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5 Lead me in all Thy righteous ways,

Nor suffer me to slide,
Point out the path before my face;
My God, be Thou my Guide!

6 All those who put their trust in Thee

Thy mercy shall proclaim;
And sing, with cheerful melody,
Their dear Redeemer's name.

7 Protected by Thy guardian grace,

They shall extol Thy power,
Rejoice, give thanks, and shout Thy praise,
And triumph evermore.

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8-7s. C. Wesley. 1749.

LIGHT of Life, seraphic fire,
Love Divine, Thyself impart!
Every fainting soul inspire,

Shine in every drooping heart!
Every mournful sinner cheer;

Scatter all our guilty gloom;
Son of God, appear, appear!
To Thy human temples come.

2 Come, in this accepted hour;

Bring Thy heavenly kingdom in!
Fill us with the glorious power,

Rooting out the seeds of sin:
Nothing more can we require,

We will covet nothing less;
Be Thou all our heart's desire,

All our joy, and all our peace!

(386) CM. C. Wesley. 1749.

SEE, Jesus, Thy disciples see,
The promised blessing give!
Met in Thy name, we look to Thee,
Expecting to receive.

2 Thee we expect, our faithful Lord,

Who in Thy name are joined;
We wait, according to Thy word,
Thee in the midst to find.

3 With us Thou art assembled here;

But, O, Thyself reveal!
Son of the living God, appear!
Let us Thy presence feel.

4 Breathe on us, Lord, in this our day,

And these dry bones shall live; Speak peace into our hearts, and say, • "The Holy Ghost receive!"

5 Whom now we seek, O may we meet!

Jesus, the Crucified;
Show us Thy bleeding hands and feet,
Thou who for us hast died.

6 Cause us Thy record to receive:

Speak, and the tokens show: 'O be not faithless, but believe In Me, who died for you!'

47 CM. Watts. 1709.

LONG have I sat beneath the sound
Of Thy salvation, Lord;
But still how weak my faith is found,
And knowledge of Thy word!
"2 My gracious Saviour and my God,
How little art Thou known
By all the judgments of Thy rod,
Or blessings of Thy throne!

3 How cold and feeble is my love I

How negligent my fear!
How low my hope of joys above!
How few affections there!

4 Great God! Thy sovereign power impart,

To give Thy word success;
Write Thy salvation on my heart,
And make me learn Thy grace.

5 Show my forgetful feet the way
That leads to joys on high,
Where knowledge grows without decay,
And love shall never die.

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CM. J. Wesley. 1748.

OSUN of Righteousness, arise;
With healing in Thy wing!
To my diseased, my fainting soul,
Life and salvation bring.

2 These clouds of pride and sin dispel,

By Thy all-piercing beam;
Lighten my eyes with faith, my heart
With holy hope inflame.

3 My mind, by Thy all-quickening power,

From low desires set free;
Unite my scattered thoughts, and fix
My love entire on Thee.

4 Father, Thy long-lost son receive ,

Saviour, Thy purchase own;
Blest Comforter, with peace and joy
Thy new-made creature crown.

5 Eternal, undivided Lord,

Co-equal One and Three,
On Thee, all faith, all hope be placed ,
All love be paid to Thee!

(502) L.M. Watts. 1709.

COME, gracious Lord, descend and dwell
By faith and love in every breast;
Then shall we know, and taste, and feel,
The joys that cannot be expressed.

Come, fill our hearts with inward strength,
Make our enlarged souls possess,

And learn the height, and breadth, and length
Of Thine immeasurable grace.

3 Now to the God, whose power can do

More than our thoughts or wishes know, Be everlasting honours done,

By all the Church, through Christ His Son.

50 C.M. Moir. (1852.)

OH! who is like the Mighty One,
Whose throne is in the sky,
Who compasseth the universe
With His all-searching eye;
At whose creative word appeared

The dry land and the sea!
My spirit thirsts for Thee, O Lord,
My spirit thirsts for Thee!

2 Around Him suns and systems swim

In harmony and light;
Beside Him harps angelic hymn

His praises day and night;
Yet to the contrite, day and night,

In mercy turneth He:
My spirit thirsts for Thee, O Lord,

My spirit thirsts for Thee!

3 Yes! though unlimited His works,

His power upholds them all;
He clothes the lilies of the field,

And marks the sparrows fall;
Who listens to the raven's cry,

Will bend His ear to me;
My spirit thirsts for Thee, O Lord,

My spirit thirsts for Thee!

Praying for a Blessing on tlve Word.

51 (327) L-M. 6 lines. C. Weslev. t7«7.

FATHER of omnipresent grace!
We seem agreed to seek Thy face;
But every soul assembled here
Doth naked in Thy sight appear:
Thou know'st who only bows the knee;
And who in heart approaches Thee.

2 Thy Spirit hath the difference made
Betwixt the living and the dead;
Thou now dost into some inspire
The pure, benevolent desire:

O that, even now, Thy powerful call
May quicken and convert us all!

3 The sinners suddenly convince,
O'erwhelmed beneath their load of sins:
To-day, while it is call'd to-day,
Awake, and stir them up to pray,
Their dire captivity to own,

And from the iron furnace groan.

4 Then, then acknowledge, and set free
The people bought, O Lord, by Thee,
The sheep for whom their Shepherd bled,
For whom we in Thy Spirit plead:

Let all in Thee redemption find,
And not a soul be left behind.

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(328) L.M. C. Wesley. 1747.

SHEPHERD of souls, with pitying eye
The thousands of our Israel bee:
To Thee, in their behalf, we cry,
Ourselves but newly found in Thee.

2 See, where o'er desert wastes they err,

And neither food nor feeder have,
Nor fold, nor place of refuge near;
For no man cares their souls to save.

3 Thy people, Lord, are sold for nought;

Nor know they their Redeemer nigh;
They perish, whom Thyself hast bought;
Their souls for lack of knowledge die.

4 The pit its mouth hath open'd wide,

To swallow up its careless prey;
Why should they die, when Thou hast died,—
Hast died to bear their sins away?

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