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servations on a Pamphlet entitled, “ A NarMinutes of Evidence taken at the Bar rative cf the Facts relative to the Dismissal of the Lords House of Parliament, on the of Mr. Daniel Daly.” 2s.6d. Petitions against the Orders in Council.

The Laws of Grenada, from 1763 to 1805. 3s. 6d.

By George Smith, Esq. Chief Justice of that Mercantile Tables, upon a tiew and uni- Colony, 4to. 31. 3s. Versally-approved method; adapted to the use of the Public Offices, Bankers, Merchants, Lawyers &c. By S. Newman. Vaccination Vindicated from some preRoyal 8vo. 11. 5s.

vailing Errors. By James Ramsay, Surgeon

at Amersham, Bucks, 18. 6d. EDUCATION.

An Exposition of the Practice of affasing Instructions for conducting a School, Cold Water on the surface of the Body, through the Agency of the Scholars them- as a Remedy for the Cure of Fever; to selves; comprizing the Analysis of an

which is added, Remarks on the Effects of Experiment in Education, made at the Male cold Drink, and of Gestation in the opet Asylum, Madras, 1789-1796. Extracted Air, in certain Conditions of that Disease. from the “ Madras School, or Elements of By Robert Jackson M. D. 10s. 6d. Tuition;" for the use Schools and fa

The Chirurgical Candidate; or, Reflecmilies. By the Rev. Dr. Andrew Bell, tions on Education, indispensable to comF. A. S. F. R. S. Ed. Rector of Swanage, plete Naval, Military and other Surgeons. Dorsetsbire. Is. or 10s. a dozen.

By Charles Danne, Member of the Royal A Series of Mercantile Letters, intended to College of Surgeons in London-Surgeon in give a general knowledge of Business to those Chief of the Medical Staff on the Gold

Coast of Africa, 8vo. 10s. 6d.
young persons whose views are directed to
Commerce, and for the use of Schools, by
E. Hodgkins. 4s.
A Comparative View of the Plans of

A Short Essay on the Constitution and Education, as detailed in the publications Advantages of Light Artillery for acting of Dr. Bell, and Mr. Lancaster. By Joseph with Infantry, &c.; Description of a loaded Fox. 1s. 6d.

Spear, recommended for the Use of the The Adventures of Ulysses: by Charles Rear Rank, &c. To which is added, Outlines Lamb, intended as a Companion to the Ad- of a Plan for Home Defence. By Major ventures of Telemachus, 12mo. 4s.

John Aldington, 2nd Edit. 2s.




Portraits of the whole of the Royal Fa. mily, on 21 Plates, engraved by .ber Ma- Present State of the People of Spain and

Characteristical Views of the Past and jesty's Permission, from the original Pic- Italy. Addressed to an English Traveller. tures in Windsor Castle ; plain 51. 58.; coloured 101. 10s.

By J. Andrews, LL. D. 9s.

The Theory of Dreams, in which an InHISTORY.

quiry is made into the Powers and FaA Translation of the Papers printed in culties of the Human Mind. 2 Vols. 8s. the French Language, in the Appendix to

A List of the Post Masters who have Fox's Historical Work, demy 4to. 5s.; royal signified to the Comunittee at the St. Albans dto. is. bds.

Tavern, their assent to drive at the Old

Rates Is.

Extracts from the Diary and Letters of
Practical Treatise of Powers. By Edward Mary Powell, 1s.
B. Sugden, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn. Royal The Yeoman's Friend; consisting of
8vo. 19s.

Moral Essays, Songs, and Hymns, intended Mr. Dallas's Speech in the Court of for the Pleasure and Edification of AgriKing's Bench on the Motion for a new cultural Labourers. By Mr. Dibdin. 6d. Trial in the Case of the King versus Picton. Views of the Catholic Question, sub2s, 6d.

mitted to the good Sense of the People of A Correct Report of the Trial between England, by T. Mc. Kenna. 5s. Mr. Daniel Daly, late Midshipman of his Proceedings of the Westminster Election; Majesty's Ship Lion, and Robert Rolles, with Speeches of the Right Hon. Mr. Esq. late Captain of the said Ship:with Obe Sheridan, Lord Cochrane, J. C. Jennings,


Esq., J. Elliott, Esq., Mr. Gibbons, Mr. T. perial Decree respecting the Papal DoSheridan, and others, 8vo. os.

minions, with Preliminary Obversations. Chidas, or a Serious. Euiquiry concerning By a Protestant Layman, is. "Taste and Genius; including a Proposal for Fairburn's complete Abstract of the Local the certain advancement of elegant Arts, Militia Act, with every Particular concernTo which is added by way of Illustration, ing the Persons liable to serve; including a Fragment of Ancient History. By Anthony the Exemptions, Penalties, Age, and Oath, Fisgrave, LL.D. 7s.

