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Section Two


C. Dedicatory

Dedication of the Temple


[blocks in formation]

"Risen up in the room of David."

"Lord God of Israel."

"Walk before thee with all their heart."

d. Interrogation.

e. Metonomy.

f. Metaphor.

g. Metonomy.

h. Metonomy.


"But will God indeed dwell on the earth?"

"Bring his way upon his head."

"From the midst of the furnace of iron."

"Thou speakest by the hand of Moses.

"Promised by the hand of Moses."

D. Eulogies

a. Hyperbole. "To a thousand generations."

b. Metonomy. "Sing all the earth."

[blocks in formation]

f. Personification. "Let the earth rejoice."

g. Personification. "Let the sea roar."

h. Personification. "Let the fields rejoice."

i. Personification.

"Trees of the woods sing."



a. Interrogation.

"What went ye out in the wilderness
to see?"

b. Interrogation. "A reed shaken with the wind?"
c. Interrogation. "But what went ye out for to see?"
d. Interrogation. "A man clothed in soft raiment?"

e. Interrogation. "But what went ye out for to see?"
"A Prophet?"

f. Interrogation.

[blocks in formation]


d. Metaphor. "The shadows of death."

He Must Increase but I Must decrease

E. Speeches of Farewell

[blocks in formation]
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