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OBITUARY.-Lieut, Snow,

567 into Cbrist's Hospital; be left that mend Mr. Snow, Master's Mate, who establishment in 1804 (tben in the six commanded the foremost main-decks teenth year of his age) to enter as a mid- guns in the absence of Lieut. Pulman, shipman on board ibe San Nicholas pri- and the whole of them, after the fall of son-ship, at that time commanded by bis Lieut. Ready, to your protection, he father. His stay in that vessel was but having received a severe contusion from short, as in a few months he went on a splinter.” Tbis recommendation was more active duty, and was employed suc- appreciated by their Lordships, in bis cessively during the most eventful pe- eventual promotion to his late rank. riods of the Naval war, in l'Achille, ihe Althougb often “the torrent roared Egeria, Forward, Ruby, Guerriere, Poic- and he did buffet it," no ordeal of his tiers, Frolic, Dolpbin, and Manly. strength was more severe than that con

In l'Achille, when in his seventeenth nected with his services while belonging year, he was engaged in the battle of to the Egecia, in the Baltic and North Trafalgar, and received a bad compound Seas,-three times wounded within a fracture of the left arm, and a slight short period, in prison, and out of priwound on the right knee; for which son, bringing his very prison-ship home, wounds he received a smart ticket and with him, he returned to the Egeria . gratuity. In the Egeria, still a young only to be cast away, in February 1810, man, in some boat-work with a priva- in another Danish prize, on the coast of teer, be received a cutlass wound on the Norway: Dismantled, and water-logged right knee. In an attempt to save a for five days, the ship was at last strande Danish vesse), in which he was prize- ed near Scarborough, and be was with master, from recapture, he received two the greatest difficulty saved from the ot ber wounds; and afterwards, when a wreck by some fishermen of that place, prisoner in an enemy's ship, on his way when bis extremities had become se from one prison depôt to another in the verely frostbitten; but with a chest naBaltic, he led on successfully a rescue turally strong, bis lungs remained as under a most extraordinary dispropor good as his heart was stout; nor was it tion of numbers and physical strength, until after a period of nearly three years and brought the whole party to Eng- from this time, and at the very close of land. On this occasion he received a the Guerriere's aetion, that from being wound on the back of his band, leaving struck across the chest by a splinter, a large scar. The ship, under all cir- and laid senseless on the deck, he ever cumstances, was given up by Govern- wanted “ Jarge breath in times most ment, but he recovered his liberty, and needful.” establisbed, by the transaction, a cha- With very few intervals of health, racter for the most determined bravery. this unfortunate officer had been living

In the other ships of war enumerated, with his family, for several years, at Puhe saw much service. In six months sey, in Wiltshire, on his, when alone, on board the Guerriere, as ap- the Lords of the Admiralty, in consider. pears by a particular register of names ation of bis wounds and services, most and dates, he bore his part in capturing, kindly appointed bim to the Semaphore recapturing, or destroying sixteen ves- on Putney Heath, from which appointsels; among them the American sloop ment he vainly anticipaced increased of war the Nautilus; and between comforts for his wife and cbildren, and October 1812 and February 1813, wbile happiness for himself; but, emaciated serving on board the Poictiers, he also and worn down by the frequent returns bore bis part in capturing, recapturing, of bemorrhage, pain, and suppuration, or destroying twenty-three vessels, the fatigues, expences, and anxieties atamong which was the American sloop of tendant on a journey for wbicb be was war the Wasp.

so ill prepared, only led to encreased On board the Guerriere, in the action disease ; and on the eleventh night with the American frigate the Constitu- after bis arrival, be died, leaving his tion, be received bis fatal wound, which, widow and children altogether among by depressing the breast-bone-obliquely strangers, pennyless, and without any on the right side, together with the ends relative competent to give that aid of four of his ribs, preternaturally con- which some noble and otber kind neightracted the cavity of the chest, and ren- bours were prompt in affording. On dered him liable, on any increased de- an examination of his body after his termination of blood to the lungs from death as to the particular state of his cold, or other cause of excitement, to a chest, there were found the scars of recurrence of inflamation. Captain Da- seven distinct wounds, fully confirming cres, in his public dispatch to the Lords his own modest recital of his various of the Admiralty after the action, speak- services a few days before he died. ing of this officer, says, “I must recom- He was buried in the church-yard of

OBITUARY.-Rer. T. Thirlwall.

