ballads. dau, of Mr. John Webster, of Wilnecots,

April 20. At Clifton, Anna Maria. widow Warwickshire. of Charles Clement Adderley, esq. of Hams LANCASHIRE.—April 22. At Liverpool, Hall, Warw. and eld. dau. of Edm. Cradock aged 75, Cath. widow of Dr. Brandreth. Hartopp, bart. by Anne, only child of Joseph Lately. In Lancaster Castle, aged 80,

W. Green, who had been confined for a debt April 22. At Berkeley, aged 23, James of 1,1001. about eleven years, and is said to Laugharne, esq. of Gray's Inn, a student of have bequeathed property to the amount Lincoln's Inn.

of 40,000l. April 28. At Cheltenhamı, in his 69th May 16. Aged 43, Anne, wife of Robert year, Francis Twiss, esq. father of Horace Peel, esq. of Hyndburn, dear Blackburn. Twiss, esq. M.P. for Wootton-Bassett. He MIDDLESEX.- April 14. At Willingdon, was a gentleman possessed of great talents, aged 80, William Perry, esq. M.D. with a pleasing urbanity of manners.

He May 1. Ac Enfield, aged 35, Thomas, was contemporary at Cambridge with Mr. son of Thomas Martin, esq. Pict, with whom he studied at Pembroke May 4. Susanna, wife of Thos. Aston, esq. College under Dr. Tomline, now Bishop of of Ealing, in her 71st year. Winchester,

NORFOLK. - April 9. At Runham House, May 18. At Cheltenham, aged 50, Mary Eaton, wife of Cha. Symonds, esq. and Joseph Marsden, esq. many years Inspector only dau. of late Eli Morgan Price, D.D. of King's Taxes.

April 21. Aged 72, W. Withers, esq. HANTS.-April 25. At Lymington, Eliz. solicitor, of Holt. wife of John Richman, esq.

Lately, in her 80th year, the widow of Lately. Aged 89, Ann, widow of Henry Shelford Bidwell, esq. of Thetford. Adams, esq. of Bucklershard.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. - April 10. At At North Wootton, near Sherborne, 104, Peterborough, aged 83, John Benson, esq. Mr. Trowbridge.

one of the principal committee clerks of the May 2. At Southampton, Eliza Louisa, House of Commons, and its oldest officer. daughter of Colonel Grove.

April 14. Aged 26, Ann, wife of Mr. May 14. At Winchester, the relict of Rev. John Ekins Palmer Chambers, of Northamp. T. Scott, Rector of King's Stanley, Glouc. Lately. At Wicken, in her roth year,

Herts.- April 23. At Totteridge Park, Emily Eliz. youngest dau. of Lord Charles aged 85, Edw. Arrowsmith, esq.

Fitz Roy. May 10. At Great Berkbamstead, aged May 7. At Northampton, aged 72, AL 78, Mr. Robert Jenks, late of Fleet-street, derman Osborne, father of the Corporation. London.

May 12. Aged 73, Rev. John Horsey, May 4. At his house on Bushey-heath, .52 years Pastor of the congregation at aged 63, Colonel Mark Beaufoy, F.R.S. Northampton, which was formerly under the May 6. At Wormley Lodge, fiannah, care of Dr. Doddridge.

Hurlock, esq.

Neale, esq.

that place.

40th reg.

1827.) OBITUARY.

477 NORTHUMBERLAND.-May 2. In his 80th April 36.

At Balham-hill, aged 68, year, Thos. Shadforth, esq. of Red Barns, Edw. Moberly, esq. of St. Petersburgh. the senior elder brother of the Trinity House May 13. At Cheam, aged 64, Wm. of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

May 16. At his residence, in Newcastle- May 14. Aged 29, John-Hobson, son upon-Tyne, Ralph Atkinson, esq. the last of.John Blades, esq. of Brookwell-ball. male descendant of an ancient family in Sussex.—May 8. At Brighton, aged 75, Northumberland, and cousin to the Earl of James Hawkes, esq. one of the oldest ins Eldon and Lord Stowell. Mr. A. was pos

habitants of Reading. sessed of great wealth, and notwithstanding

WARWICKSHIRE.—May 8. At Bagingan apparent austerity in his manner, was dis- ton Hall, Caroline,'wife of Rev. Walter Datinguished by a kind and feeling heart. To venport Bromley the several charitable institutions in his Wilts.—May 19. At Salisbury, in his neighbourhood he was a most liberal bene- 82d year, James Wickens, esq. author of a factor, whilst his private charities were still

