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The Report of the Standing Committee on the General Theological Seminary was presented and read.



THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY. The Committee on the General Theological Seminary respectfully Report:

That at the last meeting of the Trustees, the vacancies in the number of Trustees for this Diocese were filled.

The number of Trustees to which the Diocese is at this time entitled is 76, as follows: The Diocese as such is entitled to.............

................... 1 The number of Clergy is 395. The ratio of one Trustee for every eight Clergymen will give...........

.................. 49 The whole amount of money contributed by the Diocese is $214,795 09.

The ratio of one Trustee for every $2,000 to the amount of $10,000, is 5 And one Trustee for every $10,000 above that sum will give........... 21

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Your Committee understand that they are to report the names of the present Trustees who were appointed to represent this Diocese, and who have served during the last three years, or expressed their willingness to serve.

There have been six meetings of the Board of Trustees during the last three years; some of the Trustees have not served during that time, or expressed their willingness to serve. Your Committee have therefore omitted the names of such, and beg leave to report the following names as Trustees for this Diocese :

The Rev. John McVickar, D.D., the Rev. Edward Y. Bigbee, D.D., the Rev. Edward N. Mead, D. D., the Rev. William L. Johnson, D. D., the Rev. Joseph H. Price, D. D., the Rev. William Walton, D. D., the Rev. Francis Vinton, D. D., the Rev. William E. Eigenbrodt, D. D., the Rev. Albert D. Traver, D. D., the Rev. A. Bloomer Hart, the Rev. Isaac H. Tuttle, D. D., the Rev. Samuel Buel, D. D., the Rev. Jesse A. Spencer, D. D., the Rev. Joshua Weaver, the Rev. Alfred B. Beach, D. D., the Rev. William F. Morgan, D.D., the Rev. Theodore A. Eaton, the Rev. Peter S. Chauncey, D.D., the Rer. Thomas Mallaby, the

Rev. Samuel Cooke, D. D., the Rev. William Payne, D.D., the Rev. Caleb
Clapp, the Rev. Samuel M. Haskins, D, D., the Rev. Robert Washbon,
the Rev. Cornelius R. Duffie, D. D., the Rev. Robert S. Howland, D. D.,
the Rev. Henry E. Duncan, the Rev. Morgan Dix, D, D., the Rev. A.
N. Littlejohn, D.D., the Rev. Frederick Ogilby, D. D., the Rev. E. A.
Hoffman, D. D., the Rev. J. M. Forbes, D. D., the Rev. E. A. Wash-
burn, D. D., the Rev. William H. Moore, the Rev. F. C. Ewer, the Rev.
T. M. Peters, D. D., the Rev. H. E. Montgomery, D. D., the Rev. G. H.
Honghton, D. D., Mr. Floyd Smith, Hon. Gulian C. Verplanck, Mr.
John R. Livingston, Mr. John W. Mitchell, Hon. Hamilton Fish, Mr.
Cyrus Curtiss, Mr. Henry E. Pierrepont, Mr. Robert W. Weir, Mr.
Charles Davies, Mr. William H. Bell, Mr. Elias Butler, Mr. John Bard,
Mr. George T. Strong, Mr. Anthony J. Bleecker, Mr. Homer Ramsdell,
Mr. James F. De Peyster, Mr. Thomas B. Coddington, Mr. George
Merritt, Hon. Samuel B. Ruggles, Hon. Alexander W. Bradford, Mr.
Henry Drisler, Mr. Stephen P. Nash, Mr. Gouverneur M. Ogden,
Mr. William Betts, Hon. Edward Haight, Mr. Orlando Meads, Mr.
Smith Barker, Mr. A. B. McDonald, Mr. John Buckley, Jr., Mr. Edward
F. De Lancey, Mr. Benjamin Moore, Mr. George M. Miller, Mr. William
Kemble, Mr. John Caswell, Mr. Samuel Davis, Mr. Frederick S. Win-
ston, Mr. Frederick G. Foster, Mr. Charles Tracy.
All of which is respectfully submitted.

John Brown,
A. B. MoDonald,

Resolved, That the persons named in the Report just read, be and hereby are elected to be nominated to the General Convention, as Trustees of the General Theological Seminary, on the part of the Diocese of New York.

The Resolation appended to this Report was adopted.
On motion of the Secretary, it was

Resolved, That the Committee on the Act for the Incorporation of Churches be continued, with the power at their discretion, given to them by the Resolutions passed on the subject by the Conventions of 1863 and 1864;* and that the President be requested

* See Journal, 1863, p. 71; 1864, p. 85.

to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of the Rev. Dr. Creighton.


On motion of the same, it was

Resolved, That the Special Committee appointed by the last Convention on the subject of Parish Boundaries be discharged.

The Report of the Standing Committee on the Diocesan Fund was presented and read.



The Committee on the Appropriation of the Diocesan Fund, respectfully report the following Resolution for adoption by the Convention, viz. :

Resolved, that there be paid to the Clergy attending the Convention, who reside more than twenty miles from the place of meeting, and whose parishes have contributed according to the Canon-seven cents per mile, for every mile of the distance from their respective parishes, and that the remainder be appropriated to the printing of the Journal, the customary expenses of the Diocese, and such other purposes as the Convention may direct.

R. U. Morgan, Chairman, .

E. F. DE LANCEY, Treasurer. September 28th, 1865.

The Resolution contained in this Report was amended by inserting, after the words “appropriated to," the words "payment of the salary of the Secretary of the Convention," and so adopted.

On motion of the Rev. Dr. Francis Vinton, it was

Ordered, That the names of the Parishes that have not paid to the Diocesan Fund the amount required by Canon be now read.

Resolved, That the Treasurer of this Convention be directed to notify the Parishes which are now or may hereafter be delinquent

in the payment to the Diocesan Fund of the amount required by - Canon XIV. of this Diocese, of such deficiency; and on behalf

of this Convention, to call on them to remit to him, as soon as possible, the sums due from them respectively.

The Treasurer then read the names of the delinquent Parishes,

Mr. Frederick Prime offered the following Resolution :

Resolved, That the Committee on Canons be directed to inquire into the expediency of adopting a Canon, providing that no Parish shall be entitled to a representation in this Convention unless all the contributions and payments required by the Canons of this Diocese shall have been made.

This Resolution was laid on the table.

On motion of the Rev. Francis Vinton, D. D., it was

Resolved, That two thousand copies of the Journal of this Convention be published and distributed under direction of the Secretary; Provided, that the payments to the Diocesan Fund be sufficient to meet the expense, and present indebtedness.

On motion of the Rev. Dr. McVickar, it was

Resolved, That the thanks of this Convention be given to the Secretary, the Assistant Secretary, and the Treasurer, for their labors.

On motion of the same, it was

Resolved, That the thanks of this Convention be given to the Corporation of Trinity Church for the use of this Chapel by the Convention.

On motion of the same, it was

Resolved, That after the reading of the Minutes, and the usnal devotions, this Convention adjourn, sine die.

The Minutes of this day's proceedings were read and approved.

Gloria in Ercelsis was sung by the Members: Prayers were said by the Rev. Morgan Dix, D. D.; the Blessing was pronounced by the Bishop of the Diocese;

And the Convention adjourned, sine die.

HORATIO POTTER, D. D., LL. D., D. C. L., Bishop of New York, and President of the Convention,

Attested :

William E. EIGENBRODT, D. D., Secretary,
Theodore A. Eaton, A. M., Assistant Secretary.

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