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Flago rehoisted at the factories. . 183|Hongkong, changes at...: 296
Forces, British land and sea.... 110 Hongkong Gazette published... 581
Forces of the imperial army. 476|Hongkong occupied by English. 579
Foreigners maligned... 193 Hong-merchants go north...... 456
Foreigners detained at Canton.. 356 Hong-merchants go to Chekiáng. 400
Foreigners all leave Canton.... 582 Hong-merchants, debts of...... 353
Formosa, barbarity of officers in. 682||IIorsburgh, capto

, memorial to... 298
Formosa, prisoners in.... 627 Hospital for seamen, Whampoa. 127
Formosa, rebellion in.
12||Hospital at Macao..

Fortifications on the river.. 238 Hostility against the English 521,577
Forts, five new, near Canton.. 64 Howqua and Lord Napier,. 27
France, the flag of..

11||Hủ Cháu's offer of services. 454
Franks appear in China. 612|Fung Lau Mung, review of.... 266
French ships at north... 647,676 Húpe, disturbances in.... 184
Friend of China, No. 1. &c.... 184 Huron, the American brig. 131
Frigates two reach Whampoa... 70 Hwangti, portrait of..... 386
Fuchau fú in Fukien... 655 Hwuichau fú, prisoners at..... 639
Fukien, topography of... 651 Hwuilái, Dicey and companions at 639
Fukie. dialect, orthography.. 28
Fuhi portrait of the emperor. 173||ILLUSTRATIONS of men and things
Funghwá, a visit to the city.... 180 in China....


Infanticide in Fukien, female.. 507
GENERAL chamber of commerce. 195 Ingersoll goes to Japan... 255
General Orders by Gough, 60,236,343||Innes, goods lost by,... 187,192
Goncalves', p-re, death.... 585||Intercourse can be easily effected 265
Gordon, G. J. visits the Wiú hills 129Interpreters much needed...... 223
Gough's arrival..
580||Inundation at Nanking.

Gough, sir Hugh, dispatches 148,496 Inundation in Canton. 20,25
Gough leaves China..

Gov. Findlay, brig visits Fukien. 129 JANCIGNY, col. arrives. ...... 586
roremmar, Notices on Chinese.. 317|Japan, the Morrison's visit to... 255
vraves of foreigners in Macao... 49 Japanese from Hainan... 244
Great Wall, termination of...... 93 Japanese invade China... 598,600
Giribble, Mr. seized at Tungkú.. 522 Japanese, eight shipwrecked. ... 400
Gully beheaded on Formosa.. 684||Jardine steamer arrives.

Lutziaff's visit to city gates.. 125|Je hó, or the Hot Streams, 100

Junks, the seizure of....

TAILING, death of....... 479,678
Halley's comet observed. 131 Kanpo, its position..

Hángchau, reinforcements at... 342|Kaulung, attack upon.

Hangchau, its defenses. 290 Kearny, arrival of commodore 183,238
Hángchau. the defenses of. 63||Keating, claims against Mr..... 130
Hángchau, the department of.... 104 Khan Khojá, ruler of Kashgár.. 145
Hellas, schovner attacked..

525 Ki Kung, lt-gov. of Canton.... 24
Hienling, Tartar lieut-gen... 679|| Kiángning, the ancient capital. . 214
Hingtái's bankruptcy.

297 |Kiángsi province, topography of. 374
History of the Ming dynasty. 592||Kiángsú, military operations in.. 397
Hiú Náitsi dismissed..

345 |Kiángsú, the topography of..... 210
Hobson's report of hospital. 659||Kiáu Ping Siú chi reviewed.... 487
Holgate in charge of hospital.. 195 Kidnappers at Chusan.

Houán, people at excited.
681||Kienwan, the einperor.

Honán temple injured by fire.... 23| Kinsai, the modern Hángchau · 106
Hongkong, land committee at... 184 Kishen at Tientsin....

Hongkong, the tenure of.... 344 Kishen, treaty with...

Hongkong, the government of... 144 Kishen recalled to Peking. 580
Hongkong a free port.

119||Kiú Kien, notice of.... 472

Kiying appoinic! com issioner. 675|| Medhurst's report of school.....

Kúlungsú, authorities at... 115 Medical Miss. Soc. 3d report... 659
Kúlangsu, notice of island of 154,504||Medical Mis. Soc., meeting of... 520
Kúlangsú, force at... 115,620|Med. Mis. Society's operations. . 335
Kumsing moon, affray at. 23Medical Missionary Society. 251
Kumsing moon closed.. 245||Militia, new levies of....

