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Upon Several Divine Subjects


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The Measure of Divine Love., Of Religious Discourse
The Natural and Moral Va-


Common Conversation, nity of Man. That the Law is not made

el of the Fear of Death. void through Faith. Concerning the Extent of The Origin and the Relief of Christ's Satisfaction.

all Trouble and Uneasiness | Concerning Practical Atheof Mind.

isin. The Natural and Moral Uni-Of Walking by Faith

on of the Soul with God. Concerning Charity to the The Honour due to good Men, Poor.

and the Crime of treating | Concerning the Right Use
them with Scorn and Cone of the World.

Concerning the Successive
Theseveral Wayswhereby God

Addresses himself to Man. Vanity of Human Life. "I

An Admonition Concerning two late Books, cail'd, A Dif-]

course of the Love of God.

Vol. III. and IV.
By JOHN NORRIS, M. A. Rector of Bemer-

ton, near Sarum.

The Third Edition.

Printed for S. Manship, at the ship near the Royal-

Exchange in Cornbill. 1707.

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To the Right Honourable THOMAS Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, Baron Herbert of Cardiff, Lord PrivySeal, &c. and one of their Majesties most Honourable Privy-Council.

My Lord, T Should not presume to make your Lordship a Pa

tron to these Discourses, if your Lordship had not been already pleased to make your self so to the Author of them; and that in a manner so fignal, and so beyond the ordinary measures of Generosity, that I was thence encouraged to hope, that the same Goodness that obliged me to the most grateful Acknowledgment, would also induce your Lordship to accept of this firft Opportunity I have, of a publick Expresion of it. . .

The Discourses which I here venture to send abroad under the Patronage of your Lordships great Name, were all composed in the Retirement which by your Lordswips peculiar Favour I now enjoy; which in. deed cloes so naturally favour the Inclinations of a Thoughtful Mind, and is fo advantageously seated, I may say Calculated for Contemplation, that perhaps it has bad some particular Influence upon these Compositions, which it may be will be found a little to Savour of the Place of their Production, as Mens

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