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of the Scriptures, and all the work of reformation, and have razed the fundamentals of true Christianity; some of whom the Lord has given up to strong delusions, to believe lies, and deny Jesus Christ to be the Son of God, and maintain new lights, in meddling with the decrees of God, which His word never approved; and against every one of their principles.

"Likewise, I leave my testimony against all who brand us with an implicit faith; which one declared to myself in my hearing, in the room below where I was prisoner; which I questioned, if he durst in conscience say, that I lived by an implicit faith, or the example of others. So he said, that there were some in the room with me, that had been murderers of others who had suffered. And I told him, that the 15th Psalm reached him a very sad reproof, for speaking evil against his neighbour; and also I said, 'We speak what we do know, and testify what we have heard.' And I declared, that I had seen no such thing of any that was in the room with me; but you have wronged, said I, God and His cause, by shifting His cross, and therefore you will not stand [i.e., hesitate] to wrong your neighbour.

"And as for our being branded that we hold our principles of men, and are dying to please men; I altogether abhor such aspersions, for I hold my principles of none, but of God and His word; and that which carries the sway with me is the controverted truths of Jesus Christ, that are this day in debate, betwixt Him and His enemies; especially His kingly office, on which I dare venture life and liberty, and my salvation also, because the Father hath declared Him to be king on His holy hill of Zion, by an unalterable decree; and there to reign till all His enemies be brought under His feet. Therefore as I have left my testimony against all who cast such aspersions on me, or any other who have suffered in this manner, I leave my blood also to witness against them, who will adventure to do it, whether enemies or pretended friends.

"Likewise I leave my testimony against the encroachments made upon the rights of our Lord Jesus Christ and the privileges of His Church, by that usurper Charles Stuart, and all the bloody crew under him. Likewise I leave my testimony against that excommunicate traitor, the Duke of Monmouth, for his appearance against the work of God and His people, joined for the defence of the Gospel and interest of Jesus Christ, and all that joined with him. Likewise, I leave my testimony against that avowed Papist York. Also, I leave my testimony against that designed Parliament to put power in his hand. Also, I leave my testimony against these abominable wretches that sat in these associations, and falsely accused and sentenced me to death; and against these fifteen assizers, who gave me my sentence, and against that wretch called the Clerk, and Andrew Cunningham who gave me my doom.

"Likewise I leave my testimony against all who have joined with the declared enemies, whether ministers or professors, especially in the shire of Fife, who have delivered up the testimony to these abominable wretches; particularly Balgrumma and Vederstar.

"Likewise I leave my testimony against Popery, Prelacy, and that woeful Erastian Supremacy, and Indulgences first and last, which have been the dagger, the helve whereof hath gone in after the blade, and hath wounded the Church in the innermost part of the belly, and the dart that hath stricken her through the liver. Oh ! how sharp are the wounds of a friend! They go down to the innermost parts of the belly. If it had been an enemy, I would have borne it. And it is evidently seen, that our mother Church hath been, and is this day, wounded in the house of her friends; for which the Lord will sadly reckon with all such as have done so, if they do not repent and mourn for it .

"Likewise I leave my testimony against all them that are any way instrumental in bearing down our poor mother-church, either by appearance in arms, or furnishing of others for that effect; by paying of cess or militia-money; or any other way homologating the acts, or strengthening the hands, of her declared and avowed enemies.

"Now, dear friends, being straitened for want of time, I am forced to draw to a close; only desiring you to be earnest in contending for the broken-down work of Reformation, that this day is brought very low. But be not discouraged, although His ark be tossed this day upon the waters, and the poor ship in the midst of the sea, and the poor disciples afraid lest they should sink, and the Master asleep, as it were upon a pillow; yet go to Him and cry, Master, Master, save us, else we perish; for He is easy to be entreated, and He likes well to have His poor people coming to Him, in the time of their distress; for He is a present help in time of need, a God rich in mercy, and near to all that call upon Him in truth.

"But, oh dear friends! beware of backdrawing, for He hath said, If any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him. And he that putteth his hand to the plough and looketh back, is not fit for the kingdom of heaven; but he that endureth to the end, the same shall be saved. Be not ashamed of Him, for if any man be ashamed of Him, or His words, of him also will He be ashamed before the Father and the holy angels. Oh! dear friends, the more that you see a perverse generation crying Him down, be ye the more at that work of crying Him up; for He is well worth the commendation of all that can commend Him. Oh! dear friends, in all things let Him have the pre-eminence, and count all things loss and dung that ye may win Christ; and press forwards towards the mark, for the prize of the high calling of God that is in Christ Jesus; looking unto Jesus, who is the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before Him, endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. Strive to enter in at the strait gate; for many shall seek to enter in, and shall not be able.

