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Chap, believest that there is but one God: * thou doest well ; but even the ' demons believe and tremble. 20 But dost thou wish to be conshown in vinccd, O foolish man! that faith

Abraham. is <lead without works. Was not Abraham our father proved righteous by works, when he brought his

22 son Isaac to the altar? Thou perceivest that his faith acted together with his works, and that faith was

23 made complete by works; and this scripture was fulfilled, which saith,

Gen. s' Abraham believed God, and it x». o. was countcd to him for righteousness;" ami he was called a friend

24 of God. Observe, then, that a man is thought righteous from works, and not from faith alone.

CHAP. Be not many of you teachers, my

ui' brethren! knowing that by teach

Speech !• ing others, and doing wrong our

eapaUeof sc/ve!) we sriali receive a greater

doing the .' =>. .

greatest punishment, tor in many thmgs

mischief; all of us arc faulty: if any offend

not by word, he is a complete man,

3 able to bridle the whole body. Behold, we put bits in the mouths of horses, that they may obey us, and we manage their whole body.

4 Behold, ships also, though so great, and driven by fierce winds, are guided by a very small helm, whithersoever the pilot chooseth.

6 Thus the tongue is a little member, but boasteth great things. Behold, how large a heap a little

6 spark can set on fire. And the tongue is a fire, the varnisher of in

i'ustice. The tongue is that memler which defilesh the whole body, and setteth on fire the whole course of life, and is itself set on fire bv shell. 1 For every kind of wild beasts and and liable birds, of creatures that go on land greatest or live in water, are managed and abuses. subdued by man; but no man can

1 The supposed separate souls of wicked men deceased.

t By the most malignant and hellish

subdue the s tontrue,thatungovern- CHAP, able mischief, full of deadly poison. By it we bless our God and 9 Father, and therewith we curse men, made after the likeness of God. Out of the same mouth 10 proceed blessing and cursing. These things, my brethren, ought not to be so. Doth a spring send 11 forth out of the small place, sweet and bitter water? Can a fig-tree, 12 my brethren, bear olives? or a vine, figs? So neither can that spring which is salt, yield sweet water.

Who is a man of wisdom and 13 knowledge among you? let him Nature show by his honourable course off-^"' lire, the effects or his wisdom, with meekness. But if ye have bitter 14 envy and strife in your heart, must ye also boast and lie against the truth? This is not that wisdom, 15 which cometh down from above, but is earthly,sensual, demoniacal; for where envy and strife are, there 16 is disturbance and every evil work. But the wisdom which is from 11 above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, tractable, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. And the peace- 18 able fruits of righteousness are sown for, and are to be reaped by the practisers of peace.

Whence come contests and fiVht- CHAP; mgs among you? Come they not hence, from your sensual desire;; pang«°f that wage war in your members ? tV?!"!

o t bad propt:

Ye desire, but possess not: ye sities.
commit murder in your rivalships, 2
but are not able to gain your pur-
pose: ye have fightings and conten-
tions, but obtain nothing by them:
ye ask, but receive not, because ye 3
ask with wicked views, to be lavish
in your pleasures. Ye ungodly 4
men! know ye not that friendship
with the world is enmity with God.


3 Of wicked men, or his own, without the greatest vigilance and resolution.

Chap. Whosoever, therefore, wisheth to be a friend of the world, he becom

5 eth an enemy of God. Do ye think that the scripture speaketh to us in vain? Hath that spirit which dwelleth in us, and which we derived from the gospel, the

6 desires of envy? It rather produceth greater favour from the Lord, as the scripture saith, " God resisteth the proud, but showeth favour to the humble."

1 Submit yourselves, therefore,

lumiiity unt0 God:' withstand the ' devil,

and he will flee from you: draw

nigh to God, and he will draw

8 nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners! and purify your hearts

9 yedoubled-minded: be afflicted,and mourn, and weep: let your laugh

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ter be turned into mourning, and

10 your joy to sadness. Humble yourselves before ihe Lord, and he will exalt you.

