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7 Ye seraphs, nearest to the throne,

With rapturous amaze
On us, poor ransomed worms, look down,
For heaven's superior praise;

8 The King, whose glorious face ye see,

For us His crown resigned;
That fulness of the Deity,
He died for all mankind!

t7 7s. C.wesley. 1741.

CLAP your hands, ye people all,
Praise the God on whom ye call;
Lift your voice, and shout His praise,
Triumph in His sovereign grace!

2 Glorious is the Lord Most High,
Terrible in Majesty;

He His sovereign sway maintains,
King o'er all the earth He reigns.

3 He shall bless His ransomed ones,
Number us with Israel's sons;
God our heritage shall prove,
Give us all a lot of love.

4 Jesus is gone up on high,
Takes His seat above the sky;
Shout the angel choirs aloud,
Echoing to the trump of God.

5 Sons of earth, the triumph join,
Praise Him with the host divine;
Emulate the heavenly powers,—
Their victorious Lord is ours.

6 Shout the God enthroned above,
Trumpet forth His conquering love;
Praises to our Jesus sing,
Praises to our glorious King!

7 Power is all to Jesus given,

Power o'er hell, and earth, and heaven!
Power He now to us imparts;
Praise Him with believing hearts.

8 Wonderful in saving power,
Him let all our hearts adore;
Earth and heaven repeat the cry,-
"Glory be to God Most High!"


(284) CM. C. Wesley. 17G2.

FATHER of me, and all mankind,
And all the hosts above,
Let every understanding mind
Unite to praise Thy love:

2 To know Thy nature, and Thy name,

One God in Persons Three;
And glorify the great I AM,
Through all eternity.

3 Thy kingdom come, with power and grace,

To every heart of man:
Thy peace, and joy, and righteousness
In all our bosoms reign.

4 The righteousness that never ends,

But makes an end of sin,
The joy that human thought transcends,
Into our souls bring: in:



5 The kingdom of established peace,
Which can no more remove;
The perfect power of godliness,
The omnipotence of love.

(190) L.M. J.wesley. 1742.

FATHER of all, whose powerful voice
Call'd forth this universal frame!
Whose mercies over all rejoice,

Through endless ages still the same;
Thou by Thy word upholdest all;

Thy bounteous love to all is show'd;
Thou hear'st Thy every creature's call,
And fillest every mouth with good.

3 In heaven Thou reignest, enthroned in light,

Nature's expanse beneath Thee spread;
Earth, air, and sea, before Thy sight,
And hell's deep gloom, are open laid!

4 Wisdom, and might, and love are Thine;

Prostrate before Thy face we fall,
Confess Thine attributes divine,

And hail Thee sovereign Lord of all.

5 Thee, sovereign Lord, let all confess,

That moves in earth, or air, or sky;
Revere Thy power, Thy goodness bless,
Tremble before Thy piercing eye:

6 All ye, who owe to Him your birth,

In praise your every hour employ:
Jehovah reigns! be glad, O earth;
And shout, ye morning stars, for joy.

12 L.M. J.wesley. 1742.


SON of Thy Sire's eternal love,
Take to Thyself Thy mighty power,
Let all earth's sons Thy mercy prove,
Let all Thy bleeding grace adore:

2 The triumphs of Thy love display;

In every heart reign Thou alone,
Till all Thy foes confess Thy sway,
And glory ends what grace begun.

3 Spirit of grace, and health, and power,

Fountain of light and love below,
Abroad Thy healing influence shower,
O'er all the nations let it flow;

4 Inflame our hearts with perfect love,

In us the work of faith fulfil:
;o not heaven's host shall swifter move,
Than we on earth, to do Thy will.

5 Father, 'tis Thine each day to yield

Thy children's wants a fresh supply;
Thou cloth'st the lilies of the field,
And hearest the young ravens cry:

6 On Thee we cast our care; we live

Through Thee, who knowest our every need;
O feed us with Thy grace, and give
Our souls this day the living bread!

It) L.M. J. Wesley. 1742.

Part in.

ETERNAL, spotless Lamb of God,
Before the world's foundation slain,
Sprinkle us ever with Thy blood;
O cleanse, and keep us ever clean!

2 To every soul (all praise to Thee !)

Our bowels of compassion move;
And all mankind by this may see
God is in us; for God is love.

3 Giver and Lord of life, whose power

And guardian care for all are free,
To Thee in fierce temptation's hour,
From sin and Satan let us flee.

4 Thine, Lord, we are, and ours Thou art,

In us be all Thy goodness showed;
Renew, enlarge, and fill our heart

With peace, and joy, and heaven, and God.

5 Blessing and honour, praise and love,

Co-equal, co-eternal Three,
In earth below, and heaven above,
By all Thy works, be paid to Thee!

6 Thrice Holy! Thine the kingdom is,

The power omnipotent is Thine;
And when created nature dies,
Thy never-ceasing glories shine.

1! 2-6s & 4-7s. C. Wesley. 1762.

FATHER of earth and sky,
Thy name we magnify:
O that earth and heaven might join,

Thy perfections to proclaim;
Praise the attributes divine,

Fear and love Thy awful name!

When shall Thy Spirit reign

In every heart of man? Father, bring the kingdom near,

Honour Thy triumphant Son; God of heaven, on earth appear,

Fix with us Thy glorious throne.

Thy good and holy will,

Let all on earth fulfil; Men with minds angelic vie,

Saints below with saints above, Thee to praise and glorify,

Thee to serve with perfect love.

This day with this day's bread

Thy hungry children feed; Fountain of all blessings, grant

Now the manna from above; Now supply our bodies' want,

Now sustain our souls with love.

Our trespasses forgive:

And when absolved we live, Thou our life of grace maintain;

Lest we from our God depart, Lose Thy pardoning grace again,

Grant us a forgiving heart.

In every fiery hour

Display Thy guardian power; Near in our temptation stay,

With sufficient grace defend, Bring us through the evil day,

Make us faithful to the end.

Father, by right divine,

Assert the kingdom Thine; Jesus, Power of God, subdue

Thy own universe to Thee; Spirit of grace and glory too,

Reign through all eternity.

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