Plain Preface to the Bible, 1802, 8vo. more extensive, though frequently distri- YORKSHIRE.- April 7. At Thorne, Capt. buted so secretly, that the objects of his John Maples, R. N. bounty were ignorant of the source from April 18. At Bridport, aged 38, the whence they came.

Rev. G. B. Wawne, Unitarian Minister of OXFORDSHIRE.—- April 25. Aged 69, Mary, the wife of Wm. Folker, esq. of At Hull, aged 27, Ensign S. Nicholls, Oxford.

Salop.- Feb. Aged 81, Thos. Howell, April 21. Aged 45, P. Acklom, esq. of esq. senior alderman of Oswestry.

Beverley. SOMERSETSHIRE.--Lately. Aged 83,

At Scarbro', aged 71, Mrs. Jane, wife of Mary, widow of Jas. Coles, esq. of Taunton Dr. Oldfield. Lodge, a magistrate and receiver-general of April 29. At Swanland, aged 64, Nichotaxes for that county.

las Sykes, esq. late Alderman of Hull, and April 17. At Bath, Mary Jane, widow brother of Daniel Sykes, one of the Repre

sentatives of that town. of Edw. Home, esq. of Bevis Mount, Hants. May 5. At Taunton, in the prime of

May 5. At Womersley Vicarage, aged life, Mr. Henry Jas. Townsend, seventh son

9 months, Savile Thos. only child of Rer,

Thos. Cator. of the late Rev. Geo. Townsend. SUPFOLK.—April 12. At Bungay, Mat

May 11. At Churchbarton, near Lynn, thias Kerrison, esq. father of Major-Gen. aged. 80, Sir. C. Browne, for many years Sir Edw. Kerrison, Bart. He was son of physician to his Majesty the King of PrusRoger Kerrison, of Broke, in Norfolk, by sia, and Knight of the Prussian Order of Mary, dau. of John Osborn, of Kirsted, in

the Red Eagle. the same county. Born in an inferior sta

Wales.-May 3. At Knighton, co. Rad tion of life, and enjoying few of the advan

nor, Margaret, widow of George Green, esq. tages of education, Mr. Kerrison had acca

May 14. At Crickhowell, Georgiana Hood, mulated by trade, and good management,

wife of Chas. Edw. O'Neill, esq. Capt. 44th

reg: property of little less value than a million

SCOTLAND.-April 18. At Fort William, sterling, which is much of it invested in the

Mrs. Agnes Ross, aged 106. fine estates of Lord Maynard and the

April 19. At Dundee, Janet Findlay, Marq. Cornwallis. His own habits of life

aged 104. were of a very plain kind. He married in

April 22. At Barjarg Tower, Dumfriesh. 1772 Mary, dau. of John Barnes, esq. of Wm. F. Hunter Arundell, esq. eldest son of Barsham, in Suffolk, and by that lady, who

late Rev. A. Hunter, Professor of Divinity died in 1815, had other children, besides

in the University of Edinburgh. Sir Edward.

May 4. Jane, widow of Dr. John Walker, April 15. At Blofield, aged 29, Marga Professor of Natural History in the Univerretta Maria, wife of Thos. Cay, esq. of sity of Edinburgh, and eldest dau. of And. Botesdale.

Wauchope, esq. of Niddrie Mareishall.
April 20. At Ipswich, at an advanced

IRELAND.-Lately. At Langharve, aged age, Matthew Howell, esq. May 7. Ano, wife of Rev. Thos. Mills, Browne, many years President of the Island

61, Jane, only dau. of the late Hop Joba Rector of Station, and one of bis Ma- of Nevis, and sister to Col. J. F. Browne. jesty's Chaplaios. She was the youngest Sir Edw. Bellew, of Barmeath, co. Louth, and only surviving dau. of Nath. Barnar bart. ; a person of courteous manners and diston, esq. of the Ryes, near Sudbury, and good talents, and an influential member of of Hertford-st. May-Fair.

the Popish communion. SURREY.---- April 2.

