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IN introducing the 7th Volume of the American Baptist Magazine to the publick, it is proper to remark, that a change in the proprietorship of the work will take place with the commencement of the year 1827. The reasons for this change are briefly as follows:–

Upon the removal of the seat of the Board of Managers of the General Convention to Boston, it became evident that the interests of the Missions under their charge could not be successfully promoted except through the medium of a periodical work, for whose statements they were responsible, and of which the profits were in part, at least, devoted to the Missionary Treasury. It immediately occurred to the Board that an arrangement might possibly be made with the Board of the Baptist Missionary Society of Massachusetts, the then proprietors of the American Baptist Magazine, by which a transfer of that work might be effected on terms equally advantageous to both ; and thus the great objects of Foreign and Domestick Missions be made mutually to cooperate with each other in the pages of the same publication. A proposition of this sort was made, and we are hoppy to add, was met in the spirit of most honorable christian liberality by the Board of the Massachusetts Missionary Society. The responsibility of the work will henceforth devolve upon the Board of Managers, and the nett proceeds arising from its publication will be divided between the Foreign and Domestick Missionary Societies.

From this arrangement, the subscribers to the work will derive manifest advantage. Besides the usual proportion of biographical and didactic communications, and accounts of the Missionary operations of other religious denominations, the American Baptist Magazine will from this time contain The proceedings of the Board of Managers of the Baptist General Convention—The letters and journals of all the Missionary Stations under their care—Monthly accounts of Receipts into the Treasury—‘Accounts of the formation of Primary and Auxiliary Societies in every part of the United States—The correspondence of the Domestick Missionary Society—With a monthly list of its Donations, and all important information which may relate to the progress of theological education, and specially to the progress of the institution lately established at Newton. Availing themselves of these sources of information, it is the intention of the Board to render the Magazine deserving of that liberal and extensive support which it has heretofore enjoyed. They cannot, however, conclude without remarking that this work cannot accomplish all that is desirable for the cause of Christ without the zealous and strenuous co-operation of its friends. It is important that our brethren universally should become acquainted with the state of missionary exertion in general, and of that in our own de- nomination in particular. Until they be thus informed, it is in vain to expect of them an united and steadfast effort to spread the knowledge of the cross among the heathen. We will endeavour to render the American Baptist Magazine an interesting and profitable vehicle of such information. What we ask of our brethren abroad is, that they will assist us to give it circulation, and so far as it may be in their power enrich its pages by their communications.

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