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185 CHAP: over you ; for ye are not under law, I count of sin, in the likeness of a CHAP. VIII. Ť

but under a covenant of favour. sinful body, condemned sin by that

15 What then, shall we sin because body which was preserved holy and the at- we are not under the law, but un- and undefiled ; that the righteous 4 . tainment of a

greato der a covenant of favour? By no precepts of the law may be fully est moral means. Know ye not, that to performed by us, who walk not afgoodness. whom ye yield yourselves servantster the flesh, but after the spirit;

to obey, his servants ye are whom and this righteousness cannot be 5 16 ye obey ; whether of sin unto death, fulfilled in others, for they of the

or of obedience unto justification ; flesh, mind the things of the flesh; 17 but thanks be to God, that though and they of the spirit, the things of

ye were the servants of sin, ye are the spirit; for to be carnally mind- 6
become obedient from the heart to ed is death, but to be spiritually

a form of doctrine unto which ye minded is life and peace : because ng 18 were transferred ; and have left the the inclinations of the flesh are at

service of sin to become the ser enmity with God, since they do 19 vants of righteousness ; (I speak not submit themselves to the law of

in the familiar language of men, God; nor indeed can they ; so that 8
because of the weakness of your they of the flesh cannot please God.
*Alesh): for to continue the same me However,ye are not of the flesh, but 9
thod of speaking, as ye have yield- of the spirit ; in as much as the spi-
ed your members servants of un-rit of God dwelleth in you. But if
cleanness to iniquity, so now ye any one hath not the spirit of God,

have made your members servants he is none of his. But if Christ be 10 20 of righteousness unto holiness. For in you, the body is dead as to sin,

when ye were the servants of sin, but the spirit is life as to righteous

ye were free with regard to righte- ness. Now, if the spirit of him i'l 21 ousness. Now, what fruit had ye who raised Jesus from the dead,

from those things at that time, of dwell in you, he who raised Christ

which ye are now ashamed? for the from the dead will also give life to 22 end of those things is death. But, your mortal bodies, through his spi

now ye have been made free from rit that dwelleth in you.
the service of sin, and are become So then, brethren, we are not 12
servants to God, ye have your fruit debtors to the flesh, to live after the and leading
uinto holiness, and the end ever-| filesh; for if ye live after the flesh, to immor-

ho tal glory. 23 lasting life; for the wages of sin ye must die hereufter : but if ye

will be death, but the gracious gift mortify the deeds of the body by
of God will be everlasting life the spirit, ye will live ; for as ma- 14

through Jesus Christ our Lord. ny as are led by the spirit of God,
p. There is, therefore, now no con- these are the sons of God: for ye 15

demnation to them that are in have not received again the spirit blessedness Christ Jesus ; for the spiritual law of bondage, as at Mount Sinai, un. of a Christian tem. of life hath made me free from the to fear, but a spirit of adoption, by per, in law of sin and death. For what the which we cry out unto God, O my promoting law could not do, because it was weak Father. This very spirit beareth 16. this life :" through the flesh, God hath done, testimony with our spirit, that we

who by sending his own son on ac-are childrenof God; but if children,

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3 And therefore bound by stronger ties of
gratitude, to be obedient.
. Your carnal, unenlightened minds. '
• Future punishment,

"The law of Moses, which from the difficulty of obeying it, occasioned sin, and threatened death as the penalty.


and he

CHAP, then heirs ; heirs of God, and joint called, he also justified: by pardon. CHAP. . . heirs with Christ; if we suffer with ing all their past offences; and

17 him, so as to be glorified with him those whom he justified, he hath in

I purpose glorified also. 18 Now, I look upon the suffer-1 What shall we say then to these 31 Presentings of this present time, as of nothings? If God be for us, who whom nopersecu.

um consequence with respect to the shall be against us? He who spar-, cions, no objection glory that is going to be display-ed not his own son, but permitted their duty. to our beo ed to us. For the creation is look- him to be delivered up for us all,

ing out with an anxious expecta- how will he not also with him freeof God. tion for this discovery to the sons ly give us all things ? Shall any 33

