Proceedings of the National Conference of Charities and Correction, at the ... Annual Session Held in ...


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Página 250 - is not a disease, but a condition in which the intellectual faculties are never manifested ; or have never been developed sufficiently to enable the idiot to acquire such an amount of knowledge as persons of his own age, and placed in similar circumstances with himself, are capable of receiving.
Página 248 - To do good to others; to sacrifice for their benefit your own wishes; to love your neighbor as yourself; to forgive your enemies; to restrain your passions; to honor your parents; to respect those who are set over you: these, and a few others, are the sole essentials of morals; but they have been known for thousands of years...
Página 120 - ... that they have been personally acquainted with the applicant for at least one year, and believe him to be of good moral character, of temperate and industrious habits, and in all respects fit for the service which he wishes to enter...
Página 195 - States, and for that purpose he shall have power to enter into contracts with such State commission, board, or officers as may be designated for that purpose by the governor of any State to take charge of the local affairs of immigration in the ports within said State...
Página 58 - That there shall be established in this state an institution under the name and style of
Página 140 - ARTICLE II.— PRINCIPLES AND OBJECTS. SECTION 1. — This Society shall be conducted upon the following fundamental principles: 1. — Every department of its work shall be completely severed from all questions of religious belief, politics and nationality. 2. — No person representing the Society in any capacity whatsoever shall use his or her position for the purpose of proselytism or spiritual instruction. 3. — The Society shall not directly dispense alms in any form.
Página 248 - the unhappy soul of him who tells the story ! when I saw my master touch those bloated and livid faces ; when I saw him kiss the bleared eyes or eyeless sockets, I shuddered with disgust. But Hugo said to me that these afflicted ones were flowers of Paradise, pearls in the coronet of the Eternal King waiting for the coming of their Lord, who in His own time would change their forlorn bodies into the likeness of his own glory.
Página 139 - Any new set of conditions," says Ray Lankester, " occurring to an animal which render its food and safety very easily attained, seem to lead as a rule to degeneration ; just as an active healthy man sometimes degenerates when he becomes suddenly possessed of a fortune ; or as Rome degenerated when possessed of the riches of the ancient world. The habit of parasitism clearly acts upon animal organization in this way.
Página 132 - John answered, saying unto them all : I indeed baptize you with water ; but there cometh he that is mightier than I, the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to unloose...
Página 188 - After distributing among the Indians whatever they may justly want to cultivate, sow, and raise cattle, confirming to them what they now hold, and granting what they may want besides, all the remaining land may be reserved to us [the king] clear of any encumbrance, for the purpose of being disposed of according to our pleasure.

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