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2oij (90) 8s. C. Wesley. 17G2.

Bong of Solomon. 1. 7.

THOU Shepherd of Israel, and mine,
The joy and desire of my heart;
For closer communion I pine*

I long to reside where Thou art:
The pasture I languish to find,

Where all, who their Shepherd obey,
Are fed, on Thy bosom reclined,

And screen'd from the heat of the day.

2 Ah! show me that happiest place,

The place of Thy people's abode,
Where saints in an ecstasy gaze,

And hang on a crucified God:
Thy love for a sinner declare,

Thy passion and death on the tree,
My spirit to Calvary bear,

To suffer and triumph with Thee.

3 'Tis there, with the lambs of Thy flock,

There only, I covet to rest,
To lie at the foot of the Rock,

Or rise to be hid in Thy breast:
'Tis there I would always abide,

And never a moment depart;
Conceal'd in the cleft of Thy side,

Eternally held in Thy heart.

231 (81) 4-7s. C.wesley. 1745.

SON of God, Thy blessing grant,
Still supply my every want;
Tree of Life, Thine influence shed;
With Thy sap my spirit feed.

2 Tenderest branch, alas! am I,
Wither without Thee, and die;
Weak as helpless infancy—

O confirm my soul in Thee.

3 Unsustain'd by Thee, I fall;
Send the strength for which I call:
Weaker than a bruised reed,
Help I every moment need.
4 All my hopes on Thee depend,
Love me, save me to the end:
Give me the continuing grace,
Take the everlasting praise.

ZuZ (194) 8s. Hart. 1759.

THIS God, is the God we adore,
Our faithful, unchangeable Friend;
Whose love is as great as His power,

And neither knows measure nor end.
"lis Jesus, the First and the Last,

Whose Spirit shall guide us safe home;
We'll praise Him for all that is past,
And trust Him for all that's to come.

ZOO 4-8s. & 2-Gs. C. Wesley. 1749.

OTHOU, who hast redeem'd of old,
And bidst me of Thy strength take hold,
And be at peace with Thee;
Help me Thy benefits to own,
And hear me tell what Thou hast done,
0 dying Lamb, for me.

2 Out of myself for help I go,
Thy only love resolved to know;

Thy love my plea I make;
Give me Thy love, 'tis all I claim;
Give, for the honour of Thy name,

Give, for Thy mercy's sake.

3 Can'st Thou deny that love to me? Say, Thou incarnate Deity,

Thou Man of Sorrows, say! Thy glory why didst Thou enshrine In such a clod of earth as mine,

And wrap Thee in my clay?

4 Ancient of Days, why didst Thou come, And stoop to a poor virgin's womb,

Contracted to a span?

Flesh of our flesh why wast Thou made,
And humbly in a manger laid,
The new-born Son of Man?

5 Love, only Love, Thy heart inclined,
And brought Thee, Saviour of mankind,

Down from Thy throne above;
Love made my God a man of grief,
Distress'd Thee sore for my relief:

O Mystery of Love!

6 Because Thou lov'dst, and diedst for me,
Cause me, my Saviour, to love Thee,

And gladly to resign
Whate'er I have, whate'er I am;
My life be all with Thine the same,

And all Thy death be mine.


8s. & 7s. C. Wesley. 1744.

LIGHT of those whose dreary dwelling
Borders on the shades of death,
Come, and by Thy love revealing

Dissipate the clouds beneath:
The new heaven and earth's Creator,

In our deepest darkness rise,
Scattering all the night of nature,
Pouring eye-sight on our eyes.

Still we wait for Thine appearing;

Life and joy Thy beams impart,
Chasing all our fears, and cheering

Every poor benighted heart:
Come, and manifest the favour

God hath for our ransomed race;
Come, Thou universal Saviour;

Come, and bring the gospel grace.

Save us in Thy great compassion,

O Thou mild, pacific Prince;
Give the knowledge of salvation,

Give the pardon of our sins:

By Thy all-restoring merit,
Every burdened soul release;

Every weary, wandering spirit
Guide into Thy perfect peace.


8s. C. Wesley. 1744.

ALL glory to God in the sky,
And peace upon earth be restored:
O Jesus, exalted on high,

Appear our Omnipotent Lord!
"Who, meanly in Bethlehem born,

Didst stoop to redeem a lost race,
Once more to Thy creatures return,
And reign in Thy kingdom of grace!

When Thou in our flesh didst appear,

All nature acknowledged Thy birth;
Arose the acceptable year,

And heaven was opened on earth:
Receiving its Lord from above,

The world was united to bless
The Giver of concord and love,

The Prince and the Author of peace.

O wouldst Thou again be made known,

Again in Thy Spirit descend,
And set up in each of Thine own,

A kingdom that never shall end!
Thou only art able to bless,

And make the glad nations obey,
And bid the dire enmity cease,

And bow the whole world to Thy sway.

Come then to Thy servants again,

Who long Thy appearing to know;
Thy quiet and peaceable reign

In mercy establish below:
All sorrow before Thee shall fly, ,'

And anger and hatred be o'er;
And envy and malice shall die,

And discord afflict us no more.

5 No horrid alarum of war

Shall break our eternal repose;
No sound of the trumpet is there,

Where Jesus's Spirit o'erflows:
Appeased by the charms of Thy grace,

We all shall in amity join;
And kindly each other embrace,

And love with a passion like Thine.

ZO\) (38) 4-7s. C. Wesley 1739.

HARK! the herald-angels sing
"Glory to the new-born King,
Peace on earth, and mercy mild;
God and sinners reconciled."

2 Joyful all ye nations rise,
Join the triumph of the skies;
With the angelic host proclaim,
"Christ is born in Bethlehem I"

3 Christ, by highest heaven adored,
Christ, the everlasting Lord,
Late in time behold him come,
Offspring of a virgin's womb.

4 Veil'd in flesh the Godhead see;
Hail the' incarnate Deity!
Pleased as man with men to' appear,
Jesus our Immanuel here.

5 Hail! the heaven-born Prince of Peace I
Hail! the Sun of Righteousness!
Light and life to all He brings,

Risen with healing in His wings.

6 Mild He lays His glory by,
Born, that man no more may die;
Born, to raise the sons of earth,
Born, to give them second birth.

7 Come, Desire of Nations, come,
Fix in us Thy humble home;
Rise, the woman's conquering Seed,
Bruise in us the Serpent's head.

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