"Now, friends, beware of sinning and beware of snares; for they are at this day very thick and many; but our God has promised that He will not suffer His poor people to be tempted above what they are able, but will, with the temptation, make a way that they may escape.

"So I bid you all farewell; desiring you to be kind to my wife and children when I am gone. Farewell sweet Bible, by His blessing. Farewell sun moon and stars; farewell meat and drink; farewell all created comforts and enjoyments, wherewith I have been abundantly supplied. Farewell, my dear wife and children; the Lord be better to you than ten husbands, when I am gone. Farewell mother, brethren and sisters. Farewell sweet societies, and preached Gospel, whereby I have been begotten by the seed of the Word. Farewell sweet prison, and reproaches for sweet Christ, and His cause. And welcome Father, Son, and Holy Ghost! Welcome everlasting life, and the spirits of just men made perfect! Lord, into thy hands I commit my spirit!

"At the Iron-house, July 13, 1681.



Andrew Pittilloeh.

HE TESTIMONY of Andrew Pittilloch, Land Labourer in the parish of Largo, in Fife, who suffered at the Grassmarket of Edinburgh, July 13, 1681.

"Men And Brethren,—Wherefore are you come here this day? Will you tell me, if that be your intention, to be edified by the words of a poor thing, witnessing for my lovely Lord Jesus Christ? And if that be your intention in you coming hither, it is well. Now, when I am going off time, to bid farewell to you all, Oh! that I could commend my lovely Lord Jesus and His sweet cross to you.

"Oh! sirs, will you come, taste and see that the Lord is good. You will never do better, nor [i.e., than] come and see; for since the Lord honoured me to be his prisoner, He has letten me know nothing but love; He has made my prison no prison. Oh! sirs, all His ways are ways of pleasantness, and His paths peace. And His cross is sweet and easy; although worthless, I cannot commend it to you. But oh! sirs, scar [i.e., start] not at the sweet cross of royal and sweet Jesus, but contend for Him and His noble cause, for I can assure you, I had never such a sweet life as I have had since He brought me to the like of this trial. Oh! sweet indictment! Oh! sweet sentence for my lovely Lord! Oh! sweet scaffold for contending for the cause, Covenant, and work of Reformation! Oh! sirs, quit all for holy Jesus, for I can promise you, that you will never die better than for contending for King Christ. Indeed, sirs, ministers and professors, as they call them, say that we are dying as fools and giddy-headed professors; but glory to His holy and sweet name, that has made it out to my soul that it is otherwise. And now that my conscience doth not condemn me, how dare any mortal creature condemn me?

"Oh! friends, what is the reason that you will not take Him, who is the chief among ten thousands, who is altogether lovely, and without compare? There is no spot in Him. Oh ! prefer Him to your chief joy! There are many of you who have preferred other things to Him. Oh! fear and tremble, for wrath will be upon you very suddenly! Oh! be afraid, for our Lord hath said, if ye will not quit all for Him, ye cannot be His disciples; and so you have neither part nor lot in our sweet Lord. You may read the tenth of Matthew from the 16th verse to the end. Oh! sirs, go not with the Indulged, nor yet side with them; cleave to the Lord with all your heart, and be not put off with anything but Himself. Oh! He is sweet to be with. Oh! His way is sweet to keep; but I cannot commend Him to you; His sweetness is without compare. Oh! take Him, and be restless till ye get Him to your mother's house, and to the chamber of her that bare you.

"Pray much for your mother-church, that ministers and others have wronged; I witness and testify against them for their unrighteousness, both first and last:

"1. For leaving of their kirks, without a public testimony against enemies, at the incoming of Prelacy.

"2. For their conniving at one another's sins.

"3. For their leaving the fields, when there was so much need of preaching to poor things; when wrath and judgment were coming on the land, they did not set the trumpet to their mouth, and give the people a faithful warning. They say, we have cast them off, but they are mistaken, for they have cast themselves off, by changing their head. And the Scriptures have cast them off, and I cannot join with them. I would with all my heart have a ministry; but I would have it according to the word of God; men that will preach in season and out of season, whether people will hear, or whether they will forbear; that will be faithful in preaching against sin of all sorts, and will hide nothing of the mind of the Lord ; but they do play fast and loose in the matters of a holy God, and will not witness against enemies. I own none of these, but I leave my testimony against them for their unfaithfulness. They will preach to poor things to stand for God and His truths, and not yield a hair for the saving of their lives; and yet they yield and comply themselves: and when they come before enemies, never a word of testimony before them, but pass the sworn Covenant and Work of Reformation in silence, and, for fear of their lives, will not hit them on the sore. Indeed, they will wale [i.e., choose] their words, so as they may not give their enemies offence.

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