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July 6, 1825.


O THOU, in whom alone is found

The strength by which our toil is blest,
Upon this consecrated ground

Now bid thy cloud of glory rest.

In thy great name we place this stone;
To thy great truth these walls we rear:
Long may they make thy glory known,
And long our Savior triumph here.

And while thy sons, from earth apart,

Here seek the truth from heaven that sprung,

Fill with thy spirit every heart,

With living fire touch every tongue.

Lord, feed thy church with peace and love;
Let sin and error pass away;

Till truth's full influence from above

Rejoice the earth with cloudless day.




WITH praise and prayer our gift we bring,
And consecrate to Power divine.

Great God, accept the offering,

And make it wholly, only thine.

O that we may not look in vain
To see thy glory here displayed!
As when, within thine ancient fane,
Thy royal servant knelt and prayed, -

We kneel

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we pray

- with earnest voice;

Our fervent supplications swell;

Speak, Lord, and bid our souls rejoice
To know that here thy grace shall dwell.

O, let thy presence ne'er depart;

Far hence be earth and error driven;

Raise, warm, and sanctify each heart,

And teach pure lips to plead for heaven.

Here let the love of God engage

The spirit's purest, first desires;

While Truth unfolds her ample page, And Zeal enkindles all her fires.

Thus honoring, and like their Lord, May gifted bands of teachers rise, To bear his glorious name abroad, And train immortals for the skies.


November, 1841.

I REMEMBER, I remember, when I was a little boy,
How the last week in November always filled my heart

with joy;

For then Thanksgiving always came with every kind of pie, And I for once could eat my fill, though father did sit by.

I remember, I remember, how on Monday they began With rolling paste, and chopping meat, and buttering patty-pan;

And proud was I to pound the crackers, or to stone the


Or crack the shagbarks with flat-irons that often cracked my thumbs.

I remember, I remember, how the two next busy days Kept the kitchen in an uproar, and the oven in a blaze; Till all was done and cleared away by Wednesday's evening skies,

And the proud tea-table smoked with four premonitory pies.

1 remember, I remember, when the morning came at last, How joyfully at breakfast I perceived it was not Fast;

But loaded plates and smoking bowls assailed our wink

ing sight,

With "Johnny cakes" and chocolate hot, to whet the ap


I remember, I remember, when the dinner came at last, How, like the kings of Banquo's race, the dishes came and passed:

The exhaustless line seemed threatening to run on till crack of doom,

While still a voice from every stomach cried,

is room."

"There yet

I remember, I remember, how those lessons in gastronomy Were sometimes mixed with questions upon Latin and


And in geography how John did once, in accent murky, Reply that Canaan was in Ham, and Paradise in Turkey.

I remember, I remember, then, how tight my jacket grew, As if 'twould burst a button off with every breath I drew; And so, to settle all, we boys kicked foot-ball down in


Or went to see the marksmen try to shoot the tied hens down.

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I remember, I remember-not what happened after tea, For we had then no grandfather whom we could go and see; I only know we went to bed when nine o'clock was rung,

And you had better do the same now that my song is


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