20 of God; for though the creation one bring an accusation against the

hath become subject to vanity, (not chosen people of God? God will

willingly, but through him who acquit them. Shall any condemn 34 21 subjected it) it is in hope, that this them? Christ hath died for us, or

very creation will be set free from rather hath been raised again ; he is
this bondage of corruption by the also at the right hand of God; he

glorious liberty of the children of manageth our concerns for us, by
22 God; for we know that the whole the spirit which he hath poured

creation groaneth, and travaileth in upon us, 'Who shall separate us 35 23 pain until now; nay, not only so, from the love of Christ? Shall

but we too, who have received the tribulation, or imprisonment, or first fruits of the spirit, even we our- persecution, or famine, or nakedselves groan within ourselves, look-ness, or danger of the sword ? (As ing for our adoption, even the re- it is written, “ For thy sake we 36

demption of our body from core are killed all the day long : we are Poalm 94 ruption ; for we are saved in hope accounted as sheep for the slaugh- *.10

only : but hope which is attained ter.") Nay, in all these things we 37 is not hope : for how can a man are more than conquerors through

hope for what he hath attained ? | God that loved us, For I am per- 38 25 So then, as we can hope only for suaded that neither fear of death,

what we have not attained, let us nor desire of life, nor angels, nor
wait with patience.

principalities, nor any of the pow28 Now, we know that all things ers of this world, nor things preThe bless- work together for good, to those sent, nor things to come, nor 39

of the who love God, who are called ac- height of prosperity, nor depth of gospel meant only cording to his purpose of admitting adversity, nor any other thing will for the well all mankind into the Christian co- be able to separate us from the love disposed; venant. For those whom he fore- of God, in Jesus Christ our Lord.

29 knew to be sincere and well dis- I say then, hath God wholly re. CHAP.

posed, he foreordained also to bejected his own people? By no 1: conformed to the resemblance of means. Have they stumbled so as Temporary

his son, that this son might be a to fall irrecoverably? By no means: apo 30 first-born of many brethren ; more-but by their stumbling, salvation is

over those whom he foreordained, come to the Gentiles, to provoke
he also called by the preachers of Israel to jealousy. Now, if their 12
the gospel, and those whom he stumbling be an advantage to the

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stacy O

Such a manifestation of a future state of
glory as is worthy of the sons of God.
O God, who in his unsearchable wisdom
so appointed it.

That love which we have for God, in consideration of his great goodness in the religion of Christ.


CHAP. world, and their loss a gain to the may these natural branches be CHAP. Hale Gentiles, how much more will their grafted into their own olive tree. XI. 13 future full conversion be. (For 1 For I wish you to understand, bre- 25

speak to you, Gentiles : and in-thren, this hitherto hidden truth,

deed as I am the apostle of the lest ye be wise in your own con14 Gentiles, I honour my ministry ; if ceits, that blindness hath happen

by any means I may provoke myed to part of Israel, but will con-
· Jewish brethren to jealousy, and tinue only until the fulness of the
15 save some of them.) For if the re-Gentiles be come in ; and then all 26

jection of them be the reconcilia- Israel will be 3 saved, as it is writ-
tion of the world, what will the ten, “ The deliverer will come out Isaiah,

acceptance of them be, but life of Sion, and turn away ungodliness ix. 20 16 from the dead? Now, if the first from Jacob.” “ And this is my xxvii.. fruits be holy, so likewise is the covenant with them, when I take 27

lump ; and if the root be holy, so away their sins." So then as to 23 17 are the branches. And if some of the gospel, the Israelites are in the

the branches have been broken off, condition of enemies 4 for your
and thou, a wild olive, hast been sakes; but as to the choice of God
grafted in, and become a partaker are beloved for their fathers' sakes,

of the root and fatness of the olive because the kindness of God to 29 18 tree, boast not over these branch-them and their calling by him are

es; for though thou shouldst boast not repented of. For as ye also were 30
over them, thou bearest not the once disobedient to God, but have
root, but the root thee.