6d. Hints to the Bearers of Walking Sticks, Remarks on Two Sermons, preached beand Umbrellas with Plates 2s. 6d.

fore the University of Oxford, by Dr. Barrow, Hints to the Public aud the Legislatures and the Rev. Mr. Nares, on the Prize Disseron the Nature and Effect of Evangelical tations of the Rev. Mr. Pearson, and Mr. Preaching. By a Barrister, Part II. 4s, bds. Cunningham, before the University of Cam

A more extended Discussion in favour bridge; and Lord Téigrimouth's Pamphlet of Liberty of Conscience, recommended by on the Practicability of converting the the Rev, Christopher Wyvill. ls.

Natives of India to Christianity. By Major Indian Recreations: Consisting of Scott Waring, 5s. Thoughts on the Effects of the British Go- A Treatise on Telegraphic Communicavernment on the State of India; accom- tion, Naval, Military, and Political. By panied with Hints concerning the means of John Macdonald, Esq. late Lieutenant Co. conveying Civil and Religious Instruction te lonel and Engineer, 7s. the Natives of that Country. By the Rev. The Satires of Boileau, translated; with William Tendant, A.M. LL.D. and F. A. S. some Account of that Poet's Life and. lately one of His Majesty's Chaplains in Writings, 8vo. 7s.60. India. Vol. II. 8vo. 9s.

The Gulistan of Sady, translated from The Names and Descriptions of the Pro- the Persian, by Mr. Gladwin, Aro. 10s. 6d. prietors of Unclaimed Dividends on Bank Free and Impartial Thoughts on the DanStock, and on the Public Funds, trans- gers to be apprehended from the Increase of ferable at the Bank of England; which be- Sectaries in this Kingdom, 3s. came due on and before the 5th January, The Second Report of the Committee of 1806, and remained unpaid the 29th De- the African Institution. cember, 1807. With the Dates' when the The Liberty of the Press; or the Trial first Dividends respectively became Pay- between the Attorney General and the Editor able, and the number of Dividends due and Printer of the Independent Whig Newsthereon. By Order of the Court of Directors paper, 1s.' of the Bank of England. 13s.

Account of the First Anniversary MeetMeinoir of the Møsquito Territory; re- ing of the Triumph of Westminster in the specting the voluntary Cession of it to the Election of Sir Francis Burdett, 6d. Crown of Great Britain, pointing out some Speech in the House of Lords; May 20th, of the many Advantages to be derived from on the Question concerning the Powers of the Occupation of that Country, more espe, the Court of Session to Re-augment the cially after our ill Success at Buenos Ayres; Stipend of the Clergy of Scotland. By the as set forth in a Memorial presented to the, Earl of Lauderdale, 2s, 6d. Right Hon. Lord Castlereagh, Secretary of An Analysis of Country Dancing; wherein State for the Colonies, &c. &c. By John are displayed all the Figures ever used'in Wright, Esq late Commander of His Ma- Country Dances, By T. Wilson, Dancing jesty's ship Swift, and Senior Officer of Master, froin the King's Theatre, Opera His Majesty's Naval Forces at Honduras, House, 12mo. Is. 60. and on the Mosquito Shore. Is. 6d.

Literary Relics of the late Joseph RichNecessity for Universal Toleration, ex. ardson, Esg. 4s. emplified in the Speeches on the Catholic A List of Bankrupts from Jan. 1, 1766,Question in 1905, and 1808, by Mr. Henry to June 26, 1806. By William Smith. 15s. Grattan, M. P. Lord Hutchinson, K. B. The means of finding the Longitude at The Earl of Moira, the Bishop of Norwich Sea. By Major General Grant, Viscount and Sir J. C. Hippisley, Bart, M. P. care- de Vaux. 4to, 11, 5s. fully revised and corrected from the au.. A Treatise on the progressive Endeavours thentic, MSS. To which are subjoined, a to improve the Maputacture of Cordage. succinct Expression of the Bishop of Lan-' With a Discussion on the Means of causirig daff's Opinion relative to the Policy and Ships to ride at Anchor with greater Safety. Exped ency of the Question at this mo- By William Chapman, of Newcastle, mentous Crisis. And the last French Im. M.R.1.A. 10s. 6d.

