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The Rev. A. C. TREADWAY reports :

Neither my age nor my infirmities have diminished since I last reported my condition and duties to you; and yet it is a pleasure to believe that, during the year past, I bave not been, at least in the strict sense, a " barren fig tree." I have been able to render occasional services to the congregations of this city by preaching, baptizing, and burying the dead. During the last winter, which was passed in the diocese of Mississippi, I preached a number of times in Warren county, and also assisted the Rev. Dr. Sansom in celebrating the services of Christmas-Day at Vicksburg. Dark are the prospects of the Church in Mississippi! The country, towns, plantations, and parishes, are in desolation! May the hearts of God's people be moved to commiserate, and to help to build up the vast wastes of this once happy and prosperous diocese !

The Rev. WILLIAM Walton, D. D., Instructor in Hebrew in the General The

ological Seminary, New York, reports as follows:

Officiated in saying prayers in whole or part, 110 times. Preached 29 times. Baptized one adult and one infant. Assisted at 1 funeral. Administered Holy Communion publicly 6 times ; also twice privately to a sick person; assisted in the same, 12 times.

The Rev. WILLIAM Walsh reports as follows:

During the first six months of the Conventional year, I was engaged in supplying St. Paul's, Poughkeepsie, the Rector being in ill-health, Since that time I have officiated as oppor. tunity has offered in various parishes of the diocese,

The Rev. MERRITT H. WELLMAN, Presbyter, residing in New York, reports as


The duty of assistant-minister at St. Bartholomew's Church, in this city, which I began November 1st, 1864, I still continue. In this connection, besides reading the service morning and afternoon, of each Sunday, regularly, and preaching occasionally; and during July and September reading and preaching in the morning, I have baptized, adults, 2; infants, 5total, 7. Prepared for Confirmation and Holy Communion, 2. Buried, 5.

From the time above mentioned, I have also been the financial agent of the New York Protestant Episcopal City Mission Society, for which I had collected and paid over to its treasurer, up to April last, thirty-two thousand eight hundred and eleven dollars. Wbile receiving this money from the laity, I have been, at the same time, performing a great amount of labor, which, under favoring circumstances, and with the Divine blessing, I bopo to find advantageous for reaching still better results in the future.

The Rev. R. H, BOURNE, Missionary at the Tombs, reports as follows:

1. There were the usual Sunday morning services at the Tombs for the males, on the second and fourth Sundays of each month ; a service for the inmates of the female department on Tuesday of each week, and, as a rule, tri-weekly visitations in the male departments for personal address, and the distribution of books and other reading. A partial interruption of the work occurred during the fall and early part of the winter, mainly affecting the personal visi. tations. From the imperfect notes preserved, it appears that there were held 65 of tbe above-named Sunday and Tuesday services, and 85 of the visitations in all 150.

2. In connection with the Mission work at the City Prison, the Missionary has also held & regular Sunday evening service at the "Home" for Discharged Females, in Tenth Avenue, near Twenty Third Street. This service was commenced on the first Sunday of May, at the suggestion of brethren connected with the City Missions, and in compliance with the desire of the ladies who have the direction of the Institution. There have been 20 of these services.

3. Services as Assistant-Minister of St. Luke's Hospital. The Misssionary's connection with St. Luke's Hospital commenced in November, 1864, his visits at the City Hospital having been for the most part discontinued on account of the regulation respecting visits of clergymen. His engagement at St. Luke's continued until September 15th, 1965, when indisposition rendered some change necessary. His services there were renewed on the 7th of February last. These services, in general, consist of the charge of the morning services in the wards; alternating the days with the Pastor, to admit of the tri-weekly visitation at the Tombs. The hour and a half allotted to these devotional exercises in the wards, is so divided as to allow from 12 to 15 minutes in each. Besides these ward services, the assistant bas also occasionally aided in the services of the chapel, or taken charge of thern in the absence of the Pastor; administered the Holy Communion twice or thrice in the wards; read the Burial Service over a number of deceased patients, and participated in the work of visiting at the beds of the sick.

4. Besides the foregoing, there were 15 Occasional Services, a namber of which were performed in January and February last, in the Institutions on Blackwell's Island, together with several Baptisms, reported as usual through the Missionary Committee. On the 1st of October last, it was the Missionary's privilege, for the last time, to assist the beloved and venerated Rector of the Church of the Epiphany, in the administration of the Holy Communion, and on the 15th day of the saine month to perform the mournful duty of officiating for his afflicted family and people in the place just vacated by his sudden and distressing death. During the remainder of the year, with two exceptions, be assisted the Rector of the Anthon Memorial Church in the Holy Communion ; or, as on one occasion, administered it in the Rector's absence, and, in the same connection, twice read the Burial Service.

In closing his Report, it may be proper for the Missionary to refer to the important change which has taken place in the relation of this Mission to the general work of Missions to public institutions. The present Missionary commenced his work in this field, on the 1st day of August, 1860, under the auspices of a few zealous ladies of the Church, and especially of one whose praiseworthy zeal and liberality are well known. As a special field for their labor of faith and love, they assumed the responsibility of sustaining it for the term of five years, When that period terminated on the 1st of August, 1865, the Missionary felt unprepared to determine what was bis daty in reference to the continuance of his services in the Mission ; and, hesitating to relinquish the charge until he had submitted the matter to brethren, he convinued to perform the usual Sunday and Tuesday services, with some intermission of the latter, and the omission of personal visitations to prisoners for some time, as stated in the Report Early in the month of March of the present year, concurring with brethren as to the expe. diency and propriety of the Mission being under the care and auspices of the City Mission Society, the Missionary had an interview with the President of the late Committee, and tendered the charge of the Mission to the Society. The matter being referred to the Esecutive Committee, they assumed the charge of tho mission, and it now forms a part of their important and interesting field of Christian effort.

The labors of the Missionary have now been devoted mainly to this work for more than six years. In the midst of much that is revolting and discouraging in the obduracy, ignoranco, viciousness, and contempt of things sacred, betrayed by a large portion of tbe multitudes that pass through the City Prison, he is not without the comfortable persuasion and hopo that many have in some degree profited by the services rendered, and that some of these erring ones will at last ascribe their eternal salvation, under God, to thein.

Orphans' Home and Asylum of the Protestant Episcopal Church, East 49th

Street, New York, from Sept. 1865 to Sept. 1866. Within the diocesan year, 43 children have been admitted ; 14 have been placed out; 80 returned to friends, and 8 bave died-in the Home At present, 155.

Its present great need is that of an infirmary, towards which the contribations of churchmen are earnestly solicited. The sum needed is about $25,000, of which $5,000 bas been promised by one gentleman wben the whole amount shall be subscribed.

Received for Carrent Expenses from September 1, 1965, to September
1, 1866..........

. $17,791 45
Infirmary Fund....

.. 1,200 00 Perm. Fund........

460 62 Expenditures during the same period....

1,512 87

Appendix :

No. II.

A Table,-Showing the Names of the Churches and Chapels in the Diocese

of New York, with the numbers in each, respectively, of BAPTISMS, CONFIRMATIONS, COMMUNICANTS, MARRIAGES, and Bunials. Prepared and published on request of the Convention by the Secretary, in compliance with a Resolution recorded on p. 94 of this Journal.

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