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March 15, 1843.

OPPRESSION shall not always reign:
There comes a brighter day,
When Freedom, bursting every chain,
Shall have triumphant way.

Then Right shall over Might prevail;
And Truth, like hero armed in mail,
The hosts of tyrant wrong assail,
And hold eternal sway.

E'en now that glorious day draws near;
Its coming is not far;

In heaven and earth its signs appear;
We see its morning star;

Its dawn has flushed the eastern sky;
The western hills reflect it high;
The southern clouds before it fly. -
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!

It flashes on the Indian isles. Hurra!

It gilds their plains with gladdening smiles.

- Hurra!

*This was Mr. Ware's last composition in verse.

Eight hundred thousand, newly free,
Pour out their songs of jubilee,

That shake the globe from sea to sea. —
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!

That shout which every bosom thrills
In thunder rings from all our hills.
The waves reply on every shore,
Old Faneuil echoes to the roar,

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And rocks as ne'er it rocked before—
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!


What arm shall check its onward way ?
What voice arrest the growing day? - Hurra!
What dastard soul, though stout and strong,
Shall dare bring back the ancient wrong,
Or Slavery's night of guilt prolong? –
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!

Then shout, ye lovers of your race!


The glorious hour comes on apace! — Hurra!
Ring, Liberty, thy glorious bell!

Thy flag unfurl, thy trumpet swell!
From land to land the triumph tell!

Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!

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The day has come, the hour draws nigh!
Send forth the tidings far and high!
From every hill, by every sea,

In shouts proclaim the great decree,


All chains are broke! all men are free!"

Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!

Then shout! The hour comes on apace!


The hour of glory for the race!
Ring, Liberty, thy glorious bell,
Bid high thy sacred banner swell,
And trump on trump the triumph tell.
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!

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Franconia, August 8, 1835.

UP! The worst

Is past; the bold rock stands unveiled; and now
One effort more. 'Tis done. Breathless and pale,

We stand upon the peak above the clouds.
Vast and immeasurable! How the eye

Searches the great expanse for rest in vain!
Magnificent obscurity! sublime!

Dim! fathomless! Above, is only heaven
Spread forth o'er all, in deep, pure, lustrous light!
Below, earth-only earth-yet so displayed
As fills the gazing soul with trembling awe.
O, what a place for thought! Give me my cloak,
And leave me here alone. I'll wrap it round
To keep me from the keen, imperious wind,
And hold a moment's musing by myself.

And not a human foot
It planted high as mine!
On all else I look down.

within the land

Great heaven except,
That glorious dome,

Unchanged, appears in beauty, grandeur, pomp,

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As unapproached, as unapproachable,

* This piece and the two following are extracts from Poetical Notes of a Pedestrian Tour.

As when I upward gazed from common earth.

I have ascended, yet have not drawn near;

But things of earth, how changed! Man and his works Are scarce discerned. Yon hills, whose vastness seemed Immeasurable, lie, beneath my look,

Dwindled to vulgar eminences. Lo!

How they onward roll, like waves at sea,
Less and still less, till in the horizon far
They mingle with the clouds and disappear.
And yonder speck is ocean! infinite, sublime,
Resistless ocean! pride and dread of man!
Now but a glittering thread of twinkling light,
Like a faint lamp reflected from the pool,
So dim, so faint, we doubt if it be there.
What, then, am I when all earth's mightiness
Thus disappears? Instruct me, awful Teacher,
While from this stand of truth I measure earth
And heaven! instruct me of myself. O, teach,
Teach me to feel that by approach toward Heaven
All things are seen in their own magnitude.
"God seems more grand man crumbles into dust."
The pomp of wealth and power, the state, the luxury,
The strife which mad ambition seeks, and earth
Is torn with hot convulsions to attain,

Here show for what they are — hollow and vain
Even as those clouds, that, floating in mid air,
Send out a glory to the eye below,

But drop their shroud upon the summit rock,
And hide with empty vapor earth and heaven.
Yet in these clouds as truly God resides,
As in the dark pavilion which arrayed

Old Sinai's top- as truly gives a law
To his attendant servant. Lend thine ear,

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