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into the Nature ard Extent of the Benefit Latin and Italian Poems of Milton, trans.

derived from Trade: with Observations on lated into English Verse, and a fragmeni the Propriety of making Peace with Francc, of a Commentary on Paradise Lost. By and an Appendix, discussing the Policy of the late William Cowper, Esq. with a Pre- prohibiting Corn in the Distilleries. By face by the Editor (William Hayley) and Robert Torrens, Esq. 3s. 6d. Notes of various Authors. Illustrated also,

A Letter to the Right Hon. Lord Castleby. Flaxman's Designs. 4to. 21. 2s.

reagh from Colonel G. Hanger, proving Pathetic Tales, Poems, &c. by J.B. Fisher, how One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Men, 8vo. 7s.

as well disciplined as any Regiment of Musæ Seatoniana: A complete Collection, the Lipe need be, may be acquired in the of the Cambridge Prize Poems, from the short Time of two months, with Instrucfirst Institution of, that Premium, by the tions to Volunteers. To which is added, a Rey. Thomas Seaton, 1750, to the Year 1806. Plan for the Forination of a Corps of Marks 2 Vols. 8vo. 12s.

men. 35. 6d. For the accommodation of those who

An Enquiry into the Policy and Justice of have the edition published in 1772, a Col

the prohibition of the use of Grain in the lection of the Poems from that time to the Distilleries; including Observations on the year 1806, is printed in one volume, 7s.

Nature and Use of a Vént to superfluous Poems. By Dorothea Brown, 4to. "With Land-produce; and a particular application Engravings in wood by Hole, 15s.

of the General Question to the present si-. The Simplisiad, a Poem; containing Hints tuation of the Colonial Interests. By Arfor the Scholars of the New School, 2s. chibald Bell, Esq. Advocate. 3s. Kathleen ; a Ballad, from an ancient Irish

A Letter to the Right Hon. Spencer PerTradition in the Valley of Glandilough, cival, Chancellor of the Exchequer, on a County of Wicklow. By J. Edwards, 4to. 28. subject connected with his Bill now under

Verses, by the Rev. Ř. N. French, of Fore- Discussion in Parliament, for improving the mart, 7s.6d.

Situation of Stipendiary. Curates. 1s. Gilbert, or the Young Carrier ; an Amatory and Rural Poem, in Four Books. Em

POLITICS. bellished with highly-fiuished Copper-plates. Public Spirit, or, a Brief View of the Small 8vo, os. Demny 8vo.. 7s. 6d.

Dangers of the Country, in opposition to A Selection of Psalms, adapted to the Mr. Roscoe and others., 3s. Service of a Parochial Church, from various An attempt to shew, by what means the Authors. Small 12mo. ls. bound.

United Kingdom and the World may be The Shipwreck of St. Paul; a Seatonian saved from the Subjection to France, withPrize Poem. By the Rev. Charles James out the Abolition, in Great Britain and Hoare, A. M. 4to. 2s.

Ireland, of all Distinctions on Account of The Renovation of the Indies, a Poem; Religion. 7s. 60. with the Prophecy of the Ganges, an Ode. A Letter to a noble Lord touching some Small 8vo. 6s.

points in the Constitution of the High Court Aggiuntai ai Componimenti Lirici de' of Admiralty. 2s. piu illustri Poeti d'Italia, Dante, Petrarca, Demonstration; Financial Remarks, with Tasso, Chiabrera, Filicaja. Meuzini, Guidi, occasional Observations on Political Occura Lazzarini, Frugoni, &c. Scelta da T. J. Mat- rences, by Francis Percival Eliot, Esq. 6s. thias, 3 vols. small 8vo. 11. 11s. 6d.

The Senses, an Ode, in the Manner of Collins's Ode on the Passions. 4s.

Poems; containing Dramatic Sketches of An Attempt to prove the Truth of ChrisNorthern Mythology, &c. By F. Sayers, tianity from the Wisdom displayed in its D. D. 4th Edit. 8vo. 7s.

original Establishment, and from the History of false and corrupted Systems of re

ligion; in a series of Discourses preached POLITICAL ECONOMY.

before the University of Oxford, in the year Substance of a Speech in the House of 1808, at the Lecture founded by the late Commons, on the Motion for prohibiting Rev. John Bampton, M. A. Canon of SalisCorn in Distilleries. By J. F. Barham. 1s. bury. By John Penrose, M. A. of Corpus

Th Interests of Agriculture and Com- Christi College, 3vo. 9s. merce inseparable. By W. Lushington, The Worship of the Christian Cherchi Lsq. 2s. 6d.

considered in an address to those Persons The Economists refuted; or, au Enquiry in and near Birmingham, who believe that,



Jesus Christ is the Son of God. By R. Little. Morton, Vicar of Risley, Bedford ; 6d.

