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The grand procession to complete,
Sent up their tribes, a princely host.

Thus God to strength and union brought
Our tribes, at strife till that blest hour ;

This work, which thou, O God, hast wrought,
Confirm with fresh recruits of pow'r.

To visit Salem, Lord, descend,
And Sion, thy terrestrial throne;
Where kings with presents shall attend,
And thee with offer'd crowns atone.
Break down the spearmen's ranks, who threat
Like pamper'd herds of savage might;
Their silver-armour'd chiefs defeat,
Who in destructive war delight.

Egypt shall then to God stretch forth
Her hands, and Afric homage bring;
The scatter'd kingdoms of the earth
Their common Sov’reign's praises sing;
Who, mounted on the loftiest sphere
Of ancient heav'n, sublimely rides;
From whence his dreadful voice we hear,
Like that of warring winds and tides,

Ascribe the power to God most high :
Of humble Israel he takes care;
Whose strength, from out the dusky sky,
Darts shining terrors through the air.
How dreadful are the sacred courts,
Where God has fix’d his earthly throne;
His strength his feeble saints supports,
To give God praise, and him alone.

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AVE me, O God, from waves that roll,
And press to overwhelm my soul :

With painful steps in mire I tread,
And deluges o'erflow my head.
With restless cries my spirits faint,
My voice is hoarse with long complaint;
My sight decays with tedious pain,
Whilst for my God I wait in vain.

My hairs, though num'rous, are but few
Compar'd with foes that me pursue
With groundiess hate ; grown now of might
To cxecute their lawless spite,

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They force me, guiltless, to resign,
As rapine, what by right was mine :
Thou, Lord, my innocence dost see,
Nor are my sins conceal’d from thee.
Lord God of hosts, take timely care,
Lest, for my sake, thy saints despair;
Since I have suffer'd for thy Name
Reproach, and hid my face in shame:

A stranger to my country grown,
Nor to my nearest kindred known ;
A foreigner, expos'd to scorn
By brethren of my mother born.
For zeal to thy lov’d house and Name
Consumes me like devouring flame;
Concern’d at their affronts to thee,
More than at slanders cast on me.

My very tears and abstinence
They construe in a spiteful sense :
When cloath’d with sackcloth for their sake).
They me their common proverb make.
Their judges at my wrongs do jest,
Those wrongs they ought to have redress'd;
How should I then expect to be
From libels of lewd drunkards free ?

But, Lord, to thee I will repair
For help, with humble, timely pray’r;
Relieve me from thy mercy's store;
Display thy truth's preserving pow'r,
From threat'ning dangers me relieve,
And from the mire my feet retrieve;
From spiteful foes in safety keep,
And snatch me from the raging deep.

Controul the deluge, ere it spread,
And roll its waves above my head;
Nor deep destruction's open pit
To close her jaws on me permit.
Lord, hear the humble pray’r I make,.
For thy transcending goodness' sake;
Relieve thy supplicant once more
From thy abounding mercy's store.
Nor from thy servant hide thy face;
Make haste, for desperate is my case ;
Thy timely succour interpose,
And shield me from remorseless foes,

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Thou know'st what infamy and scorn
I from my enemies have borne ;
Nor can their close dissembled spite, -
Or darkest plots escape thy sight.
Reproach and grief have broke my heart;
I look'd for some to take my part,
To pity or relieve my pain;
But look'd, alas ! for both in vain.
With hunger pin'd, for food I cali ;
Instead of food, they give me gall;
And when with thirst my spirits sink,
They gave me vinegar to drink.
Their tables, therefore, to their health
Shall prove a snare, a trap their wealth;
Perpetual darkness seize their eyes,
And sudden blasts their hopes surprise.

On them thou shalt thy fury pour,
Till thy fierce wrath their race devour;
And make their house a dismal well,
Where none will e'er vouchsafe to dwell.
For new afflictions they procur'd
For him who had thy stripes endur'd;
And made the wound, thy scourge had torn,
To bleed afresh, with sharper scorn.

Sin shall to sin their steps betray,
Till they to truth have lost the way:
From life thou shalt exclude their soul,
Nor with the just their names enrol.
But me, howe'er distress'd and poor,
Thy strong salvation shall restore.
Thy pow'r with songs I'll then proclaim,
And celebrate with thanks thy Name.

Our God shall this more highly prize,
Than herds or flocks in sacrifice ;
Which humble saints with joy shall see,
And hope for like redress with me.
For God regards the poor's complaint;
Sets pris'mers free from close restraint :
Let heav'n, earth, sea, their voices raise,
And all the world resound his praise.

For Cnd will Sion's walls erect;
n’s cities he'll protect;
catter'd sons repair

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36 This blessing they shall at their death,
To their religious heirs bequeath;
And they to endless ages more
Of such as his blest Name adore.

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LORD, to my relief draw near; For never was more pressing need; Fer my deliv'rance, Lord, appear, And add to that deliv'rance speed. 2 Confusion on their heads return Who to destroy my soul combine;. Let them, defeated, blush and mourn, Ensnar'd in their own vile design.

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Their doom let desolation be ;
With shame their malice be repaid,

Who mock'd my confidence in thee,
And sport of my afflictions made.

4. While those who humbly seek thy face;
To joyful triumphs shall be rais'd;
And all who prize thy saving grace,
With me shall sing, The Lord be prais"d;

5 Thus, wretched though I am and poor,
The Mighty Lord of me takes care :
Thou, God, who only canst restore,
To my relief with speed repair.

1, 2 IN thee I put my stedfast trust;
Defend me, Lord, from shame;
Incline thine ear, and save my soul ;
For righteous is thy Name.
3 Be thou my strong abiding-place,
To which I may resort;
Tis thy decree that keeps me safe;
Thou art my rock and fort.

4, 5 From cruel and ungodly men

Protect and set me free ;

For, from my earliest youth till now,
My hope has been in thee.

6 Thy constant care did safely guard

My tender infant days;

Thou took'st me from my mother's womb,
To sing thy constant praise.

o, 8 While some on me with wonder gaze,

Thy hand supports me still ;

Thy honour, therefore, and thy praise,
My mouth shall always fill.

9 Reject not then thy servant, Lord,

When I with age decay;

Forsake me not when, worn with years;
My vigour fades away.

10 My foes against my fame and me
With crafty malice speak;
Against my soul they lay their snares,
And mutual counsel take :
11 “His God,” say they, “forsakes him nowr
“On whom he did rely ;
“Pursue and take him, whilst no hope
“Of timely aid is nigh.” -

12 But thou, my God, withdraw not far, For speedy help I call :

13 To shame and ruin bring my foes, That seek to work my fall.

14 But as for me, my stedfast hope Shall on thy pow'r depend ;

And I in grateful songs of praise

My time to come will spend.


15 Thy righteous acts, and saving health,

My mouth shall still declare ;
Unable yet to count them all,

Though summ'd with utmost care.

16 While God vouchsafes me his support, I’ll in his strength go on;

All other righteousness disclaim,

And mention his alone.

17 Thou, Lord, hast taught me from my youth
To praise thy glorious Name ;
And, ever since, thy wondrous works
Have been my constant theme.
18 Then now forsake me not, when I
Am grey and feeble grown;
Till I to these and future times
Thy strength and pow'r have shown. "

<n 1 High thy justice soars, O God I "eat and wondrous are

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