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To enter and explore the glories there confined.
But suddenly, with tuneful stroke,

From the lofty dome a loud peal broke,
Flinging soft, silver tones upon the wind.
With strong, melodious swell,

Rung forth a magic chime, that fell
Like midnight music on the sleeper's ear,
Making it paradise to sleep and hear.

That strange, mysterious sound,

Soft as the mellow horn's most gentle note,
Seemed lightly on the buoyant winds to float,
And spread through all the world around.
O'er the mountain and the plain,
Beyond the desert and the main,
Wherever man is found,

Went forth that winning sound,

And breathed its summons in his raptured ear.
The tone went home to every heart;

It bade the thrilling tears of Freedom start,
And ransomed nations in her halls appear.

My eager eyes I upward threw,

The wondrous instrument to view,

In which such piercing power and ravishing sweetness met; And on its splendid form, behold,

Inscribed in living light and gold,

That all mankind might read-thy honored name, FAYETTE!

O for a tongue of fire, to tell

How gloriously the vision was fulfilled!
How, at the touch of Liberty's sweet bell,

The hearts of countless myriads have thrilled,

And Destiny her brightest page unfurled,
Roused by the spirit that had waked the world!

Even Europe loves the sweet and stirring note;
Southern Columbia rises at the call,

With kindling eye and tyrant-scorning tread;
And Greece calls back the spirits of her dead,
And bids her ancient banners float

Where Freedom's martyrs fell, and proudly still shall fall.

O Greece, reviving Greece! thy name
Kindles the scholar's and the patriot's flame.
On thee our anxious eyes we bend.
For thee our earnest prayers ascend,
That never may thy lifted banner fall.

For thee, thine own strong eloquence
Pleads in Columbia's legislative hall.
And is there none to arm in thy defence?
No ardent, generous, devoted youth,

To pledge his fortunes and his truth,
And, nobly exiled, cross the wave,
To join th' oppressed and aid the brave?

Go forth, if such there be, go forth;
Stand by that nation in her second birth.

Coupled with her high cause, thy name,
Like his whose welcome presence draws
A nation's rapturous applause,

Shall ring through earth from sea to sea,
The favorite watchword of the free,

The purest shout of fame.

And when Time's slow and favoring hand
Restores the glories of that lovely land,

Thither, perchance, thy pilgrimage thou'lt take;
And while earth's older empires shake,

Receive the welcome of the new;

Which round thy steps in grateful shouts shall break, Than those which follow kings-how heartier and more


TO MRS. M. R. C. E.,


December 6, 1832.

To guard the marriage ring,
Another ring I send:
Protector of that sacred thing,
About your finger let it cling,
And with its magic circle blend,
The image of your absent friend.

To guard the marriage vow,

Another vow must bind

To Him whose care and grace allow The cheerful hopes that gladden now, And in whose love the trusting mind Its only deathless home can find.

That heavenly love shall be

The strength to this of earth; Shall guard its truth and purity, From change, decay, and sorrow free, And pour upon your humble hearth A light of pure, celestial birth.



October 17, 1833.

LIKE Israel's hosts to exile driven,
Across the flood the Pilgrims fled;
Their hands bore up the ark of Heaven,
And Heaven their trusting footsteps led,
Till on these savage shores they trod,
And won the wilderness for God.

There, where their weary ark found rest,
Another Zion proudly grew,

In more than Judah's glory dressed,
With light that Israel never knew.
From sea to sea her empire spread,
Her temple heaven, and Christ her head.

Then let the grateful church, to-day,

Its ancient rite with gladness keep; Our fathers' God! their children pray Thy blessing, though the fathers sleep. O bless! as thou hast blessed the past, While earth, and time, and heaven shall last.

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