(June, Putney, on the 4th of May, by the ready ing situation of the Times, a Fast Serhand of public sympathy. The calami. mon, preached at Stepney," (reviewed ties of his family were many, for nought in vol. Lxv. p. 678); in 1792, “ Tbe had he to bequeath,

Dawn of National Prosperity, a Ser“ Save his scarred body to the ground," mon;" in 1802, another, entitled, and to his children, a medal, comme “ The Instability of Human Power and morative of bis . Companionship in bat. the Insufficiency of Human Means;" and tle' with the heroic Nelson, on one of in the following year, a fourtb, “The England's proudest days. His eldest Child Jesus a patrern of Early Piety;" cbild, a fine boy in his tenth year, all in 4to. In 1803 be publisbed, in already a sailor in spirit and intelli- 12mu, an excellent “ Diatessaron, see gence, has been favoured with a pre- integra Historia Domini nostri Jesa sentation to the Royal Naval School at Christi, Latine, ex Quatuor Evangeliis," Greenwicb, wbile the widow and the (see vol. LXXIIL 253). This was intendthree younger children bave been sup- ed for tbe use of schools, and an Eng. plied by a committee of some gentle lish translation was printed in the same men at Putney, wbo undertook to super- year. There was a second edition in intend a subscription in their behalf, 1815. In 1804 he published in sro, with the means of removing from the “ A soleinn Protest against the Revival Semaphore to the Island of Jersey, where of Scenic Exhibitions and Interludes at they have relatives of respectability, the Royalty Theatre." A second edialthough not of opulence; and also with tion of this pamphlet is reviewed in val. tbe means of furnishing a cottage, and LXXIV. 251. In the same year be also of support, until the pension allowed to issued “A candid and dispassionate the widow of a Naval Lieutenant be- Address to Sir Francis Burdett." In comes payable-stiil leaving in the 1808 be printed a Funeral Sermon banker's hands a little fund, which, to- preached at Stratford Bow, on the death gether with any further donations that of the Rev. Wm. Jas. French, Rector of may be kindly added to it, will be allotted Vange in Essex, Chaplain to the Trinity hereafter, under the discretion of the House, and Lecturer of Bow. (see vol. committee, as an outfit for the children Lxx"111. 1614). At that time Mr. Tbirlof this unfortunate officer, and to assist wall was Minister of Tavistock Chapel, them in becoming useful members of Lecturer of Stepney, and Chaplain to society. Their father lived for his coun- Dr. Percy, the Bishop of Dromore. It try, and died from wounds received in was probably about the same time that his country's cause! May those who Mr. Thirlwall was favoured with the live not altogether for themselves, Bishop's assistance in preparing an edi• The arm of charity extend

tion of Bp. Jeremy Taylor's Works, as To aid the helpless child of woe!" mentioned in Nichols's Literary Anec

dotes, vol. ix. p. 634, but which was Rev. Thos. THIRLWALL.

afterwards abandoned. In 1809 be pubMarch 17. At Bower's Gifford rec- lished some specimens of the early ge tory, Essex, the Rev. Thomas Thirlwall, nius of his second son, under the title M.A. Rector of that parish, and a Justice of “ Primitiæ; or Essays and Poems on of the Peace for the county.