now obtained mercy during their
19 Thou wilt say then, “ The disobedience, so have they now dis- 31
Gentiles branches were broken off, that I obeyed the mercy shown to you,
nust not
riumph might be grafted on. Well : they and will hereafter obtain mercy,
yver the were broken off for their want of For God hath, in the course of his 32
lews; faith, and thou standest by thy dispensations to mankind, suffered

faith. Be not high-minded, but all, both Jews' and Gentiles, to 21 afraid. For if God spared not the be alike included in unbelief, that

natural branches, perhaps he will she may have mercy upon all, in 22 not spare thee; Behold, there-| their conversion to Christianity.

fore, the kindness and severity of ( ! the deep riches of wisdom 33
God : towards those who fell, seve- and knowledge, that are in God ! Inscruta-
rity ; but kindness towards thee, if How unsearchable are his determi-bility of
thou persevere under that kind-nations, and his ways not to be councils,
ness; otherwise thou also wilt be traced out! for who hath known 34
cut off.

the mind of the Lord ? or who
23 And they also, if they continue hath been his counsellor? And who 35
who will not in unbelief, will be grafted in; for hath given him first, so as to receive
mne day be
converted God is able to graft them in again; only a recompence in return?

Christi- for if thou wert cut out of thy na-For of him as the source of all be- 36 laity. tural wild olive tree, and hast been ing, and through bim as the origin

24 grafted against thy nature, into anal cause of all things, and to him

good olive tree, how much more as subservient to his will, are all





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should at

CHAP. things. To him be glory for ever, using opportunity wisely, rejoicing CHAP. Amen.

in hope, patient in tribulation, con- * CHAP. I beseech you therefore, bre-stant in prayer, sharing the neces- 13. XII.

thren, by the mercies of God, to sities of the saints, seeking occaGod's present your bodies for a living sa-sions of hospitality to the poor and goodness

crifice, holy, well pleasing to God; friendless. Give good words to 14 us to obey that religious service of reason them who rail at you ; give good him.

which ye owe. And conform not words, and curse not. Rejoice 15
2 yourselves to the present manners, with the joyful, and weep with them
but transform yourselves by the re- that weep, having the same dispo-
newal of your mind, that ye may sitions to each other. Set not your 16
show in yourselves what is that mind on high things, but be guided
good, and acceptable, and perfect by humility. Be not wise in your 17
will of God.

Town conceits. Render no one evil 3 For by the authority which hath for evil. Attend, if ye can, to what Every one been graciously given unto me, I is honourable in the sight of all

dato charge every one among you not men. As much as lieth in you, be 18 perly to the tu think of himself more highly at peace with all men. Beloved, 19 peculiar than he ought to think, but to think avenge not yourselves, but give way duties of with sober mindedness, as God hath to the anger of another ; for it is his station.

distributed to each his measure of written, * Vengeance belongeth Deut. 4 spiritual gifts : for as we have ma- unto me, I will repay, saith the *XX!. 35 ny members in one body, but all | Lord." Therefore, if thy enemy 20

these members have not the same be hungry, give him food, if he be 5 office; so we, though many, are thirsty, give him. drink ; for by do

but one body in Christ, and all of|ing thus, thou mayest heap coals of

us severally fellow-members there-fire on his head, and melt him
6 of. And as we have different gifts down to kindness. Be not over-21

according to the favour shown unto come by evil, but overcome evil
us, if our gift be to explain the with good.
scripture, let it be exercised agree | Let every man submit himself to CHAP.
7 ably to the measure of it; if it be the supreme powers; for as there is XI

a ministering to others, let us at- no power but from God, these pow- Duties of
tend to this ministry: let the ers are 'appointed by God. Who- gover

and the 8 teacher attend to his teaching, he soever therefore setteth himself governed.

that exhorteth, to his exhortation ; against the power, he opposeth the 2 let him that bestoweth, bestow appointment of God; and such opliberally ; him, that ruleth, ruleposers will bring merited punishwith diligence; him that showeth ment upon themselves. For rulers 3 mercy, show it with cheerfulness. I are not à terror to good works, but

