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Why should the foe Thy purchase seize?

Remember, Lord, Thy dying groans:
The meed of all Thy sufferings these;

O claim them for Thy ransomed ones!
Extend to these Thy pardoning grace:

To these be Thy salvation show'd:
O add them to Thy chosen race I

O sprinkle all their hearts with blood!
Still let the publicans draw near:

Open the door of faith and heaven;
And grant their hearts Thy word to hear,

And witness all their sins forgiven.

(826j CM. C. Wesley. 1749

JESUS, Thou all-redeeming Lord,
Thy blessing we implore;
Open the door to preach Thy word,
The great, effectual door.

2 Gather the outcasts in, and save

From sin and Satan's power;
And let them now acceptance have,
And know their gracious hour.

3 Lover of souls! Thou knowest to prize

What Thou hast bought so dear;
Come then, and in Thy people's eyes
With all Thy wounds appear.

4 Appear, as when of old confest

The suffering Son of God;
And let them see Thee in Thy ve3t,
But newly dipt in blood.

5 The hardness from their hearts remove,

Thou who for all hast died;
Show them the tokens of Thy love,
Thy feet, Thy hands, Thy side.

6 Thy feet were nailed to yonder tree,

To trample down their sin:
Thy hands stretched out they all may see,
To take Thy murderers in.

7 Thy side an open fountain is,

Where all may freely go,
And drink the living streams of bliss,
And wash them white as snow.

8 Ready Thou art the blood to apply,
And prove the record true;

And all Thy wounds to sinners cry—
I suffered this for you!"

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54 (829) CM. C.wesley. 1767.

THOU Son of God, whose flaming eyes
Our inmost thoughts perceive,
Accept the evening sacrifice,
Which now to Thee we give.

2 We bow before Thy gracious throne,

And think ourselves sincere;
But show us, Lord, is every one
Thy real worshipper?

3 Is here a soul that knows Thee not,

Nor feels his want of Thee?
A stranger to the blood which bought
His pardon on the tree?

4 Convince him now of unbelief,

His desperate state explain;
And fill his heart with sacred grief,
And penitential pain.

5 Speak with that voice which wakes the dead,

And bid the sleeper rise!
And bid his guilty conscience dread
The death that never dies.

6 Extort the cry, "What must be done

To save a wretch like me?
How shall a trembling sinner shun
That endless misery?

7 "I must this instant now begin

Out of my sleep to awake;
And turn to God, and every sin
Continually forsake:


I must for faith incessant cry,
And wrestle, Lord, with Thee
I must be born again, or die
To all eternity."

00 (1U) 8.M. C. Wesley. 1746.

SPIRIT of Faith, come down,
Reveal the things of God;
And make to us the Godhead known,
And witness with the blood:
Tis Thine the blood to apply,
And give us eyes to see,
Who did for every sinner die,
Hath surely died for me.

2 No man can truly say
That Jesus is the Lord,

Unless Thou take the veil away,

And breathe the living word:

Then, only then, we feel

Our interest in His blood,
And cry, with joy unspeakable,

"Thou art my Lord, my God!"

3 0 that the world might know
The all-atoning Lamb!

Spirit of Faith! descend, and show

The virtue of His name:

The grace which all may find,

The saving power, impart;
And testify to all mankind,

And speak in every heart.

4 Inspire the living faith,—
Which whosoe'er receives,

The witness in himself he hath,

And consciously believes,—

The faith that conquers all,

And doth the mountain move,
And saves whoe'er on Jesus call,

And perfects them in love.

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(330) CM. C. Wesley. 1749.

COME, O Thou all-victorious Lord,
Thy power to us make known;
Strike with the hammer of Thy word,
And break these hearts of stone!

2 O that we all might now begin

Our foolishness to mourn;
And turn at once from every sin,
And to our Saviour turn!

3 Give us ourselves and Thee to know,

In this our gracious day;

Repentance unto life bestow,

And take our sins away.

4 Conclude us first in unbelief,

And freely then release;
Fill every soul with sacred grief,
And then with sacred peace.

5 Impoverish, Lord, and then relieve,

And then enrich the poor;
The knowledge of our sickness give;
The knowledge of our cure.

6 That blessed sense of guilt impart,

And make us feel our load;
Trouble, and wash the troubled heart
In Thine atoning blood.

7 Our desperate state through sin declare,

And speak our sins forgiven;
By perfect holiness prepare,
And take us up to heaven.

01 2-6s & 4-7s. C. Wesley. 1742.

SINNERS, your hearts lift up,
Partakers of your hope!
This, the day of Pentecost;

Ask, and ye shall all receive;
Surely now the Holy Ghost
God to all that ask shall give.

! Ye all may freely take
The grace for Jesu's sake:

He for every man hath died:
He for all hath risen again:

Jesus now is glorified:

Gifts He hath received for men.

He sends them from the skies

On all His enemies:
By His cross He now hath led

Captive our captivity:
We snail all be free indeed,

Christ, the Son, shall make us free.

Blessings on all He pours,

In never-ceasing showers; All He waters from above;

Offers all His joy and peace, Settled comfort, perfect love,

Everlasting righteousness.

All may from Him receive

A power to turn and live; Grace for every soul is free;

All may hear the effectual call; All the Light of Life may see;

All may feel He died for all.

Drop down in showers of love,

Ye heavens, from above! Righteousness, ye skies, pour down!

Open, earth, and take it in! Claim the Spirit for your own,

Sinners, and be saved from sin!

Father, behold, we claim

The gift in Jesu's Name!
Him, the promised Comforter,

Into all our spirits pour;
Let Him fix His mansion here,

Come, and never leave us more!

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