At Dunstable

ABROAD.-Sept. 19. At Allahabad, ladia, House, Richmond, aged 78, Benj. Hodges, Edw. Taylor Bradby, esq. Capt. E.I.C. esq.


(May, Sept. 26. At Barrackpore, the Hon. Wm. Capt. Robe. Gambier, R.N. and dau, of LiStapleton, 2d son of Lord Le Despenser, Gen. Browne. and aid-de-camp to the Commander-in-chief, March 11. At Pisa, aged 36, Mary, wife Lord Combermere,

of the Rev. John Rogers, Canon ResidenFeb. 4. Drowned at Pernambuco, aged 20, tiary of Exeter, and dau. of the Rev. John John-Henry, eldest son of Mr.John Wight, Jope. of York-street, Covent-garden.

April 1. At Nantes, in France, EupbroFeb. 9. At Ridgeland Estate, Jamaica, the syne, wife of Stapylton Stapylton, esq. eidest Hon. Samuel Vaughan, one of the Assistant son of Martin Stapylton, esq. of Myton Judges of the Cornwall Assize Court, and Hall, co. York, formerly one of the Representatives of the April 6. At Madeira, Thos. Luttrell, parish of St. James, in the House of As- esq. British Consul at Parahibo de Norte. sembly, and for many years Custos of that

April 11.

At Rome, aged 28, Louisa parish. During 58 years residence in the Frances, wife of Philip Z. Cox, esq. of Ísland, his lime and talents were always de- Horwood Hall, Upminster, Essex. voted to the public, whenever they were re- Lately. At Vizapatam, East Indies, quired. Those who knew him in private life John Digby, esq. eldest son of the late Sir will regret a warm and sincere friend, and John Newbolt, Chief Justice of Medras. the Colonial cause is deprived of an able, Lately. At Paris, aged 21, Maria, zealous, and indefatigable advocate.

Duchess De Croij, eldest dau. of the Hon. Feb. 20. ln Barbadoes, whither she had Gen. Dillon, and of Frances, eldest dau. af gone for the recovery of her health, Fanny, Dominic Henry Trant, of Easingwold, in youngest dau. of Dr. Gray, Bp. of Bristol. Yorkshire.

March 10. At Malta, Caroline, wife of

BILL OF MORTALITY, from April 25, to May 22, 1827.


2 and 5 154 50 and 60 900 Males - 1066 Males 993

5 and 10 64 60 and 70 163 2173

1836 Females - 1107 Females - 903

10 and 20 75 70 and 80 128 Whereof have died under two years old 559 20 and 30 119 | 80 and 50 50

80 and 40 157 90 and 100 4 Salt 5s. per bushel; 14d. per pound.

40 and 50 167



AGGREGATE AVERAGE of BRITISH CORN which governs Importation,

from the Returns ending May 11.



Beans. Peas.



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S. 30

s. 39

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PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW. St. James's, Hay 61. 6s. Straw 21. 6s. Od. Clover 71. Os.—Whitechapel, Hay 61. Os. Straw 21. 2s. Clover 61. 155.—Smithfield, Hay 5l. 155. Straw 21. 55. Clover 61. 155.

SMITHFIELD, May 21. To sink the Offal—per stone of 8 lbs. Beef .................... 48. od. to 5s. 2d. | Lamb ...................... 6s, Od. to 7s. Od. Mutton.

4s. od. to 5s. 2d. Head of Cattle at Market May 21 : Veal...................... 48. 8d. to 5s. 4d. Beasts

2014 Calves 153 Pork

6d, to 5s.


Sheep aud Lambs 19,780 Pigs 110


COAL MARKET, May 18, 289. Od. to 42s. Od.

TALLOW, per Cwt. Town Tallow 46s. 6d. Yellow Russia 40s. Od.

SOAP, Yellow 76s. Mottled 84s. Od. Curd 885.-CANDLES, 9s. per Doz. Moulds 10s. 6d.

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