11 Speak not against each other, 3et«ction brethren! he who speaketh against *' "' his brother and judgeth his brother,

speaketh against the * law, and judgeth the law; but if thou judge the law, thou art not a doer of the

12 law, but the judge of it. There is one Lawgiver, and Judge, who is able to save, and to destroy. Who art thou that judgest another?

13 Come now, ye who say, "To«ar con- fayt or to-morrow, we will go into •ndancV such a city, and continue there a xmGod, year, and trade, and get money;" iouid be when ye know not what will bt tomorrow. For what is your hfe? it is a vapour, which appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth

15 away. Whereas ye ought to say, "If the Lord be willing, and we live, then we will do this or that."

16 But now ye boast in your presumption; all such boasting is wicked.

1 Every enemy of religion.

* The evangelical law, for not condemning actions of an indifferent nature to Christians.

* In thi coarse of the war with the Ro


So then, to know what is right Chap. and not to perform it, is sin,

Come now, ye rich men, weep CHAP. and lament for your miseries which are3 approaching. Your store is Wicked, corrupted, and your garments are j£h TMcn moth-eaten. Your gold and silver is rusted, and the rust of them will 3 be a * witness against you, and will eat your flesh: ye have laid up treasures to be as lire unto you in the last days. Behold! the hire 4, of the labourers that have reaped your fields, which is unjustly kept back, crieth against you, and the cries of the reapers have entered into the ears ot 'he Lord of Hosts, Ye have lived in luxury, and lietu-5 tiousness in the land ; ye have regaled your hearts, as in a day of sacrifice. Ye have condemned, ye 6 have murdered the just man who did not resist you.

Be patient, therefore, brethren, 7 until the coming of the Lord. Be- Patience hold! the husbandman waiteth pa '"""T". _

, ,, , ,. r 1 mended to

I tiently for the precious fruit ot the the virtuI earth, until he receive the early ous. 'and the latter fruit. Be ye also S patient ; establish your hearts: for the cominsr of the Lord draweth near. Murmur not against each 9 other, brettiren, lest ye be condemned; behold the judge standeth before the door, 'lake, my 10 brethren, for a pattern of hardship and patience, the prophets who spake in the name of the Lord. Behold! we call them happy who 11 suffer patiently. Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen what the Lord did in the end; for the Lord is of tender mercy and lull of compassion.

But above all things, my bre- 12 thren, swear not in your common Valj' discourse, either by the heaven, or

in U' useful di

mans. This is addressed to the unbelieving Jews.

* Of your avarice and want of benefij cence.

CHAP, the earth, or any other oath, but , let you* yes be yes, and your no, no, lest ye tall under condemna13tion. Is any one among you in trouble? let him pray. Is any cheerful ? let him sing praises to

14 God. Is any sick among you? let him call the elders of tne church to him, to pray over him, and to 1 anoint him with the oil, in the

15 * name of the Lord ; for the prayer of faith can. recover the sick, and the Lord will make him well, and although he have committed sins, they will upon true repentance be

16 forgiven him. Confess your sins to each other, and pray for each

other that ye may be healed. The CHAP. fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Elijah was a man 17 of like infirmities with us, and he 'K*iPi prayed earnestly that it might not"",1' 3 rain, and it did not rain upon the land for three years and six months: and he prayed again; and the hea- IS ven gave rain, and the earth brought forth its produce.

Brethren! if any of you have 19 wandered from the truth, and another bring him back; know ye 20 that whosoever bringeth back a sinner from the error of his way, saveth a man from death, and * covereth his multitude of sins.


CHAP. "pETER, an apostle of Jesus JL Christ, to the sojourners scatThe ad- tered abroad in Pontus Galalia, Christians' Cappadocia, (he proconsular Asia, in the and Bithvnia; chosen agreeably to LcsserAsia. a determination aforetime, of God 2 theFather,byasanctificationof spirit unto obedience, and to a 6 sprink , ling of the blood of Jesus Christ; favour and peace be multiplied unto you.

