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In republishing this last volume of Mr. Jay, the American Editor, cannot but hope he has performed an acceptable and useful service. The high satisfaction, with which other works of the same esteemed author have been received in this country, is a sufficient recommendation of the present performance, to secure it general attention. Of its intrinsic, or comparative value, the public will judge, when they shall have given it a faithful perusal. Few alterations have been made in the original work, except where its local character demanded it, and then the subject has been adapted to

the circumstances of our own country, without breaking the Author's connexion, or materially affecting his style. In a few instances, where the expressions of the writer seemed objectionable, on account of their obscurity, or the singularity of the language used, the sentence has been either dropped entirely, or so amended, as to leave its meaning obvious. The whole has been subjected to a patient and careful revision, and, that it might be still more complete, an Appendix, containing several selected, and a few original forms of devotion, have been added. It is now commended to the attention of the christian public, as a more complete manual for the use of FAMILIES, than has hitherto been published.

Salem, Mass. Dec. 1820.

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