Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism: A Bishop Rethinks the Meaning of Scripture

HarperSanFrancisco, 1991 - 267 páginas
In Protestant fundamentalist communities, literal interpretation of the Bible is used to deny rights to just about anybody who doesn't agree with them on issues ranging from homosexuality to war and retribution. The Roman and Anglican communities have used a literal interpretation of the Bible to deny ordination to women. In his book, Bishop Spong aims to bring the wisdom of the ages alive for those who would understand the culture in which the Bible was written without sacrificing the Bible for its beauty and contemporary insight. In Bishop Spong's words, How can the Bible be used with integrity by men and women of faith? How can it be lifted out of the prejudices and cultural biases of bygone eras? How can it be a source of life to 20th and 21st generations? If it continues to be viewed literally, the Bible, in my opinion, is doomed to be cast aside as both dated and irrelevant.

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