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[ Enquiry of Mankind, and when they are invited to be their own Judges, by those who instruct them: The Accomplishment of Prophecies is of this Kind, it is an Appeal to the World, and to this effect we find it insisted on by the Prophet Isaiah, in the following Passages, as a Convincing and Distinguishing Proof of the True God, in Opposition to Idols.

v. 9.

Isaiah xlii. “ I am the Lord, that is my Name, and my verf. 8.

“Glory will I not give to another, neither my of Praise to graven Images.

« Behold, the former Things are come to pass, 6 and New Things do I declare, before they « spring forth I tell


of them. co Produce your Cause, faith the Lord, bring chap . xli, a forth your strong Reasons, faith the King of


“Let them bring forth and shew us what shall “ happen, let them shew the former Things what “they be, that we may consider them, and " know the latter End of them, or declare us * Things for to come.

« Shew

V. 21.

T. 22


verf. 9.

“ Shew the Things that are to come hereafter, that we may know that ye are Gods; yea, do "Good or do Evil, that we may be Dismayed, and s behold it together. “Behold, ye are of nothing, and

24. Work

“ of nought, an Abomination is he that chooseth

« Let all Nations be gathered together, and

chap. xliii. * let the People be assembled ; Who among them

can declare this, and shew us former Things ? « let them bring forth their Witnesses, that they « may be Justified, or let them hear and say, it o is Truth.

« Ye are my Witnesses, faith the Lord, and 10) «my Servant whom I have chosen, that ye may « know and believe me; and understand that I « am He.

I have declared, and have saved, and have shew- 12. red when there was no strange God among you, 66 Therefore ye are my Witnesses, faith the Lord, " that I am God.

“I have declared the former Things from the ch, xlviiii “ beginning, and they went forth out of my


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V. 5.

«Mouth,and I shewed them, I did then suddainly, “ and they came to pass.

“I have even from the beginning declared it “to thee, before it came pass i shewed it thee, "left thou shouldst say, mine Idol has done them, “and my graven ]mage, and my molten Image “has commanded them.

" Thou hast heard, see all this, and will not “ye declare it? I have shewed thee new Things “ from this time, even hidden Things, and thou “ didst not know them.

“They are created now, and not from the " beginning, even before the Day when thou “ heardst them not, left thou shouldst say, Be“ hold, I knew them.



Thus does the Prophet Isaiah employ the the strongest Terms to Recommend the Study of Prophecy, and the Observation of the Events which confirm the Truth of it ; and St. Peter applies the Old Prophecies to the Times after Christ's Birth, in these words,

“ Of which Salyation the Prophets have en

o quired


«quired and searched diligently, who prophecy'd Pet, i. or of the Grace that should come unto you.

“Searching what, or what manner of Time Il, " the Spirit of Christ, which was in them, did

fignifie, when it testified before-hand the Suffer“ings of Christ, and the Glory that should « follow.

“ Unto whom it was Revealed, that not unto themselves, but unto Us they did minister “the Things which are now Reported unto you “by them that have preached the Gospel unto

you, with the holy Ghost sent down from Heaven, which Things the Angels desire to look


<< into.

And as the greatest Arguments made use of to the Jews, to prove that Christ was the 1 efiah, were taken from their Prophets, so that the like Arguments might not be wanting through-out all the Times of the Christian Church, St. John

has lcft us,

I he Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to thew unto his Servants the Rey.i.r;

“ Things

“ Things which must shortly come to pass; and “ he sent and signified it by his Angel unto his 6. Servant John.

« Blessed is he that Readeth, and they that “Hear the Words of this Prophecy, and keep

those Things which are written therein, for the 6 Time is at hand.



This Prophecy appears chiefly to be contain’d

within A Book written within, and on the backRev. v. ii

side, Sealed with seven Seals, which the Lamb---took out of the Right Hand of Him that fate upon

the Throne, and opened the several Seals one after ch. vi. 1, 2, another, whose Contents compared with History, 3, 5, 7, 9,

will be found to describe all that was to come to ch. viii. 1.

pass in the Roman Empire, after the Time of St. John's writing, which was about ninty five years after Christs Birth.

This is, in all appearance, the fame Book, in which Daniel is ordered To shut


the Words, and Seal tbe Book, even to the Time of the End, Dan. xii, 4. when it was to be further Explained by St.

: John, and Unsealed, in order of Time, as the Events


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