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Danielt h e larten || whole Duty of Man,

Laid down Inía Plain and Familiar Way : For the Use of All, but espe

cially the Meanest Reader. Divided into XVII. Chapters; One whereof being read every Lord's Day, the Whole may be Read over Thrice in

the Year.

Necesary for all Families.


LONDON, Printed by ROGER NORTON, for TOHN BASKETT, 1919. |

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To the Bookseller.
V ou needed not any intercession

to recommend this I ask to me

which brought its Invitations and Reward with it. I very willingly read over all the Shects, bo:h of the Discourse, and the Devotions a: next, and find great cause to bless Cod or both, not discerning what is w:nting in any part of either, to render it, with God's blessing, most sufficient, and proper to the great End delignid, the Spi. ritual supplies and advantages of all those that shall be e. ercised therein. The subject matter of it is, indeed, what the Title unde takes, The Whole Duty of Man, fet down in all the Branches with Those advantages of Brevity and Partitions, to invite and suprort, and engage the Reader, That Condescension to the meanest capacities, but withal That weight of spiritual argum nis, wherein the best Proficients will be

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