Kwan, admiral to ac. Maitland.. 300 Militia, disbanding of native.. 576

Military operations of the British 289
LAKE of Hángchau, or Si hú.... 106|Military forces, lists of British.. 116
Lake in Kiángsi, the Póyáng. 386 Ming Shi reviewed...

L'Arteinise, capt. La Place.... 307 Minglun táng, assemblages at.... 636
Lay, G. T. review by..... 487||Mission, the special, to China... 114
Lay's remarks on the Mantchous 425 Morrison, the grave of Mrs..... 18
Lecture of J. Quincy Adains... 274||Morrison, death of Rev. Robt. D. D. 65
Legends, extraordinary. 202| Morrison Ed. Soc., meeting of... 520
Leprosy in China...

663 Morrison Ed. Soc.'s fourth report. 5:1
Lexilogus, notice of the... 389 Mor. Education Soc. organized. 191
Li, gov. banished to Oroumtsi.. 12 Mor. Ed. Society's schools..... 357
Li, governor degraded.... 11||Morrison's Dictionary, cost of... 388
Liáu Chải, notice of the.
202 Mowqua's death..

Light-house, one recommended.. 298 Murad beg, chief of the Usbecks 145
Lin appointed commissioner. ... 350
Lin Tsesii enters Canton... 355 Nan Sung Chichuen reviewed.. 529
Lin and Tang banished to Ili... 584||Nanking, notices of the city... 214
Lin Tsesii's memorial....
21 Nanking, or Kiángning.

Lin Weihi, the death of. 458||Napier met by Chinese deputies. 09
Lin becomes governor,

524 Napier suggests a chamber of com. 68
Lindsay, an attack on H. H.. 12 Napier retires to Macao.... 74
Lintsing, temple at..
564||Napier dies at Macao.

Ljungstedt, death of sir A. 131|Napier and family arrive in China 25
Locusts in Kwangsi...

21|Napier, a monument to lord .... 127
Locusts rise in rebellion. 130||Napier's commission appointed.. 25
Lii, the mountains of... 381|Napier's letter to the governor.. 26
Lú, the death of governor. 131||Napier's fort occupied... 580

Napier's second letter to Palmer-
Macao, changes in..
400 ston...

Macao, Inner Harbor of.. 524||Napier's fort commenced.. 188
Macao, Matheson's donation to.. 181 Narrative of sergeant Campbell. 395
Macdonald, capt., his statements. 81 Naval forces, list of Erglish.... 119
Mackenzie's, K. S., narrative. 643||Navy at Chápú...

Madagascar steamer burnt... 634||Negotiations commenced.

Maitland's dispatch to Elliot.. 298 Negotiations, character of Chi.
Majoribanks leaves China.. 61

Majoribanks' newyear's dinner.. 1 Nemesis steamer fired at.

Manifesto, people's rejoinder to. 685 Nerbudda abandoned by captain 683
Manifesto of people at Canton... 630||Nerbudda transport lost.... 585
Manifesto by people of Tinghái.. 646Ningpo reoccupied by Chinese. . 470
Mantchou Tartars, account of... 425 Ningpo, an attack on.

Mantchous, the houses of the... 426 Ningpo, and its subdivisions.

Mantchou ladies....
434 Ningpo, the fall of.

Marine police, rules for a. 354 Ningpo, the city of, evacuated.. 342
Marines land in Canton.

70||Niú Kien governor, degraded... 681
Materialism of Chinese.

202 Niú Kien to sir Henry Pottinger 569
Matheson's, James, donation.... 181||Notices of the Pei ho..

McBryde, Rev. T. and family.. 507 | Notices of Hángchau.... 101
Medals, notice of military.....

328 | Votices on Chinese grammar... 317


Novel, the dreams in the R. Cham. 20011”orcelain, site of its manufacture 380

Portraits of ancient Chinese 47,111,
OBSERVATION on natives.... 4801

Officers of the U. S. squadron... 238| Portuguese govt. instructions from 191
Officers, provincial at Canton... 53Portuguese govt. at Macao...... 54
Official intercourse forbidden... 76 Portuguese troops go to Peking 601
Official papers, summary of.... 470||Post-office establishment.... 240
Ophthalmic hospital, report of.. 187 Potomac, U. S. frigate.