1 According to the custom of that time, Markvi. 13. Probably anointing with oil is put for the procuring of all necessary medical aid.

'Requesting the blessing of heaven on human endeavours.

3 Elijah feared from God's threatnings against idolatry, that the whole land might be destroyed; he therefore prayed for a drought in order to bring the . people to repentance by a slighter punishment.

4 By causing them to be forgiven.

4 This ;postolic letter was written A. D. 64, trom l\ome, and addressed to all Christian converts, but chiefly to those of Gentile extraction. The design of it was to direct Christians how to behave under persecution, to avoid all grounds of being suspect

Blessed be the God and Father Chap. of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to his great mercy hath He thanks caused us to be bom again to athegr^t hope of life, by the 7 resurrection of blessings Jesus Christ from the dead ; even to of the an inheritance incorruptible, unde- gospe' filed, and unfading, reserved in 4 heaven for us ; who are securely 6 kept by the power of God, through faith, for a deliverance ready to be

ed of sedition, or other crimes which would "injure the peace and welfare of civil society; and to exhort them to lead holy and unblemished lives, that they might stop the mouths of their enemies, put their calumniators to shame, and win others over to their religion, by their amiable and worthy behaviour. In this and the other epistle of Peter, many attentive readers have observed, that without much regularity of composition, or clearness of expression, there is a peculiar dignity and energy exceeding any thing in the writings of Paul, and worthy of the prince of the apostles.

6 A readiness to suffer in the cause of true religion.

'As that afforded the most convincing proof of the truth of Christianity.

CHAP. displayed in the ' last time. Wherein ye greatly rejoice, .though now for a short time, (if need be) ye be

7 grieved by various trials; that this proof of your faith, which is much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though proved by fire, may be found praiseworthy, and honourable, and glorious,at the ma

8 nifestation of Jesus Christ: whom, though ye knew him not, ye love; on whom,\hough ye see him not now, ye believe, with transports of

9 joy unspeakable and glorious: being to receive the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls.

10 Concerning which salvation, the iieh prophets who foretold this kindn,vthe ness, which has been shown to us, :ient searched with diligent enquiry; ex. phets. amining what lime, or what * kind

11 of time the spirit of3 Christ which was in them signified, when it declared beforehand the sufferings of Christ, and the glories which were

12 to follow. To whom it was revealed, that not for themselves, but for us, they were ministering those things, which have now been told you by those who preached the gospel to you with a holy spirit sent from heaven; things which even 4 angels are desirous to examine.

13 Wherefore, gird up the loins of rxhorts y0ur mind, be sober, and hope enin a tirely in that kindness which is ner coming to you at the manifesta:hy of tion of Jesus Christ. Like obedi[** " ent children, conform not to the

former lusts of your ignorance ; but

15 as he who has called yon is holy, be ye also holy in the whole con

16 duct of your lives; because it is written, " Be ye holy, for I am

*" holy." And since ye call him

1 Prepared for the righteous at the great day of retribution.

* Whether warlike or peaceable, whether under the Mosaic covenant or a new one.

3 That prophetic spirit which pre-signified Christ,

| your Father, who withoiit respect Chap. of persons, will judge every man according to his work, pass the 17 time of your sojourning in this world with reverence; knowing 1S that ye were not bought off from your unprofitable course of life, delivered down from your fathers, by perishable things, such as silver and gold; but by the precious blood of 19 Christ, as of a lamb without blemish, and without spot, predeter- 20 mined indeed of old before the foundation of the world, but showing himself in these latter times, for the sake of you who, through him, rely 21 on God that raised him from the dead, and gave him glory; so that your trust and hope are upon sGod.

Having therefore purified your 22 souls, by obeying the truth unto an to!o" on« unfeigned brotherly kindness, see Merely 3 that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently: having been 23 born again, not by a perishable birth,butbyanunperishable,through a divine doctrine that liveth and endureth for ever. For all flesh 24 is as the herb, and all the glory of man as the flower of the herb: the herb withereth, and its flower fallcth off; hut the word of the Lord 25 endureth for ever ; and this word is the gospel, which has been preached to you.

