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For I delivered unto you first of all, that which I also res

ceived, how that Christ died for our hins, according to the Scriptures.

ST. Paul, meaning in this chapter to maintain a very fun- SERM. damental point of our religion (the resurrection of the XXVII. dead) against some infidels or heretics, who among the Corinthians, his scholars in the faith, did oppose it; doth, in order to the proof of his assertion, and refutation of that pernicious error, premise those do&trines, which he having received both from relation of the other Apostles, and by immediate revelation from God himself, had delivered unto them, ły wpótons, in the first place, or among the prime things; that is, as most eminent and important points of Christian doctrine; the truth whereof consequently (standing upon the same foundations with Christianity itself, upon Divine revelation and apoftolical testimony) could nowise be disputed of, or doubted, by any good Christian. Of which doctrines (the collection of which he styleth the Gospel; that Gospel, by embracing and retaining which they were, he saith, to be saved) the first is that in our text, concerning the death of our Lord, undergone by him for our falvation: which point, as of all others in our religion it is of peculiar consequence, so it much concerneth us both firmly to believe it and well

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