various subjects, religious, moral, and This gentleman was son of the Rev. entertaining. By Connop Thirlwall, ele Thomas Thirlwall, Vicar of Cottingham, ven years of age. Dedicated by pernear Hull, who died in 1808. He was, mission to the Lord Bishop of Droas his father had been, a student of Bra- more.” (reviewed in vol. lxxix. p. 834). zenose College, Oxford, where he took In 1810 be edited “The Theological the degree of M.A. in 1786. After enter. Works of Sir Matthew Hale, with a Life ing into holy orders, he obtained the of the Author," 2 vols. 8vo. curacy of Trinity Church in the Mino- In 1814 Mr. Tbirlwall was presented ries; and afterwards the curacy and to the Rectory of Bower's Gifford, by lectureship of Stepney. On the 1916 of John Curris, ' esq. In 1817 he was June 1792, he married Mrs. Connop of brought before the notice of the public Mile-end, the widow of an apothecary, by producing "A Vindication of the with a good fortune, by whom he had Magistrates acting in and for the Tower several children. He was formerly a Division, from the charges contained in very active man in public life, and dis- a printed work, entitled • The Report of tinguished himself as a speaker at the the Committee on the State of the PoEast India House, the Middlesex elec- lice of the Metropolis ; together with the tions, and other occasions. He was minutes of evidence taken before a Comalso for some years a Magistrale for mittee of the House of Communs." Middlesex.

This pamphlet, wbich was reviewed in He published, in 1795, “ The alarm- Lxxxvii. i. 337, was considered a breach

1827.) OBITUARY.-Bayes Cotton, Esq.-Mr. William Maxwell. 569 of privilege by the Police Committee, memorable battle off Algiers. The and being complained of as such by the wound which he then received, and bis Chairman, Mr. Thirlwall was obliged to gallant behaviour at that time, has been make his apology before the House. honourably recorded. He was also in (Vide ibid, pp. 445, 545.)

several engagements from the time of Mr. Thirlwall also contributed many Rodney, at wbich period bis conduct articles to the Orthodox Churchman's was distinctly marked, for he served Magazine. Mr. Thirlwall's eldest son, under 37 different Captains, many of Thomas Wigzell, is Fellow of St. John's whom were the níost eminent and disCollege, Cambridge, and his second, tinguished in the service, and be parted Connop, is Fellow of Trinity, in the from them all with signal marks of resame University.

spect, and from many with feelings of

the most affectionate regard. As an Bayes COTTON, Esq.

instance of such regard, the late Admi. June 14. At bis house at Kenilworth, ral Thompson, at their separation, after aged 70, Bayes Cotton, esq.

paying a handsome tribute to the zeal He was formerly a solicitor of emi- and ability be had displayed in the nence in Old Bethlem, now Liverpool, right discharge of his duties, presented street; and had retired upwards of bim with a silver coffee-pot and stand, twenty years. He has left an affection- as a memorial of bis friendsbip. His ate widow and eleven children to de- numerous certificates bear full testimony plore his loss! For he was an amiable to the value of his services, to his indefahusband and parent, of a Christian and tigable and ardent zeal, in the fearless conscientious spirit, of mild and forbear and faithful discharge of his important ing temper; conciliatory to all, and duties, and duties wbich in his station liberal in his estimation of mankind. have been seldom equalled. His cheerful and thankful disposition Among the ships in which he sailed, was manifested in tbe urbanity of his may be selected the Princessa, Entercustomary babits and deportment, and prize, Victorious, Vengeance, Mars, and in the hospitality of his house and Dragon, Royal George, and the Queen table. In theology he was well read, Charlotte; and among the Captains and deeply master of its important may be selected-Capt. Rodney, Sir trutbs; and although a dissenter from Tbos. Ricb, Capt. Russell, Sir John Jers the Established Church, yet no man's vis, Captains Boucbier, Briggs, SingleJifferences of opinion were ever known ton, and Sir Griffith Colpoys. to sbakelbe honest warmth of his friend. His public character was not only ship, or to lessen his esteem : be may eminent and praiseworthy, but his pribe said to have been a Christian in vate and domestic conduct was in exact faith, in will, and in deed. In politics proportion ; tender, aniable, and indulhe was a Wbig of the old school, but gent ; in all the scenes of domestic life, not the slave of any party ; attacbed to meek, pious, and unobtrusive as the Constitution of his Country, which lamb; but in public duty, bold, perhe venerated, and in the principles of severing, and courageous as a lion. which he was deeply conversant. He The immediate cause of bis death was the intimate of the late Rev. Dr. arose from a cold, which be caught in 6. Parr, Rev. Dr. Rees, &c. &c. His the care of the Dutch ship in distress whole life was devoted to good; the off the Nore, which bappened about two poor knew. bim well as their friend, the months since, and through his great more fortunate loved his cheerful man- anxiety and zeal upon that occasion. ners, and eberished his intercourse. His health bad previously continued réAnd his family, who best knew how to markably good, and his duty was per. value them, embraced and cherished his formed with an energy more like that kind affections.

