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, 1867



The Bishop of the Diocese has also received Reports, according to the Canon, from the following Clergymen of the Diocese, not having Parochial or Missionary Charge:

The Rev. WILLIAM M. CARMICHAEL, D. D., residing at Hempstead, Long

Island, reports as follows:

Read service and preached (as temporary assistant of the Rector of Trinity Church, Rockaway, during the boarding season) 10 times ; read service and preached elsewhere, 4 times; assisted in reading service, 12 times; administered Holy Communion, 3 times ; assisted in the same, 9 times; officiated at funerals, 5 times; assisted in the same, 7 times; and united in holy wedlock, one couple.

The Rev. ROBERT B. CROES, reports :

That he spent the last winter in Tennessee and Mississippi, and officiated on almost every Sunday, on Christmas Day, and on the Festival of the Circumcision. From the 23d of December to the 17th of February, inclusive, he had charge of Christ Church, Holly Springs, and regularly performed parochial duty. After that, he was seized with a nervous fever, which disabled him, and prevented him from removing from Mississippi until the first of June. Since his return to the North, he has occasionally assisted his brethren in the public services of the Church, but has not been able to preach.

The Rev. WILLIAM E. EIGENBRODT, D. D., Professor of Pastoral Theology in

the General Theological Seminary, New-York, respectfully reports:

That, since the last Convention of the Diocese of New York, besides his duties in the General Theological Seminary, he has elsewhere Said Prayers, wholly or in part, in public, 95 times; Preached, 41 times; Administered the Holy Communion, 17 times; Baptized 1 infant; Officiated at 5 Burials, and Solemnized 1 Marriage.

The Rev. RANDALL C. Hall, Deacon, reports as follows:

During the past year I have rendered occasional services, both in and out of the city, as opportunity allowed, week days being occupied in instruction. From December to April officiated in the Samaritan Home for the Aged. Then took temporary charge of the Church of the Ascension, Esopus, Ulster County. This I held till November, when it was closed for the season. The baptisms have been of infants, two; of adults, four.

The Rev. ROBERT HOLDEN, Presbyter, respectfully reports :

That, in addition to his duties as Rector of Trinity School, he has, during the past year, preached 26 sermons; administered the Holy Communion, 6 times ; attended 3 funerals, and read service, in whole or in part, 74 times.

The Rev. JOHN R. MATTHEWS reports :

That on the 15th of July last he resigned the Rectorship of St. Paul's Church, Kinderhook, on account of ill health, and that in the past few weeks, being sufficiently recovered, he has publicly officiated five times.

The Rev. R. MCMURDY, D. D., reports as follows:

During my connection with the Diocese of New-York I have officiated every Lord's day, except one, and for the last six months upon every festival day of the Church, and once additionally during the secular week. I have performed funeral services to the number of twenty, and have delivered as many addresses. I have baptized thirty-five infants and three adults, and have solemnized three marriages, and have visited the sick and dying in several hospitals.

The Rev. JAMES H. MORGAN, residing in New York, respectfully reports :

That the following occasional services were performed by him, in this and the neighboring Dioceses of New-Jersey and Connecticut, during the past Conventional year:

Read, or assisted in reading, the Service of the Church on 60 occasions; preached on 66 of these; administered, or assisted in the administration of, the Holy Communion, S times in public, and once to a sick person in private ; officiated at one marriage and at one funeral.

The Rev. SAMUEL NICHOLS, residing at Greenfield Hill, Conn., reports as


During the past year the undersigned has been able only occasionally to assist his clerical brethren in performing Divine Service and in administering the Holy Communion,

The Rev. GEORGE F. SEYMOUR, D. D., Professor of Ecclesiastical History in

the General Theological Seminary, New York City, respectfully reports :

That since the last Convention, in addition to his duties in the General Theological Seminary, he remained as Rector, in charge of St. John's Church, Brooklyn, N. Y., until the Feast of the Epiphany, 1867, when the Rey. Alexander Burgess, D.D., who had been elected to succeed him, was able to enter upon his duties. From the fifth Sunday after Easter he has been temporarily supplying the place of the Rev. Dr. Washburn, who is absent in Europe, in Calvary Church, New-York City. During the present month (September) he has accepted the position of Chaplain of the House of Mercy, 86th-street and Broadway. In addition to his official acts recorded in St. John's Parish, Brooklyn, N. Y., and Calvary Parish, New-York City, he has baptized one adult, solemnized two mar. riages and attended two funerals.

The Rev. G. W. PORTER reports as follows:

During the last Conventional year my home has been in Walpole, in the Diocese of Nevr. Hampshire, where (in St. Peter's Parish) I have officiated in the functions and duties of my sacred office, excepting the period of three months, during which I bad charge of St. Ann's Parish, Brooklyn, N. Y.