9 Let your love be without dissi- to evil. Dost thou wish therefore Enumera- mulation, abhor evil, cleave to that not to be afraid of their power? riousChris

ic which is good ; let your affection Do what is right, and thou wilt cian duties. for each other be the fondness of have praise from it ; for a ruler is 4

10 a brother; strive to be more for- a ininister of God to thee for good;

ward than each other in mutual re- but if thou do evil, be afraid, be1 spect; not slothful in matters of cause he beareth not the sword in

serious concern, of an active mind, vain ; but is an avenging minister


tion o

1 As they are manifestly for the good of Opposition to the civil power, and to mankind, they may fairly be supposed to be the abuse of it, are two very different things; agreeable to the will of God.

| the foruer is here forbidden.

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19 nt

CHAP. of God for the punishment of every were written that we, through sub- CHAP.

wicked person; wherefore it is ne- mission to the exhortation of those X 5 cessary that ye submit yourselves, scriptures, might have hope. Now Exhorta.

not only because of punishment, may the divine author of this sub-tion to 6 but even for conscience sake. And mission and this exhortation, grant, : for the same reason, ye pay tribute that ye may be so disposed to each 5

also, for they who attend to this other, after the example of Jesus . i business are public servants of God. Christ, that with one mind and 6. 7 Render, therefore, to all their dnes; one mouth, ye may glorify the God tribute, to whom tribute is due, and Father of our Lord Jesus

custom to whom custom, reve- Christ.
rence to whom reverence, honour And I myself am also persuaded 14
to whom honour is due.. of you, my brethren, that ye are The apos.

8 Owe no one any thing but mu- even of yourselves full of goodness, ice for Love will tual love; for 'he who loveth his filled with all knowledge, able also the freensure the opere neighbour hath fulfilled an import- to admonish one another. Never- dom which formance ant branch of the law. For these theless, brethren, by way of re-hcom of all du- commandments, “ Thou shalt not minding you, I have written to ***

used; ies.

commit adultery," " Thou shalt you rather freely upon some points, 15
9 do no murder," “ Thou shalt not through the authority given me by
( steal,” “ Thou shalt not bear false God, in making me a public ser- 16

witness," and every other such com- vant of Jesus Christ unto the Gen-
mandment, is comprehended in this tiles, a ministering priest of this

precept, “ Thou shalt love thy gospel of God, that the offering of 10 neighbour as thyself.” As love the Gentiles may be acceptable,

then doeth no ill to its neigh-sanctified by holiness of spirit. I 17 bour, it is the fulfilling of the law, have, therefore, cause of boasting

relating to our fellow creatures. in Christ Jesus towards God; for I 18

11 And we should do this consider. will only presume to speak of what The gospel ing the season, that it is now time Christ hath done through me, for

Le to arise from sleep, for our deli- the conviction of the Gentiles, by notives to verance from the present world word and deed, by mighty signs Holiness, "is nearer than we first believed. and wonders, by a powerful display

12 The ' night is far spent, and the of the spirit of God; so that from 19

day is at hand'; let us lay aside Jerusalem, and round about even
therefore the works of darkness, to 'Illyricum, I have fully preach-

and put upon us the garments of ed the gospel of Christ, So am-20 13 light. Let us walk orderly, as in bitious have I been in publishing

the day-time; not in revellings and the gospel; not where the name of
drunkeriness, not in wantonness Christ had already reached, lest

and impurities, not in strife and I should build upon the founda14 envying; but put on yourselves the tion of another, but as it is written, 21

Lord Jesus Christ, and make not" They who have not been told
provision for the flesh to fulfil the l of him shall sce, and they who
Justs of it.

have not heard shall under,
AP. Whatsoever things were written stand.” .

aforetime for our instruction, they Therefore, though I have been 22


ove the pel of God, ering priesthe Gen. 16



* A tax levied on merchandize. the good and the bad are promiscuously
· Not even in omitting to do him the blended together.
onces which are in our power,

A country on the eastern coast of the
3 The dark state of this world, in which | Adriatic sea.

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