Opium trade is not smuggling.. 190||Pottinger, sir H., proclamations 119,
Opium burnt in Canton... 127 179,184,233,239,342,397,510,512,514,
Opium to be destroyed.... 457)

Opium trade, Elliot's remarks on, 401 Pottinger, sir Henry's return.... 64
Opium to be surrendered.. 356 Pottinger's, sir Henry, arrival... 584
Opium, mode of smoking,. 587| Presses and wardrobes.... 427
Opium, searching for..

241 Prisoners of Madagascar released 642
Opium, trade in, flourishing ..... 187 Prize money, agents for....... 115
Opium, memorials on,. 190,191 Proclaination against seditious
Opium trade begun on the coast 128 meetings..

Opium, legislation on... 244||Provinces, divisions of the eighteen 46
Opium, opposition against. 297 Pwankú, a portrait of........ 47
Opium, pledge not to deal in.... 360
Opium, 20,283 chests, surrendered 366 Quin goes to the eastern coast. 254
Opium, Elliot's notice of.... 346Quin, capt. in H. B. M. S. Raleigh 130
Opiurn, memorials against. 345
Opiun, edicts against.

6,7|Rebellion in Kwangtung..., 6
Opium-smoking in Penang.. 587||Register, the commencement of. 181
Orthography, the new system of. 28 Regulations, new and -restrictive 128
Oxus, journal to the river. 142|Relation with foreigners...


Relations, British, state of...... 185
PAGODA, the porcelain...... 215,680 Reminiscences of the U. S. frigate
Palmerston's instruction to Napier 22 Constellation ....

Pamir, the situation of.... 143| Reply to lord W.C. Bentinck... 4
Parapattan, school at.... 231|Residents, lists of foreign.... 55
Parker, sir William, dispatches 152,501 Retrospection.. 1,65,121,185,241,297,
Parker's, admiral, arrival.


Parsee graves in China.

51||Reynolds, E. G. üssist. land. offi. 240
Passes of the Great Wall.... 448 Rice, importation of..

Pay of the Mantchou officers. 432 Riot in Canton, Dec. 12th, 1838. 307
Peace, items of the treaty of.... 514 Riot in Canton, Dec. 7th, 1842.. 687
Peacock, U. S. ship....

11||River obstructed at Howqua's fort 586
Pei bo, notices of the.
92 Rivers in Chekiang:

Pei no, anchorage off the. 93,99||Roads, the committee for.. 240
Peking, notices of the city. 87|Robinson, sir G. B. chief supert.. 80
Peking, situation of...

92 Robinson, sir G. at Lintin.. 185
Peking, the venue to.

98|Robinson, sir G.'s policy.... 131
Periodical, a Chinese monthly.. 19|Roof of the world, Báin-i-Dúniah 143
Petition, superintendents not to.. 189
Pin (petition) word disallowed.. 264 SARAH, the first free trader..... 24
Pin the use of the term.. 348||Scholars of the Mor. Ed. Soc.... 552
Pinto, gov. note to Mr. Matheson 181 School-books wanted.... 548
Pinto, gov.. arrives in Macho. ... 242|Schooners built on European mod. 525
Piraces near the Bogue... 184|Seamen's Friend Association... 350
Plover, brig, the late Bentinck.. 397 Seminary at Parapattan.. 231
Plowden returns to China.. 11Senhouse's sir H. F.death. 583
Poison in springs of water.. 464 Serpent, H. M. brig, visit Formosa fizi
Policy of the Mantchou 20.1... 121 Shantung, topograply of: ....... 557
War with China, cause of the... 38
T. Pápau, a kidnapper. 615 War, the cause of the... 510
Tales of Táu priests..
204|Warehousing in Macao.

Shanghái attacked..

397 | Topography of Fukien.... 631
Shánsi, topography of.. 617||Trade of the British stopped... 68,70
Shauhau, portrait of..

4531 Traits of native character.. 410
Shinnung, portrait of.

3:22 Treachery, an instance of. 518
Ships of war required.
255 Treaty, emperor approves.

Shipwrecked Chinese.. 247 Treaty, memorial regarding the. 571
Shrines of the Mantchous. 429 Treaty, manner of signing the.. 575
Shuntien, department of. 444 Treaty of peace broken off. 579
Siamese tribute-bearers.. 130 Treaty, signing of the.... 519
Sinologues, present number of.. 158 Treaty, a commercial, proposed.. 67
Sketch of Confucius' life..... ,411 Trial at Hongkong, notices of a. 461
Sketches of China, by Davis.... 81 Troughton, the English bark.... 130
Smith, G. H. on opium smoking. 587 Tsang Wángyen, letter to .... 389
Smokers of opium warned..... 524 Tsientang river described.