Chaplain to his Royal Highness the Prince The Lying Prophetess detected ; being of Wales: Is. 6d. the substance of a Sermon preached March Sermons on several subjects. By the 16, 1808. at Beersheba Chapel St. George's late Rev. William Paley, D. D. Subdean of Fields. By W. M. Smith, M. G. Is.

Lincola, Prebendary of St. Paul's, and RecThe Propriety of the Time of Christ's tor of Bishop Wearmouth ; author of " Naappearance in the World, with Reflections türal Theology" “ Moral Philosophy" &c. on the nature and utility of Public Wor. By permission of his Executors. 8vo. 10s. ship; a Sermon, preached May 28, 1808, at 6d. Cranbrook in Kent. By J. Evans, A. M. On the Everlasting Fire of the Athana

Remarks on a Letter addressed to the sian Creed; a Sermon preached on the Lord Bishop of London, on the subject of Sunday after Ascension Day, 1808 dedicated his Lordship's having prohibited the Rev. to the Rev. Francis Store, M. A. Rector of Dr. Draper from preaching in any of the Cold Norton, and his Prosecutors. By Churches in his Diocese. To which is added, George Somers Clarke, D. D. Vicar of Great an Observation on the Bible Society, and a Waltham, Essex, 1s. 6d. few Hints to Evangelical Clergymen. Is. Female Benefit Societies recommended;

TOPOGRAPHY. or, the Necessity and Advantages of Fore- ,

An Account of Jamaica and its Inhabit-
sight. A Sermon preached in the Parish
Church of St. Saviour, in the City of York, West Indies, 8vo. 7s.6d.

ants. By a Gentleman, long resident in the
On June 1, 1808, before the York Female
Benefit Club, established in 1801 and pub-
lished at the request of the Patronesses.
By the Rev. John Graham, Rector of St. Travels through Spain and Portugal, re-
Saviour and of St. Mary, Bishop Hill Senior, cently performed by an English Gentleman;
York, and Domestic Chaplain to the Right containing accurate Delineations of the
Hon. Earl Bathurst. 1s. 6d.

Manners and Domestic Condition of that Christian Doctrine opposed to Heresy. Country, with Anecdotes of the Prince of A Sermon, preached in the Parish Church Peace, &c. Estimates of the Power and Reof St. Paul, Bedford, before the Rev. Dr. sources of the Spanish Monarchy, and other Shepherd, Archdeacon, at the Annual Vic interesting and authentic particulars. 8vo. sitation of the Clergy, held on Thursday the 10s. 6d. illustrated with a Map of Spain, and H2th of May, 1808. By the Rev. Joshua several other Engravings.


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For SEPTEMBER, 1808.

Art. I. Middleton's Doctrine of the Greek Article, applied to the Criticism

and Illustration of the Greek Testament.

(Continued from p. 678.) WE are now to fulfil our engagement, by giving a synopsis

of Mr. Middleton's system; studying brevity so far as it is compatible with perspicuity.

All the insertions and omissions of the Greek Article respect Appellative Nouns-Proper Names, -Abstract Terms, -certain cases of apparent anomaly,--some peculiar words, and the concord of the Adjective with the Sábstantive. Each of these will be the subject of a proposition, with subordinate divisions.

PROPOSITION I. (Ch. III. of Mr. Middleton.) To ascertain the rules of the position or the omission of the Article with the Appellative Nouns.

SECT. I. Insertions of the Article in subservience to the pur. pose of Retrospective Reference.

Rule i. On the renewed mention of an object before named, or expressed by a synonym, or only adverted to, the article is inserted. e. g.

Object before named. Κορίνθιοι, προπέμψαντες ΚΗΡΥΚΑ, έπλεον 'επι την Επίδαμνού" ως δε ο κήρυξ τε απήγγειλεν ουδέν ειρηναιονThucyd. i. 29.

Synonym before expressed. Κολάσαντος δέ τινος ισχυρώς 'ΑΚΟΛΟΥΘΟΝ, ήρετο τι χαλεπαίνοι ΤΩι θεράποντι. Χen. Mem. iii. 13. 4.

Object adverted to, so that its existence is clearly inferable in the hearer's mind. "Οταν τι ΨΕΥΔΩΝΤΑΙ, 'αόριστα και ασαφη τειρώνται λέγειν, φοβόμενοι ΤΟΝ "ελεγχον, i. e. the conviction which lying boasters bave reason to apprehend, and which Æschines charges his riral with audaciously outbraving. Cont. Ctes. 34.

Rule ii. The Article is employed when the reference is, raz' ':óxm, to an object pre-eminent in the hearer's notice among others of the same kind; whatever be the nature of the pre-eminence, whether excellency or vileness. e. g. VOL. IV.

3 M

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