The Rev. ORSAMUS H. SMITH reports as follows:

I have held service once in four weeks at Hurd's Corners, in Pawling, and officiated in other places as there has been occasion. Baptisms, (ad. 1, inf. 3,) 4. Marriages, 2. Ono funeral. Administered Communion at Hurd's Corners twice,

The Rev. S. S. STOCKING reports as follows:

Agreeably to the requisitions of the Canon, I beg leave to report to you, that since my transfer to this Diocese last spring, I have officiated each Sunday in the morning in Graco Church, South Oyster Bay, and in the evening, by special request of the Rector, the Rev. Reuben Riley, in Trinity Parish, Babylon.

I have baptised two infants, and buried one.

The Rev. A. C. TREADWAY reports as follows:

As my health and strength permitted, and occasion offered, I assisted my brethren in the two Churches in Oswego in the usual duties of parochial work up to the middle of April last, when I left New-York for California. I arrived at the U. S. Navy Yard, Mare Island, to which place I was bound on a visit to my daughter, the fourth of the following month. Soon after which I commenced services at Vallejo, a town immediately across the Bay or Strait, where, within the three months just elapsed, a large congregation has been gathered, and a Church has been organized. Two lots of ground, eligibly situated, have been presented to the Vestry, and a subscription is in considerable forwardness for a handsome edifice, the corner-stone of which, it is expected, will be laid in the course of the present autumn, and the work forthwith commenced. The Bishop of California has made us one visit, and will shortly be again requested to come up and confirm the newly baptized, and others who are now awaiting their first Communion.

We have already between 20 and 80 Communicants, and the prospect is regarded as being very favorable and encouraging, considering that till the present course of services here commenced the last of June only, the Church here was almost entirely unknown.

Vallejo (pronounced Vallaho) is a place of some 5,000 souls, and is supported in part by the artizans and mechanics employed in the Navy Yard.

I have also rendered one service at Colusa, in Colusa County, where I have had offered a valuable lot of ground for a Church, and where the services of a Church will be gladly received, well attended and partially supported. Almost the entire State of Cali. fornia is strictly missionary ground; and, as far as my limited knowledge of the country and its inhabitants enable me to form an opinion, I feel quite free to express the belief, that no Diocese in the whole number will more richly and speedily repay the Church for the help so much needed at present in the establishing and sustaining for a brief period its earnestly sought services.

The Rev. WILLIAM WALTON, D. D., Instructor in the Hebrew Language in

the General Theological Seminary in the City of New York, reports as follows : Said prayers, in whole or in part, 68 times. Preached, 39 times. Baptized one infant (publicly.) Assisted at one funeral. Administered Holy Communion, 7 times, (publicly,) and assisted in the same, 4 times.

The Rev. J. P. APPLETON, New-York, reports as follows:

On the 1st of January last, I resigned the charge of St. John's Church, Long Island City. In February, I became connected with the Protestant Episcopal City Mission So. ciety, at first assisting the Rev. S. H. Hilliard, in St. Barnabas' Chapel. In June lagt the Chapel of Peace, No. 99 First Avenue, was opened under my charge. Sunday School is held there at 2% P. M., and Divine Service at 7% P. M. My official actions, since my resignation of St. John's Church, are contained in the report of the Society.

The Rev. GEORGE W. NICHOLS reports as follows:

In June last I took letters dimissory from the Bishop of Connecticut, and was received into this Diocese, since which time I have been occupied in clerical duty as Assistant Minister of the Church of the Messiah, Brooklyn, N. Y, I now aid the Rector every Sunday in the services, preach occasionally, and officiate frequently on funeral occasions, when requested to do so by the Rector.

The Rev. F. OERTEL reports as follows:

I resigned the Mission of St. Simon's, Staten Island, on the first of May, 1866; unable to perform any duties for one year. I then came in connection with the City Mission Society at the beginning of June, 1867, and have been engaged since then in Mission work among the Germans on the First Avenue. I also took charge of Rev. Dr. K. Schrammn's congregation whilst he was absent during the summer season. After he resumed his duties, I began a German service on Sunday afternoon in St. Barnabas' Chapel, which, by Divine blessing, will be continued. Baptisms, 20; funerals, 2.

The Rev. MERRITT H. WELLMAN, Assistant at St. Bartholomew's Church in New-York City, reports as follows:

I have continued my usual duties as Assistant at St. Bartholomew's Church daring the past year. In connection therewith I have baptized 3 infants, buried 6 persons, and married 1 couple. The Rector's report will include these. I resigned the financial agency of the N. Y. P. E. C. M. Soc. in May last, the resignation taking effect on the 4th day of June. Since my last report I had added to its funds $16,439, making a total of $49,250, which I had collected and paid into its treasury. During a vacation of three months, which was kindly allowed me from St, Bartholomew's the past summer, I preached seven times in behalf of the N. Y. Bible and Common Prayer-Book Society.

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