Complete Writings Menno Simons

J. C. Wenger
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This English edition of Menno Simons’ writings contains all the known writings of Menno, including several tracts, letters, and hymns never previously translated. The entire contents of this edition were translated from the Dutch by Leonard Verduin of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and edited by J. C. Wenger, who wrote clarifying introductions to each of Menno’s writings. This edition represents a faithful English rendering of what Menno taught and wrote in the 16th century.

The Complete Writings of Menno Simons is issued with the hope that it may serve to strength the Mennonite Church in a dynamic Christian life, to introduce to the Christian church at large a new vision of discipleship, to create in the reader a new loyalty to the Word of God, and to recapture the true Christian spirit in this era of secularism.

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List of Illustrations
A Brief Biography of Menno Simons
Books and Tracts
The Blasphemy of John of Leiden 1535
The Spiritual Resurrection c 1536
Meditation on the Twentyfifth Psalm c 1537
The New Birth c 1537
Foundation of Christian Doctrine 1539
The Cross of the Saints c 1554
Reply to Gellius Faber 1554 Autobiography 66874
The Incarnation of Our Lord 1554
Reply to Martin Micron 1556
The Nurture of Children c 1557
Meditations and Prayers for Mealtime c 1557
Instruction on Excommunication 1558
Reply to Sylis and Lemke 1560

Christian Baptism 1539
Do Not Cease Teaching and Writing 1539
The True Christian Faith c 1541
A Kind Admonition on Church Discipline 1541
Brief Confession on the Incarnation
A Clear Account of Excommunication 1550
Confession of the Triune God 1550
Confession of the Distressed Christians 1552
A Pathetic Supplication to All Magistrates 1552
Letters and Other Writings
Earnest Epistle to the Da vidians c 1546
Exhortation to a Church in Prussia 1549
Sincere Appeal to Leonard Bouwens Wife 1553
Letter of Consolation to a Sick Saint c 1557
Extract from a Letter in Mennos Handwriting
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