of a youth than of an aged and worn

out veteran. The situation be filled MR. WILLIAM MAXWELL.

often required peculiar efforts of a dan. May 13. Aged 77, Mr. William Max. gerous kind, from the state of our coast well, late Master Rigger of Sheerness during the period of winter, and no one Dock Yard.

was ever more ready to assist the stranBred to the sea in his earliest years, his ger in his peril and distress.-On the services can be traced for nearly fifty Saturday following he was interred in years,

thirty-eight of wbich he warranted Minster Churcb followed by some of the as a Boatswain, and 25 years be sailed principal officers of the Dock Yard, who under a pendant. He was the honour testified the warmest and most affecto strve under 9 Admirals, and more tionate regard to his memory; and on partioularly under Lord Exmouth at the the Sunday morning the Chaplain of GENT, MAG. June, 1827.

the Dock Chapel, the Rev. Mr. Kirby,




of the present Earl, of three other sons, Wilson, of Woodburo House, Bucks, Mas
and six daughters. The Earl, her husband, ter in Chancery.
lived to the age of 82, and died in 1819 At Westbourn-green, Cath, wife of Joka
(see vol. lxxxix. i. 581).

Myun, esq.
June 5. At North End, Hampstead, Capt. June 12. In Surrey-street, Strand, aged
Percy Earl, of the E. I. ship Aurora. 62, John Yates, esq: upwards of 40 years

June 6. In Bread-street, aged 87, Geo, Deputy, Philaser of the Court of King's
Bainbridge, esq.

Bench. June 7. ' In Mansfield-st. aged nearly 48, At Hampstead, Abraham Pell, esq. the Most Hon. Susan-Hussey, Marchioness June 13. At Bow, aged 67, Capt. Richard of Waterford. Her Ladyship was born June Vaughan. 15, 1784, the only dau, and heiress of George At Finsbury-place, aged 77, Mrs. Jase. second Earl of Tyrconnel, by Sarah youngest Grisewood. dau. of John Hussey, Lord Delaval. Her June 14. After a long confinement, occafather died April 15, 1805, when, his only sioned by a fall from his horse, Thomas son having died young, the title devolved on Maude, esq. banker, of Great George-stret

. his nephew, the brother of the present Earl. Lady Susan Carpenter was married Aug. 29 BERKS.—May 26. Aged 75, John Necky following, to Henry 2d and late Marquess of esq. of Winkfield, Berks. Waterford, by whom she had the present Bucks.-May 30. At Wycombe, sest Marquess and six other children. 'Death 74, Andrews Edward Biddle, esq. of the has been sevete upon the family, for since firm of Biddle and Wheeler, Bankers. her noble husband's death in last July (see Lately. At Newport Pagnell, aged 58, vol, xcvi. ii. 86), she had lost two daugh- C. Hardy, esq. ters, one in August, and one in April this year. June 9. At Aylesbury, aged 99, Mics.

June 8. In Cadogan-place, aged 61, Lady Saxby.
Selina-Letitia Bathurst, sister to Earl Ba- CAMBRIDGE.—May 16. In his 20th year,
thurst, K.G.

Humphrey Thelwall Jones, esq.
In Russell-sq. aged 57, Wm. Campbell, Cominoner of Christ's College.
esq. Comptroller of the Legacy Duty New
Department, and Chairman of the Board of 10, Robert-Blagrove, eldest son of Capte

CHESHIRE.Lately. At Runcorn, aged
Stamps in Ireland.

