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2. But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.



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MEDITATION. If we can but take the Lord at His word, as we do the word of one in whom we “ Neither place confidence and have trust, we shall have I gone find all that is here declared of that word; back from the yea, more than heart had dared to hope commandment for; and were it not for the declaration of his lips; I

that “ The cares of this world, as well as have esteemed “ If ye keep the riches thereof, do choke the Word,” we the words of my command- might conclude that the consolations of his mouth more ments, ye shall the Word were for one class, and the than my necesabide in my warnings for another class. But is it not sary food.” love; even as written, “Godliness with contentment is Job xxiii. 12. I have kept my great gain ?" so that all who will receive Father's com- the Word, and hide it in the heart, as mandments, & a treasure sent from our heavenly Father, abide in his through His only-begotten Son, and by love." – John His Spirit, which is God the Holy Ghost, “ Thy words xv. 10.

have a comfort, a joy, and a peace with were found, and “ Ye are God which the world can neither give nor I did eat them; my friends, if take away. When the thoughts are occu- and thy word ye do whatso- pied, time is little noticed, let the employ- was

unto me I

com- ment be what it may. If it be such as calls the joy and remand you."

for little more than the exertion of the joicing of mine 14.

body, how much is the labour lightened heart: for I am

by meditating on the Word of God. If called by thy “I sat not the employment call only for the exercise name, O LORD in the assembly and exertion of the mind, how much are God of hosts.” of the mockers, the perplexities of the task unravelled and -Jer. xv. 16. nor rejoiced; I the thoughts lured into pleasing paths; and sat alone be- deep reasoning led to see more clearly into

of thy the vast profound of the wisdom of Him hand: for thou who sent His Word to lead us through the hast filled me wilderness, up to Him who of God is with indigna- made unto us wisdom, righteousness, sanction.”—Jer.xv.tification, and redemption. Thus may we 17.

talk with Jesus by the way, and not be “ And Isaac hindered nor let in our business (for they went out to me- who run may read and listen), whilst He, ditate in the with the loving-kindness of a brother, field at the even- helpeth us in bearing the burden and heat tide: and he lift- of the day. ed up his eyes, To live for the pleasures of the world and saw, and, bringeth, at the close of each day's toil, behold, the ca- a vacuity of mind which fresh pleasures “ This book mels were com-only can fill up, and these, as they become of the law shall ing.”—Genesis stale, leave but a greater void, requiring not departout of xxiv. 68. larger supplies, until nature herself abhors thy mouth; but

John xv.


2. But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.



MEDITATION. the vacuum. For there is, even in a mere thou shalt meworldling, enough of mind left to make us ditate therein despise a man of pleasure, one who follow- day and night, eth the world after the world hath ceased that thou mayto follow him, when he hath lost the power est observe to or ability, but not the desire, to please do according to himself, or to lead others. Such an one is all that is writof all worldlings the most despicable; and ten therein : for when in retirement, having nothing but then thou shalt his own sayings and doings for his enter- make thy way tainment, truly his evening meditations are prosperous, and a sorry repast; yea, the very youths them- then thou shalt selves who are about to plunge into the have good sucsame courses, despise and scorn the old cess." —Joshua rake and would-be youngster of forty years' i. 8. standing. Of such a creature, however, the Lord can make His uses. Some youths, it may be, on hearing and seeing such a miserable end of prosperous folly, wicked

ness, and sin, will consider the way of life “ But he which is opening upon them, and calling said unto them, to mind the early lessons of a fond and I have meat to anxious mother--remembering, also, the eat that ye know precious moments when kneeling between not of.”—John her knees, the lips were taught to lisp the iv. 32.

name of Father in prayer, or, sitting at
her feet, they sang those Divine words
“How shall the young preserve their way,

From all pollution free?"
Yes, the contrast of days thus begun, and
that of the dreary end of days spent in the
vain pursuit of pleasure, is surely enough
to awaken serious thoughts in minds not
wholly devoid of reflection.

Strange, that the conviction of an in-
herent, an enduring distinction betwixt “Jesus saith
good and evil, should not naturally create unto them, My
in us a desire to shake off the one and meat is to do
cleave to the other. Few profess to love the will of him
sin for sin's sake; few that make an open that sent me,
boast of being the companions of libertines; and to finish
few that desire to continue of that sect to his work."
the end of their days, even though they John iv. 34.
were assured of a prosperous course in
the race of iniquity. How, then, are we
to account for the contempt which the

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2. But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.



world pours upon such as would make
God's Word their rule of life?—especially
where young men profess a desire after
Godlikeness, or express a fear to sin lest
they offend the Lord.

Why should we doubt those who say
that they find the Bible a continual feast,
an every day companion, a friend, a
counsellor, who hath some fresh delight,
some new idea to suggest; some realizing
power to impart; something which in the
evening of our day we can leave with
another without loss to ourselves or detri-
ment to those, on whom we would, that
the gift of GOD should come; and that
they with us might also be made partakers
of His grace: so that at the close of life,
we might declare that there are greater
riches and honours at God's right hand to
bestow, than kings have to confer or friends
to bequeath ?

Yes, the memory of the just is sweet; there is no bitterness in the tear which falleth on the empty tenement of clay that so lately confined the spirit of our absent friend, wife, husband, child, brother, sister, departed in the faith of Jesus; for He is Lord of Life.

3. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season ; his leaf also shall not wither, and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.




MEDITATION. " Jesus anWe are called on to exhort each other

“ And seeing a swered and said daily, it is true ; but it may be questioned fig-tree afar off unto her, Ifthou whether sufficient attention is paid to the having leaves, knewest thegift time and season in which we may expect he came, if hapof God, and who to see the fruits of our exhortations, our ly he might find it is that saith example, or any other means we may anything thereto thee, Give have been using, for encouraging the root on: and when

to drink; to strike and fix itself in the heart : we are he came to it, thou wouldest neither to slack the hand nor cease the he found nothhave asked of prayer in the work; all of which must be ing but leaves. him, & he would done in faith: moreover, we should be “ And Jesus have given thee careful not to extort a profession, but wait answered & said living water." and watch for the due season in hope of a unto it, No man -John iv. 10. rich harvest. The smiting of the fig-tree, eat fruit of thee

though it remind us of neglected oppor- hereafter for ev-
tunities, and though it be considered as er. And his dis-
the premonition of what so soon after ciples heard it.”
befel the Jewish nation, yet we, dealing -Mark xi. 13,
with our fellow-sinners will be wise in 14.
considering this awful manifestation of
power, as a caution ; rather than as a
sanction. The time of figs may yet come,
and a “living dog is better than a dead lion.”

A consistent walk and conversation will
make deeper impression than much talk-
ing. O how unfit are we to be put in
possession of the authority (how much
less of the power), which Jesus as the Son
of man received of the Father, and ex-
ercised amongst us, as one who came to
minister rather than to be ministered
unto. Man, placed in authority, and
conscious of power, is a fearful being. " When the
Even though we had no other evidence of poor and needy

Jesus being more than man, the restrain- seek water, and ing of the power which He evidently pos- there is none, sessed had been sufficient warranty for and their tongue our belief in Him as the Son of God. faileth for thirst,

Prayer is a powerful weapon in the pos- I the Lord will session of a believer; use it, О ye anxious hear them, I the parents ; let the polish of its glittering God of Israel blade be kept bright and untarnished, will not forsake by the continual use of it upon your own them.”—Is. xli. spirits ; so shall ye, by His grace in whose 17. school ye are taught, be enabled, in meekness and in patient perseverance, to watch


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