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Keep me, lest I turn again
Out of the narrow way:
Force my violence to be still,
And captivate my every thought;

Charm, and melt, and change my will,
And bring me down to nought.
I If I have begun once more
Thy sweet return to feel,
If e'en now I find Thy power
Present my soul to heal,—
Still and quiet may I lie,
Nor struggle out of Thine embrace;
Never more resist or fly
From Thy pursuing grace.
I To the cross, Thine altar, bind
Me with the' cords of love;
Freedom let me never find

From Thee, my Lord, to move:
That I never, never more,
May with my much-loved Master part,
To the posts of mercy's door

O nail my willing heart!
See my utter helplessness,
And leave me not alone;
O preserve in perfect peace,

And seal me for Thine own:

More and more Thyself reveal,

Thy presence let me always find:

Comfort, and confirm, and heal

My feeble, sin-sick mind.
As the apple of an eye

Thy weakest servant keep;
Help me at Thy feet to lie,
And there for ever weep;
Tears of joy mine eyes o'erflow,
That I have any hope of heaven;
Much of love I ought to know,
For I have much forgiven.


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For Believers Rejoicing.

(27) L.M. 6 lines. J. WfisxiY. 1740.

From the German of J. A. Bothi. 1688—1768.

NOW I have found the ground, 'wherein
Sure my soul's anchor may remain:
The wounds of Jesus, for my sin

Before the world's foundation slain;
Whose mercy shall unshaken stay,
When heaven and earth are fled away.

Father, Thine everlasting grace
Our scanty thought surpasses far:

Thy heart still melts with tenderness;
Thy arms of love still open are,

Returning sinners to receive,

That mercy they may taste, and live.

0 Love! Thou bottomless abyss!

My sins are swallowed up in Thee; Cover'd is my unrighteousness,

Nor spot of guilt remains on me, While Jesu's blood, through earth and skies, Mercy, free, boundless mercy, cries I

With faith I plunge me in this sea;

Here is my hope, my joy, my rest! Hither, when hell assails, I flee,

I look into my Saviour's breast; Away, sad doubt, and anxious fear! Mercy is all that's written there.

Though waves and storms go o'er my bead, Though strength, and health, and friends be

Though joys be withered all, and dead, [gou^ Though every comfort be withdrawn,

On this my steadfast soul relies,

Father! Thy mercy never dies.

Fix'd on this ground will I remain,
Though my heart fail, and flesh decay;

This anchor shall my soul sustain,

When earth's foundations melt away;

Mercy's full power I then shall prove,

Loved with an everlasting love.

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(99) L.M. J. Wesley. 1740.

From the German of Count Zixzsiroosr, 1700—1760.

rSUS, Thy Blood and Righteousness
My beauty are, my glorious dress;
'Midst flaming worlds, in these arrayed,
With joy shall I lift up my head.

; Bold shall I stand in Thy great day,
For who aught to my charge shall lay?
Fully absolved through these I am,
From sin and fear, from guilt and shame.

The holy, meek, unspotted Lamb,
Who from the Father's bosom came,
Who died for me, e'en me to' atone,
Now for my Lord and God I own.

Lord, I believe Thy precious blood,
Which, at the mercy-seat of God,
For ever doth for sinners plead,
For me, e'en for my soul, was shed.

Lord, I believe were sinners more
Than sands upon the ocean shore,
Thou hast for all a ransom paid,
For all a full atone mei. made.

When from the dust of death I rise,
To claim my mansion in the skies,
E'en then,—this shall be all my plea,
Jesus hath lived, hath died for me.

Thus Abraham, the Friend of God,
Thus all heaven's armies bought with blood,
Saviour of sinners Thee proclaim!
Sinners, of whom the chief I am.

8 Jesus, be endless praise to Thee,
Whose boundless mercy hath for me,
For me, and all Thy hands have made,
An everlasting ransom paid.

9 Ah I give to all Thy servants, Lord,
With power to speak Thy quick'ning word;
That all, who to Thy wounds will flee,
May find eternal life in Thee.

10 Thou God of power, Thou God of love,
Let the whole world Thy mercy prove 1
Now let Thy word o'er all prevail;
Now take the spoils of death and hell.

DOt 2-6s&4-7s. C. Wesley. 1739.

THEE, O my God and King,
My Father, Thee I sing!
Hear, well-pleased, the joyous sound,

Praise from earth and heaven receive;
Lost—I now in Christ am found,
Dead—by faith in Christ I live.

2 Father, behold Thy son,
In Christ I am Thy own:

Stranger long to Thee, and rest,

See the prodigal is come:
Open wide Thine arms and breast,

Take the weary wanderer home.

3 Thine eye observed from far,
Thy pity looked me near;

Me Thy bowels yearned to see;

Me Thy mercy ran to find,
Empty, poor, and void of Thee,

Hungry, sick, and faint, and blind.

4 Thou on my neck didst fall,
Thy kiss forgave me all:

Still Thy gracious words I hear,
Words that made the Saviour mine,

"Haste, for him the robe prepare,
His be righteousness divine!"

OOO 7s & 6a. 0. Wesley. 1742.

Bom. x. 6—8.

OFT I in my heart have said,
Who shall ascend on high,
Mount to Christ, my glorious Head,

And bring Him from the sky?
Borne on contemplation's wing,
Surely I shall find Him there,
Where the angels praise their King,
And gain the Morning Star.

2 Oft I in my heart have said,

Who to the deep shall stoop,
Sink with Christ among the dead,

From thence to bring Him up?
Could I but my heart prepare,
By unfeigned humility,
Christ would quickly enter there,

And ever dwell with me.

3 But the righteousness of faith

Hath taught me better things:
"Inward turn thine eyes," it saith,

(While Christ to me it brings,)
"Christ is ready to impart
Life to all, for life who sigh:
In thy mouth, and in thy heart,

The word is ever nigh."

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2-6s & 4-7s. C. Wksley. 1739.

0 FILIAL Deity,
Accept my new-born cry;
See the travail of Thy soul,
Saviour, and be satisfied;
Take me now, possess me whole,
Who for me, for me, hast died!

Of life Thou art the Tree;
My immortality!
Feed this tender branch of Thine,
Ceaseless influence derive:

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