Bradshaw, R.N. M P. and graadson of R. At Blackheath, while visiting Mr. Birch, H. Bradshaw, esq. M.P. of Worsley Hall surgeon, Sarah, wife of Chas, Roberts, esq. CORNWALL.-Åc Carines, John Furnise of Notley Lodge, near Braintree, and for eldest son of R. Hosken, esq. merly of Swaffham. June 10. lu Park-lane, aged 55, her Worthington Livesey, esq. of the Breck:

DERBYSHIRE.-May 21. Aged 31, Edo. Grace, Charlotte, Duchess of Somerset, sister to the Duke of Hamilton and to the Rich. John Lewin, R.N. of Cavendish-sq.

Devon.-May 22. At Plymouth, Capt Countess of Dunmore. She was born April 6, 1772, the second dau. of Archibald late esq. late of Ashfield Lodge,

May 31. At Sidmouth, Henry Martin, and ninth Duke of Hamilton, by Lady Harriet Stewart, dau. of Alexander seventh Earl Hunter

, esq. 'an eminent merchant of

At Tiverton, Margaret, rėlict of Rob. of Galloway; and was consequently by her Bristol. father first cousin to the Marquess of Donegal, to the late Lord Spencer Chichester, G. Brian.

Lately. Ac Exeter, Mary, widow of Rer. and to the late Countess of Derby; and by her mother to the Duchesses of Beaufort veyor, agent to Earl Waldegrave.

At Radstock, Mr. N. Gandell, land-surand Marlborough, to the Marquess of Stafford, the Earls of Galloway, Aboyne, and relict of Rev. Wm. Storey.

DORSET.-May 18. 1o Cranbourn, the Dunmore, the Countess of Harrowby, the late Countess of St. Germans, Lady Spen- Bennett.

May 20. At Dorchester, aged 33, Liet cer Chichester, Viscount Granville, and Lord Crofton. Her Grace was married to

May 25. At Beaminster, aged 67, Joha

Bangor Russell, esq. an eminent solicitor. Duke of Sounerset, June 24,

1800; and Second Edition of Hutchins's History of had issue, Edward-Adolphus Lord Seymour, Dorsetshire" much valuable assistance bei natural strength of mind never forsook her during her long protracted and painful illness. other circumstances of his neighbourhood,

intimate acquaintance with the property and cis Edge Barker, esq. of Chester. At Ulster Terrace, Regent's Park, Fran- and of the County of Dorset at large. Mr.

Russell was also a highly-esteemed CorreClementina, relict of Jolin Delane, esq. of Miscellany.

la North-crescent, Bedford-sq. aged 87, spondent on antiquarian subjects to this the Customs. June 11. lu Stratford-place, aged 21, 53, Geo. Rogers, M.D.

Essex.—May 29. At Manningtree, aged Diana-Gertrude, only child of Sir Griffin Junc 1. Aged 78, John Wolfe, esq,

near Bury.


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net, Wilts.

lip, esq.


573 Wood Hall, many years one of the Chair- Dec. 13, 1774; and had issue the present men of the Quarter Sessions for the County. Viscount, Major-Gen. Sir Robert - Wm. June 2.

At Leyton, aged 43, John O'Callaghan, K.C.B. one other son, and Francis Doxat, esq. of Clare, Hants. three daughters, the eldest of whom is the

GLOUCESTERSHIRE.--May 11. On Marl- widow of her second cousin Wm. Cavendish, horough-hill, Bristol, aged 70, the wife of esq. M.P. for Derby, who was killed by a 'Í. Powell, esq.

fall from his horse in 1812. May 20. At Nailsworth, Amy, eldest Kent.-May 15. Aged 86, John Allen, dau, of Rich. Matthews, esq. of East Ken- esq. of Hazles, in the parish of Northfleet.

June 4. Suddenly, at Waltham VicarMay 25. Suddenly, at his sister Mrs. age, aged 21, Eliz. Cæcelia, dau. of E. S. Wintle's, on Kingsdown, Berkeley Conck- Clarke, D.D.

June 5. At Lewisham, aged 73, MelMargaret, wife of Rich. Sandys, esq. of moth Guy, esq. Slade-lodge, near Stroud.