Smugglers, seizure of.
239 Tsz’ki, skirmishing at.

Smuggler killed at Whampoa... 1831 Tsz’ki, situation and capture of. 498
Smugglers, action against.. 263Tsz'ki, a visit to the city of.... 180
Snow at Canton, fall of.
187 Tszki, an .attack on.

Society, the dissensions in foreign 129 Tsungming, notice of the island. 221
Soldier's Manual, the..... 487 Tyfoon of Aug. 5th, 1835. 130
Sovereigns, portraits of the three 110 Tyfoon of Aug. 3d, 1832.

Spelter, export of, forbidden.... 12 Tyfoon at Macao &c...

St. Paul's church, Macao, burnt.. 81 Tyrant, the village, executed.... 21
St. Vincent, the ship, boat lost.. 355
Stanton, Vincent seized.. 527 UNITED Sates' ships of war.. ] 1,186
Statesmen in China, life of.... 610

Statistics of Chekiáng. 162 Useful Knowledge, Society forl. 131
Stewart, C. E. assist. secretary.. 240
Stronach, reports of his school.. 176 VESSELS on the coast..

Sú Tungpú, works of.... 132 Victoria, Lin's letter to queen.

Súchau, the statistics of. 216 Vincennes, U. S. sloop,...

Sung dynasty, the Southern. 529
Summary of official papers. 470 WANG Ting, suicide of. 399,4
Sycee not to be exported. 21/Wang Tsinglán. letter of.... 3
Sz'chuen, insurrection in.. 17,128 Wánli

, emperor of Ming.

Tang's answer to Elliot. 196 White Deer vale in Kiángsi.

Tang Tingching arrives. 187| Wood, It. John's journal. 142
Teishin and Tsishin degraded.. 681 Writing, the several modes of... 175
Tie-chew dialect, Lessons in.... 389 Wu's visit to the Constellation. . 333
Tientsin. defenses at city of.... 296Wúsung attacked...... 397,676
Tientsin, the defenses of..
Tientsin, the situation of.. 97 YanGtsZ' kiáng, course uf. 374
Tinghai (Chusan) a free port. 119|Yihin, emperor's son.

Tinghai, capture of....

60|Yishán, an interview wich.... 183
Tingliai, manifesto' by peopie of. 646 Yishán, Yiking, and Wanwei de-
To:.-s in Chinese..
44 graded..

Topography of Aʼnhwui. 307 Yuen Yuen made cabinet minister. 20
Topography of Chili province. 438|Yuen Yuerh sonnets by...... 327
Topography of Shansi. 617 İYuenfusiuen, king of Cochinchina 400
Topography of the eighteen pro-

Yükien commits suicide..... 63.583

44 Yüyau, a visit to the city... 10




VOL. XI.-JANUARY, 1842.- No. 1.

Art. l. Retrospection, or a review of public occurrences in China

during the last ten years, from January 1st, 1832, to Decem

ber 31st, 1841. RETROSPECTION, when properly conducted, can hardly fail of being both pleasing and profitable. Most people are fond of reviewing the scenes through which they have passed, or with which they have been in any way connected. They love, in fancy, to go back and dwell on the events that have given interest and character to former days and years.

Whether they have been pleasurable or the reverse, the mind, at tincs, alınost instinctively returns to and lingers over the successive scenes that have already closed; and as does this, in the hours of calui reflection, it observes their varied effects whether

they be good or bad. Though all the acts performed, like their re• gistry on high, must for ever remain unchanged, so far as they relate

to the past, yet it may be otherwise regarding their future bearing. Having had full opportunity to observe their consequences, we are preparedi to repeat, reverse, or modify them, so far as they may be under our control. Errors. may be corrected; and from the past, useful lessons derived for the guidance of future conduct. To aid in such a retrospect, we will bring together in this article, and in chro. no!ogical order, notice of the principal events that have occurred within the range of our observation, during the last ten years.

January 181, 1832. The gentlemen of the foreign community in Canton were entertained on new-year's day; at the British factory, by Mr. Marjoribanks in a style that could bardly be surpassed. The Inumber of guests was about one hundred: The following notice of the entertainment is from the Canton Register of lfrat year.



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