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Farel's Turning Point—Lefevre at Strasburg—Farel Preaching there—A Brother-

hood—Count Sigismund—Pellican—A Shout of Joy—Francis returned—Marga-

ret Intercedes for the Reformers—Exiles invited back to France—Farel Excepted

—Lefevre and Roussel with Margaret—Who would be the Reformer of France—

Berquin?—Plan to Invite Farel—How it Failed 125


The Alpine School-master—A hard Journey—Master Ursinus—Village School—A

Flock gathered—-Farel declares himself—Preaching opposed—Priests of Lau-

sanne—A cool Chaplain—A Pen-skirmish—A brawling Monk—Farel silences a

Friar—Wakes up the idle Priests—Fearless in Duty—Arguing with Clubs—

Gospel takes Root in four Parishes—Vote for the Reform—Trouble with Ballista. 144


The Romance Op Preaching—Farel at Morat—Neufchatel attracts the Eye—A Boat

Ride—Standing on a Stone to Preach—Sermons in the Streets—Cry of Heresy—

Farel's extreme Sufferings—The " French Luther"—A Mass stopped—Placards in

Neufchatel—Sermons in Hospital Chapel—In Cathedral—A Memorial Day—Re-

form victorious—A " little miracle"—A Monument to the Gospel 162


My Lords Of Berne—Williamette in her Tower—Dreads Farel—Will shut him out

of Valangin—Farel takes a Pulpit from a Priest—Noise of Bells—Beaten for the

Gospel—In Prison—Neufchatel Vespers—Farel beaten at St. Blaise—Anthony

Marcourt—Sack of Valangin—Christopher Fabri—Farel lying Wounded at Mo-

rat—Viret the good Burgess of Orbe—Peter Viret—A Friar selling Pardons—A

puzzling Customer—Farel appears and Preaches to the Crowd—Friar Juliani

will preach down the Reform—The Women's Plot—Juliani put in Prison in Hol-

lard's place—Romain the school-master—Farel at Orbe—" A glorious Noise"—

Women's League against Farel—The Bailiff orders an Audience for Farel—Vi-

ret's first Sermon—Lord and Lady Arnex Converted—Lord's Supper celebrated

first at Orbe 183


The Huguenots Appear—Farel among the Monks—The Women of Grandson—
Christmas Eve at Orbe—Waldensian Visitors—Bonivard—Berthelier—Duke of


Savoy wants Geneva—Gouty John made Bishop—Young Hugues—Patriots'

League—The Name Huguenot—Berthelier and his Weasel—A Martyr to Liberty. 205


Laymen In The Field—Lefevre's Version in Geneva—Mystery—Plays—The good

Ab Hofen—New Bishop steals a Girl—Bishop flees—Plan for Preaching—Farel's

eye on Geneva—Toussaint refuses to go Thither—Hugues dies—The Prisoner of

Chillon—Olivetan goes to Geneva—Gospel talks—Genevan Placards 226


The Preachers At The Inn—Farel and Saunier in Geneva—A Sermon at the Tour

perceA literary Nun has something for her Journal—A Stir in Geneva—Farel

near Death—Fearless in Peril—Expelled 246


Froment's Little Sermons—Froment Teaches in Geneva—Olivetan Translates the

Bible—Froment's Talks draw the People—A prejudiced Hearer—Claudine Levet

reads the Testament—Sells her Jewels for the Poor—A Sermon on the Square—

Froment silenced—Working at the Loom—Secret Disciples—The Lord's Supper

in a Garden 256


Farel In ms Element—Christians banished from Geneva—A bad Bishop brought

back from Exile—Berne defends Farel—Wonders expected of Friar Furbity—

Farel masters the Friar—A bell rung providentially—Farel Preaches—The Lord's

Supper—Plots frustrated—A Pulpit taken—The Cathedral gained—The Senate

summons Farel—He gives the Nuns a chance to hear him—Flight of the Nuns

of St. Claire—Citizens take Oath to support the Reform 270


Calvin United With Farel—The Placards of Paris—Calvin Exiled from France—

Story of the invisible Preacher—Visits Viret in Geneva—Farel forces Him to Re-

main—Calvin's first Sermon—Enthusiasm for Him—A Creed and Catechism—

Couralt in Geneva—Troubles—The Reformers banished—Refuge at Basle 281




AMONG the Alps of Dauphiny is a mountain called the Bayard, near which the traveller passes on the road from Grenoble to Gap. At the foot of the Bayard, about a stone's throw from the high-way, may be seen the old village of the Farels, called by the people of the district, Fareau. It is a mere group of houses, half hidden by*the trees, and it shows only the relics of what it was three centuries ago. On a broad terrace, above the hamlet, a cottage now stands on the spot where once stood an elegant mansion. In those days of war and marauding, it was, doubtless, fortified. In that ancient chateau dwelt a family, which had some claims to nobility, and yet their name is rescued from silence by the child who was born at Fareau in 1489, and named William de Farel. Rank, fortune and a heroic spirit might have made him more celebrated than his three brothers, Daniel, Walter and Claudius, even had he not become a reformer. Of them and of his one sister we have an occasional glimpse in these pages. We know not but that he was the youngest son. If so the last became the first.


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