June 9. At Rowling Hall, his recently May 26. At Bristol, Capt. James Vey- erected mansion, at Goodnestone next sey, of the Pitt schooner, who returned but Wingham, James Heritage, esq. eldest son the preceding day from a long and fatiguing of the late Mr. Stephen Heritage, whose , voyage to the coast of Africa.

death was recorded in our Obituary for Lately. At Cheltenham, Charlotte, April 1797. He will be long remembered for youngest dau. of Lieut.-Col. Conyngham. his kindness, benevolence, and old English

June 3. Eliza, youngest dau. of John hospitality and general usefulness. He bas Şayce, esq. of Durdham-Down.

left a widow and eight daughters. June 10. In Park-row, Bristol, aged 84, June 12. At Chatham, aged 76, R. Ralph Mountague, esq. formerly an eminent Newham, esq. late of Basinghall-street. West-India merchant.

June 18. At Greenwich, in his 80th HANTS.—May 21. Chas. Wm. Michel, year, Mr. H. Harford. esq. of Notherwood, near Lyndhurst, for LEICESTERSHIRE.—May 25. Aged 68, many years an active Magistrate of the Mr. George Greenway, of Burbage. county

June 5. Aged 75, Wm. Wartnaby, esq. Lately. At Sutton Scotney, Sarah, wife of Kirby House. of J. Wickham, esq.

June 6. At Leicester, aged 85, N. At Kingston, Portsea, Capt. G. S. Con

Cooper, esq. ally, late of the West India reg:

June 9. · At Loughborough, highly reHerts.-June 19. At Gadesbridge, aged spected, Mr. Wellings, solicitor. 58, Ann, lady of Sir Astley Cooper, bart.

MIDDLESEX.—May 22. At GuppersShe was dau. of Thomas Cock, esq. merchant, bury Park, Ealing, aged 69, Major Alex. of London, and was married Dec. 12, 1791, Morison, E.I.C. but had no children.

NORFOLK.-May 26. At Boyland Hall, Lately. At Bishop's Stortford, Mrs. aged 6, Henrietta Maria, second dau. of the Elizabeth Jones, tallow-chandler. This libe- Hon. Capt. Fred. Paul Irby, R.N. by his ral benefactress has left by her will 1,0001. second wife Frances, second dau. of Ichabod to the parish, in the following benevolent Wright, of Mapperley Hall, esq. inanner :-The interest of 500l. towards the OXFORD.May 29.–At Ozleworth Recrepairs of the church; 2501, towards the tory, Fanny, 3d dau. of Rev. Joseph Mayo. National School; and the interest of 2501, May 29. Aged 15 months, Francis, to be distributed annually in coals to the youngest son of Dr. Smith, Dean of Christ poor.

Church. KENT.-May 25. At Tunbridge Wells, June 10. At Coombe Lodge, Oxon, aged aged 70, the Right. Hon. Frauces dowager 72, Samuel Gardiner, esq. Lady Lismore, sister to the late Countess of Lately. Aged 14, John, eldest son of Shannon (who died in January this year, Rev. John Hill, Vice-Principal of St. Edsee p. 285), aunt to the Countess Grey and

mund Hall. Lord Ponsonby of Imokilly, and cousin to Salop.-June 8. Aged 58, the relict of the late Catherine Duchess of St. Alban's Mr. J. Tyler. She discharged the duties of (grandmother of the present Duke), the Matron of the House of Industry at Madely late Marquis of Drogheda, the late Mar.

during 30 years. chioness of Antrim, the Earl of Besborough, Lately. At Bridgenorth, Sherrington the late Countess Fitzwilliam, the Countess

Sparkes, esq. of Westmeath, and the late Viscount SOMERSET.-May 21. At Frome, the Mountmorres. Her Ladyship was born eldest dau. of late Mr. A. Crocker. Feb. 18,1757, the second dau. of the Right May 31. At Bath, Laura Clement, dau. Hon. John Ponsonby, Speaker of the Irish of Col. Courtenay. House of Commons, by Lady Elizabeth June 3. At Middle Hill Spa, near Bach, Cavendish, second dau. of William, third aged 20, Tbos. Alex. eldest son of the late Duke of Devonshire, K.G. She married James Watt, csq. of Farfield House, near Cornelius, first and late Lord Lisinore, Warrington.

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