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Young Gentleman's


The more Easy and Useful

ELEMENTS of Arithme-
tick, both Common and Alge-


Rector of Cotesbach in Leicestershire.

The Second EDITION.

Printed for J A MES KNAPT O N, at the Crown
in St. Paul's Church-Yard. MDCCXXIII.

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The General PREFACE

S it is an Happiness of Men above Brules, that they are endued with Reason

so it is an Happiness of Gentlemen above the meaner Part of Mankind, that, being freed from the Common and Bodily Employments of Life, they have Leisure to exercise their Reason in more Noble Studies : Among which may juftly be reckoni'd the Study of Mathematicks.


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For as it is one Branch of the Transcendent Excellency of GOD, that He is the infinitely Wise Creator of all Things; so it is one Branch of the Excellenty of Man, that He is able to contemplate and apprehend the infinite Wisdom of bis Creator, manifested in the Works of the Creation : Whereunto Nothing conduces more than the Knowledge of Mathematicks. For we are asured (1) by the wiseft of Men, that GOD has order'd all Things in Measure, Number, and Weight, that is, according to the Rules of Mathematicks :

(+) Wisdom of Solomon, Chap. 11. Ver. 20.


And therefore, He that would rightly apprehend the Excellent Order or Contrivance of the Creation, must first understand the Sciences relating to Measure, Number, and Weight, that is, the several Parts of Mathematicks.

And, since GOD sends no One into the World, to be idle, or only to takelis Paffime therein ; but the more He has free'd Gentlemen from bodily Labour, the more He expects they should exercise the Faculties of their Minds, in order to his greater Glory, by raising their Minds to more clear and sublime Apprehensions of his Divine Perfections ; and since A 4


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