'Laying aside, "therefore, all ma- CHAP. lice, and all guile, and hypocrisy, and envy, and slander, desire, like '^to aim new-born babes, the pure milk of higheest reason, that ye may thrive thereby Christian to. salvation, since ye have tasted «x<:^the kindness of the Lord. Come cnce' unto him as to a living stone, re,- 4 jected indeed by men, but elect and honourable with God; and 5 build yourselves up as living stones,

* This is a strong and beautiful way of expressing the high value and importance of the Christian dispensation.

* Who is the original author and giver of all the blessings of the gospel.

Chap, into a spiritual house, for a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable unto God through Jesus Christ, according to u"'$' , this portion of scripture, " BerTold xx*uu 1 . j pjacc ;n gjon a chief-corner stone, 6 choice, honourable, and he that trusteth on it will not be disappointed." "7 To you, therefore, who trust as Wcomcs thereon, this stone is honourable; '.vpa but to those who are not pcrsuadcd to do so, it is a stone to strike 3 upon and stumble against; at which they stumble, who believe not the word, even the gospel to which they were appointed to be 9 called. But ye are a chosen race ofkings and priests, a holy nation, a people gained from the world, that ye may show forth the virtues of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvel

10 lous light; you, who were once no people, but are now a people of God ; who had not obtained mercy, but have now obtained mercy.

11 Beloved ! I beseech you as stranPurity 'ndgerscH tarlh.and sojourners, to absbruocivii stam *rom fleshly lusls, which war magistrates against the soul; having your enforced, course of life blamelessamongst the

12 Gentiles; that in whatsoever they speak against you as evil-doers, they may glorify God for the good works which they have seen in

13 the day of ' enquiry. Submit yourselves, therefore, to every appointment of man, for the Lord's sake;

14 to the king, as supreme ; to governors, as commissioned by him for the punishment of evil,doers, and the praise of them that do well.

1o For so is the will of God, that by well doing, ye put to silence the

16 ignorance of foolish men ; as free, but not using your freedom for a

17 cloak of mischief; but as servants of God be respectful uuto all men:

'When you are brought before a civil dience to the ruling poweri. inagisti ate to answer to the charge of disobc- j

love the brethren, fear God, honour <#*?. the king.

Servants! submit yourselves with 18 all reverence to your masters; notDutyof only to the kind and gentle, but al- it"m, so to the froward and peevish. For 19 this is deserving of reward, if any one under a consciousness of what God is, endurfi grief, suffering wrongfully. ,For what credit is 20 there in bearing chastisement for faults? but, if ye ejulure it, when ye suffer whilst ye do your duty, this will be rewarded by God.

For unto this ye were called; in- 21 asmuch as Christ even suffered for ChrisTM us, leaving you an example, that sJffn]ii, ye should follow his steps; who wrong mi did no sin, neither was guile found &*{**• in his mouth : when he was reviled, J?J£ he reviled not again; when he suffered, he did not threaten, but re- 23 signed himself to the righteous judge; and bore the ill effects of 24 our sins in his own body on the cross, that we might die to sin, and live to righteousness; by whose bruise ye have been healed. For 25 ye were as sheep going astray, but have now turned back to the shepherd and guardian of your souls.

Likewise ye wives, submit your- CI^P' selves to your own husbands ; for even some, who are not persuaded Duty of by our doctrine, may be won oyer W1K'' without believing that doctrine, by the behaviour of their wives, whilst 2 they consider the chastity and respectfulness of your behaviour. Nor let your ornament be that out- 3 ward ornament of plaited hair with braided gold, or of costly raiment; but let it be the hidden person of 4 the heart, with the imperishable ornament of a meek and gentle miijd, which is in the sight of God of great price. For so indeed the ho- 5 ly women in former times, who trusted in God, used to adorn them

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