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ro, 3 But thou, Q-Lord art my defence ; On thee my hopes rely; Thou art my glory, and shall yet . List up my head on high. 4 Since whensoe’er, in like distress, To God I made my pray’r, He heard me from his holy hill; Why should I now despair 2 5 Guarded by him, I laid me down My sweet repose to take; For I through him securely sleep, Through him in safety wake. 6. No force nor fury of my foes My courage shall confound, Were they as many hosts as men, That have beset me round. 7 Arise, and save me, O my God, Who oft hast own'd my cause, And scatter'd oft these foes to me, And to thy righteous laws. 8 Salvation to the Lord belongs; He only can defend : His blessings he extends to all That on his power depend.

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I O LORD, that art my righteous Judge,
To my complaint give ear:
Thou still redeem'st me from distress;
Have mercy, Lord, and hear.
2 How long will ye, O sons of men,
To blot my fame devise 2
How long your vain designs pursue,
And spread malicious lies 2
3 Consider that the righteous man
Is God’s peculiar choice;
And when to him I make my pray'r,
He always hears my voice.
4 Then stand in awe of his commands,
Flee ev'ry thing that's ill,
Commune in private with your hearts,
And bend them to his will.
5. The place of other sacrifice
Let righteousness supply;
And let your hope, securely fix’d,
On God alone rely.

6 While worldly minds impatient grow
More prosp’rous times to see ;
Still let the glories of thy face
Shine brightly, Lord, on me.
7 So shall my heart o'erflow with joy,
More lasting and more true
Than theirs, who stores of corn and wine.
Successively renew.

8 Then down in peace I'll lay my head;
And take my needful rest;
No other guard, O Lord, I crave,
Of thy defence possess'd.

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I ORD, hear the voice of my complaint; Accept my secret pray’r;

2 To thee alone, my King, my God, Will I for help repair.

3 Thou in the morn my voice shalt hear, And with the dawning day

To thee devoutly I'll look up,

To thee devoutly pray.

4 For thou the wrongs that I sustain.
Canst never, Lord, approve,
Who from thy sacred dwelling place
All evil dost remove.

5 Not long shall stubborn fools remain

Unpunish'd in thy view ;
All such as act unrighteous things
Thy vengeance shall pursue.

6 The sland'ring tongue, O God of truth,
By thee shall be destroy'd,
Who hat’st alike the man in blood
And in deceit employ'd.
7 But when thy boundless grace shall me
To thy lov'd courts restore,
On thee Ill fix my longing eyes,
And humbly there adore.

s Conduct me by thy righteous laws, * For watchful is my foe; Therefore, Q Lord, make plain the way. Wherein I ought to go. 9 Their mouth vents nothing but deceit: Their heart is set on wrong;

Their throat is a devouring grave ;-
They flatter with their tongue.
10 By their own counsels let them fall,
Oppress'd with loads of sin;
For they against thy righteous laws
Have harden'd rebels been.

11 But let all those that trust in thee,
With shouts their joy proclaim ;
Let them rejoice whom thou preserv'st,
And all that love thy Name.
12. To righteous men, the righteous Lord .
His blessing will extend;
And with his favour all his saints,
As with a shield, defend.


l Th; dreadful anger, Lord, restrain,
And spare a wretch forlorn ;
Correct me not in thy fierce wrath,
Too heavy to be borne.
2 Have mercy, Lord ; for I grow faint,
Unable to endure
The anguish of my aching bones,
Which thou alone can'st cure.

3 My tortur'd flesh distracts my mind,
And fills my soul with grief;
But, Lord, how long wilt thou delay
To grant me thy relief?
4 Thy wonted goodness, Lord, repeat,
And ease my troubled soul;
Lord, for thy wondrous mercy's sake,
Vouchsafe to make me whole.

5 For after death no more can I
Thy glorious acts proclaim,
No prisoner of the silent grave
Can magnify thy Name.
6 Quite tir'd with pain, with groaning saint,
No hope of ease I see ;
The night, that quiets common griefs,
Is spent in tears by me.

7 My beauty fades, my sight grows dim,
My eyes with weakness close ;
Old age o'ertakes me, whilst I think.
On my insulting foes.

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8 Depart, ye wicked; in my wrongs.
Ye shall no more rejoice ;
For God, I find, accepts my tears,
And listens to my voice.

9, 10 He hears, and grants my humble pray'r;
And they that wish my fall,
Shall blush and rage to see that God
Protects me from them all.


I LORD, my God, since I have plac'd
My trust alone in thee,
From all my persecutors' rage
Do thou deliver me.
2 To save me from my threatoning foe,
Lord interpose thy pow'r;
Lest, like a savage lion, he
My helpless soul devour.

3, 4 If I am guilty, or did e'er

Against his peace combine;

Nay, if I had not spar'd his life,
Who sought unjustly mine;

5. Let then to persecuting foes

My soul become a prey;

Let them to earth tread down my life,
In dust my honour lay.

6 Arise, and let thine anger, Lord,

In my defence engage;

Exalt thyself above my foes,
And their insulting rage :

Awake, awake, in my behalf,
The judgment to dispense,

Which thou hast righteously ordain'd
For injur'd innocence.

7 So to thy throne, adoring crowds
Shall still for justice fly:
Oh I therefore for their sake, resume
Thy judgment-seat on high-
3 Impartial, Judge of all the world,
1 trust my cause to thee;
According to my just deserts,
So let thy sentence be.

* Let wicked arts and wicked men Together be o'erthrown;

But guard the just, thou God, to whom The hearts of both are known. 10, 11 God me protects, not only me, But all of upright heart; And daily lays up wrath for those Who from his laws depart. 12 If they persist, he whets his sword, His bow stands ready bent; 18 Ev’n now, with swift destruction wing’d, His pointed shafts are sent; 14 The plots are fruitless which my foe Unjustly did conceive ; 15 The pit he digg’d for me, has prov’d His own untimely grave. 16 On his own head his spite returns, Whilst I from harm am free ; On him the violence is fall’n, Which he design'd for me. 17 Therefore will I the righteous ways Of Providence proclaim ; I'll sing the praise of God most high, And cclebrate his Name. *- PSALM VIII.

1. THOU, to whom all creatures bow
Within this earthly frame,
Through all the world how great art thou ?
How glorious is thy Name !
In heav'n thy wondrous acts are sung,
Nor fully reckon'd there;
2 And yet thou mak’st the infant tongue
Thy boundless praise declare.
Through thee the weak confound the strong,
And crush their haughty foes ;
And so thou quell'st the wicked throng,
That thee and thine oppose.
3 When heav'n, thy beauteous work on high,
Employs my wond'ring sight;
The moon, that nightly rules the sky,
With stars of feebler light;
4. What’s man, say I, that, Lord, thou lov'st
To keep him in thy mind 2
Or what his offspring, that thou prov'st
To them so wondrous kind 2
5 Him next in pow'r thou didst create
To thy celestial train ;

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