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Shall hymns of joy to God, our King,
Be sung by slaves in foreign lands?

O Salem, our once happy seats
When I of thee forgetful prove,
Let then my trembling hand forget
The speaking strings with art to move ;
If I to mention thee forbear,
Eternal silence seize my tongue ;
Or if I sing one cheerful air,
Till thy deliv'rance is my song.

Remember, Lord, how Edom's race,
In thy own city's fatal day,
Cry'd out, “Her stately walls deface,
“And with the ground quite level lay.”
Proud Babel's daughter, doom'd to be
Of grief and woe the wretched prey;
Bless'd is the man who shall to thee
The wrongs thou laid'st on us repay.

Thrice bless'd, who, with just rage possest,
And deaf to all the parents' moans,

Shall snatch thy infants from the breast,
And dash their heads against the stones.


W W WITH my whole heart, my God and King,
Thy praise I will proclaim;
Before the gods with joy I’ll sing,
And bless thy holy Name.
I'll worship at thy sacred seat,
And, with thy love inspir'd,
The praises of thy truth repeat,
O'er all thy works admir’d.

Thou graciously inclin'dst thine ear,
When I to thee did cry;
And when my soul was press'd with fear,
Didst inward strength supply.
Therefore shall ev'ry earthly prince
Thy Name with praise pursue,
Whom these admir’d events convince
That all thy works are true.

They all thy wondrous ways, O Lord,
With cheerful songs shall bless;

And all thy glorious acts record,
Thy awful power confess.

6 For God, although enthron'd on high,
Does thence the poor respect;
The proud far off his scornful eye
Beholds with just neglect.

7 Though I with troubles am oppress'd,

He shall my foes disarm,
Relieve my soul when most distress'd,
And keep me safe from harm.
8 The Lord, whose mercies ever last,
Shall fix my happy state;
And, mindful of his favours past,
Shall his own work complete.

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1, 2 HOU, Lord, by strictest search hast know" My rising up and lying down;

My secret thoughts are known to thee,
Known long before conceiv'd by me.

3 Thine eye my bed and paths surveys,
My public haunts and private ways;

4 Thou know'st what tis my lips would vent, My yet unutter'd words' intent.

5 Surrounded by thy pow'r I stand; Qn every side I find thy hand:

6 Q skill for human reach too high
Too dazzling bright for mortal eye :

7 Q could I so perfidious be,
To think of once deserting thee,
Where, Lord, could Ithy influence shunt
Or whither from thy presence run?

8 If up to heav'n I take my flight,
Tis there thou dwell'st, enthron'd in light;
If down to hell's infernal plains,
Tis there Almighty vengeance reigns.

9 If I the morning's wings could gain,
And fly beyond the western main,

10 Thy swifter wings would first arrive,

And there arrest thy fugitive.

11 Qr, should I try to shun thy sight,

Beneath the sable wings of night;
99e glance from thee, one piercing ray,
Would kindle darkness into day.

** The veil of night is no disguise,

No screen from thy all-searching eyes;

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Through midnight shades thou find'st the way,
As in the blazing noon of day.
Thou know'st the texture of my heart,
My reins, and ev'ry vital part;
Each single thread in nature's loom,
By thee was cover'd in the womb.
I'll praise thee, from whose hands I came,
A work of such a curious frame ;
The wonders thou in me hast shown,
My soul with grateful joy must own.
-Thine eyes my substance did survey,
While yet a lifeless mass it lay,
In secret how exactly wrought,
Ere from its dark enclosure brought.
Thou didst the shapeless embryo see,
Its parts were register'd by thee;
Thou saw'st the daily growth they took,
Form'd by the model of thy book.
Let me acknowledge too, O God,
That since this maze of life I trod,
Thy thoughts of love to me surmount
The power of numbers to recount.
Far sooner could I reckon o’er
The sands upon the ocean's shore;
Each morn revising what I’ve done,
I find the account but new begun.
The wicked thou shalt slay, O God,
Depart from me, ye men of blood,
Whose tongues heav'n's Majesty profane,
And take the Almighty's Name in vain.
Lord, hate not I their impious crew,
Who thee with enmity pursue 2
And does not grief my heart oppress,
When reprobates thy laws transgress!
Who practise enmity to thee
Shall utmost hatred have from me ;
Such men I utterly detest,
As if they were my foes profest.

23, 24 Search, try, O God, my thoughts and heart,

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If mischief lurk in any part;
Correct me where I go astray,
And guide me in thy perfect way.

RESERVE me, Lord, from crafty socz,
Of treacherous intent ;

2 And from the sons of violence, On open mischief bent. 3 Their sland'ring tongue the serpent's sting In sharpness does exceed ; Between their lips the gall of asps And adder's venom breed. 4 Preserve me, Lord, from wicked hands, Nor leave my soul forlorn, A prey to sons of violence, Who have my ruin sworn. 5 The proud for me have laid their snare, And spread their wily net; With trays and gins, where’er I move, I find my steps beset. 6 But thus environ'd with distress, Thou art my God, I said; Lord, hear my supplicating voice, That calls to thee for aid. 7 O Lord, the God whose saving strength Kind succour did convey, And cover'd my advent’rous head In battle's doubtful day : 3 Permit not their unjust designs To answer their desire ; Lest they, encourag"d by success, To bolder crimes aspire. 9 Let first their chiefs the sad effects Of their injustice mourn; The blast of their envenom'd breath Upon themselves return. 10 Let them who kindle first the flame, Its sacrifice become; The pit they digg'd for me be made Their own untimely tomb. 11 Though slander's breath may raise a storin. It quickly will decay; Their rage does but the torrent swell, That bears themselves away. 12 God will assert the poor man's cause, And speedy succour give : The just shall celebrate his praise, And in his presence live.

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l thee, O Lord, my cries ascend, . O haste to my refief

And with accustom'd pity hear
The accents of my grief.
2 Instead of off rings let my pray'r
Like morning incense rise ;
My lifted hand supply the place
Of ev'ning sacrifice.

3 From hasty language curb my tongue,
And let a constant guard
Still keep the portal of my lips
With wary silence barr'd.
4 From wicked men's designs and deeds
My heart and hands restrain;
Nor let me in the booty share
Of their unrighteous gain.

5 Let upright men reprove my faults,

And I shall think them kind ;

Like balms that heals the wounded head
I their reproof shall find ;

And, in return, my fervent prayer
I shall for them address,

When they are tempted and reduc’d,
Like me, to sore distress.

6 When skulking in Engedi's rock,
I to their chiefs appeal,
If one reproachful word I spoke,
When I had pow'r to kill.
7 Yet thus they persecute to death;
Our scatter'd ruins lie
As thick as from the hewer's axe
The sever'd splinters fly.

3 But, Lord, to thee I still direct
My supplicating eyes,
O leave not destitute my soul,
Whose trust on thee relies,
9 Do thou preserve me from the snares
That wicked hands have laid ;
Let them in their own nets be caught,
While my escape is made.

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